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The hands on the clock ticked insistently forward. Tick, tock, tick, tock, and so forth it went. The shortest hand rolled forward and struck the 12 o'clock position. For a moment it stopped, everything froze.

'CU-KOO! CU-KOO!" The sadistic yellow bird popped out of its little house and cuckooed like a maniac.

"Bloody-!" Ginny's head jerked up at the sound. Her forehead was white where it had rested on her arm; the line across her forehead was in a very distinct L shape. The flaming red hair that was so well known as a Weasley trademark was static and sticking out all over the place.

The bird stopped and turned to face Ginny. "CUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- KOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

"Oh, shut up." Ginny laid her head back down and slumped her body over the desk. "SHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!" The Bird cocked its head towards her again, this time snapping its beak.

There was an astounding thud as Ginny slammed her fists into the hard wood of the desk. "That just DOES it for me." She proceeded to slam her feet into the floor and stomp over to the bird who was still screaming at the top of its lungs 'shut up.'



"THAT WORKS TOO!" Ginny grabbed the canary by the head and was jumping up and down to remove it from the house.

"RRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARKKKKKKK!" The bird frantically tried to claw its way out of her clasp.

"STUPID CANARY!" The big Grandfather clock toppled over and smashed into the floor, a million of its pieces scattered all over.

Ginny smiled happily and smacked her hands like she had just done something very pleasing. "Whew, I needed to get that out of my system." She ran her hand through her hair and plopped her self down onto the couch to complete her late night snooze.

There had been a lot of noise when she and the sadistic canary were having their little screaming fest so nearly everyone in the tower was awake. Including a very pissed off brother and a frightened Harry (he's always frightened).

A very disturbed crowd was gathering in the common room and staring at the smashed clock and Ginny, who was still laying on the couch and was completely unaware of the mob, at different intervals. Some were still dragging there blankets around there feet as they came to check out what was going on.

"UH, Gin? You okay?" Hermione said in a sloppy mono tone and rubbed her eyes in drowsiness at the top of the stairs. Her hair was also very static and many more pieces of hair were getting all over the place.

"You could at least remember that there are others of us who sleep here you know?" Ron had his arms crossed and lips pursed in a very pissy expression.

"Go prey on your own piss." Ginny muttered under her breath and squinted at Ron.

"Excuse me?" Ron looked shocked.

"You heard me. So sod off." She rolled over and pressed her nose into the pillow.

"I am your older brother I do not have to 'sod off!'"

"Go screw Pansy or something." Ginny said loud enough that the whole common room heard it.

At first there was silence, everyone was in shock. There was a loud hiccupping sob at the top of the stairs. "Ron, how COULD you?"

"Hermione?! NO, wait! It wasn't like that." Ron ran after the sobbing Hermione and disappeared into the girls dormitories.

"That applies to the rest of you too, I'm sure you don't want to wake up in the middle of the night because I'm singing the snogging song because I warn you I will use it."

This was the most annoying song there was in Hogwarts and possibly the most perverted one sung by girls. Well, that threat worked pretty well because soon enough no one was left in the common room but Ginny couldn't help but add a final touch.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I HAVE A BEDPAN FULL OF UNCHARTED SUBSTANCES! THOSE WHO GET IN MY WAY WILL RECEIVE THIS OH MIGHTY GIFT!!!!!! BOW BEFORE ME FOR I AM GREAT!" There was no more talking after that little line and the tower was thrown into silence again.


"YOU WOULDN'T DARE-" Ron screamed back at her. He was cut off by another sobbing gasp and then-

"Not Draco too....." It was Hermione's small but now extremely pissed off voice.


"LIAR!" Hermione screamed at Ron and began pummeling him very noisily with her feet and fists. There was a loud 'bang' above Ginny's head. She glanced up to see a long crack spread over the ceiling.

"I think I have a fracture........"

"YEAH? WELL YOU DESERVE IT!" Then the loud thumps started up again.

Ginny grinned and stepped through the portrait.

"So, Draco. You never came back to talk to me."

Draco was laying on his bed face down as he read a book. Or at least he WAS. Now he was completely turned over and looking like the snotty rich kid he was.

"And what are YOU doing here." Draco's lips lifted in a sneer.

"Enjoying seeing you in your boxers." Ginny smirked right back at him, stealing his well known signature smirk. "So, what's that you're reading?"

What ever distance was between him and the doorway was now diminished, Ginny was now standing over him. Then his book was gone from his grasp.

"Hmmmm. 101 ways to have an orgasm. Are you sure you're old enough to read this? Then again, I guess that's not a surprise, I always figured you were a pervert." She flipped through. "It's not very creative, is it? What else do you have there?"

"Give it back." Draco growled under his breath.

"Not until I've gotten my thanks." Ginny held it further out of his reach and backed away from the bed side.

"Thanks for what?" Now Draco did look very bewildered.

"You don't remember?"

"REMEMBER WHAT?!" Draco was beginning to look anxious.

"Hmmm. Let's see. Taking the Teletubby/Harry Potter curse off of you."


"Yes, it was really quite amusing, you even managed to kiss Harry." Ginny looked satisfied at his outraged expression.

He shrieked a bit and gagged. "I? The attractive ladies man? Kissed Harry? Erlack! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!" He calmed down a bit and then had a very thoughtful expression on his face. "I wonder if he was good?"

"I think you thought so since you kept on going back for more."

He shuddered involuntarily. "Did I.....?"

"No, not that I know of."

A long breath of air was released from between his lips. "And who, may I ask, put the curse on me?" Draco got up from the bed and tried to reach for the book while she was answering.

Ginny looked away a little sheepishly. "Well....um.......I did."

Draco stopped reaching for it abruptly. "YOU WHAT?!"

"Well you deserved it, it was your own fault any way." Ginny pursed her lips and looked sulkily at the wall.

"You are invading the room and I expect you to get out... Immediately. Stupid Weasley filth."

"Fine you asshole, I'll just leave it on next time. It was a pleasant improvement from the way you used to be. 'Where's Harry? Must find Harry! I need my Hinky Po.'" She turned to slam out the door but turned back before leaving. "I still deserve a thank you." Her silhouette stood still in the door frame.

"You know you are absolutely right."

Ginny looked up at him with surprise as he stood over her with a very serious expression. It was almost as if... Well no, that would never happen, but it really seemed like it. Not that she would allow him to. And then, just when she was expecting the all glory moment when she would get to see him humble to her, he grabbed his book and slammed the door in her face. She practically screamed in exasperation.


From his safe position within he could hear her yelling at him with venom, he flopped back onto the bed and resumed where he left off.


Ginny continued to scream at the top of her lungs in order to be heard, but was quickly becoming tired. Soon she was leaning against the locked door still muttering the tune. Her back slammed up against the door with such force that it rattled in its socket. The excitement of the day was really getting to her.

"789 bottles of beer on the wall 789 bottles of beer on the wall, up chuck spit it up 790 bottles of beer on the-"

Suddenly the door opened and she fell through the blank space where a solid object had been. The sight of grey eyes a good way above greeted her.

"-wall. Hi." All of a sudden she felt very shy.


Hands encircled her forearms and dragged her to her feet. Ginny also noted that it was very strange to be this close to a normal Draco. Before it was amusing, kind of like 'just keep this child out of trouble.' Now he was a very sane and, Ginny thought reluctantly, was very attractive. Well, now was a weird time to notice that but before he was being a prick and then he was a queer, for a whole day.

'No, just has a nice ass. Not to squishy, not too hard,' she thought to herself. "You still haven't thanked me. I'm waiting." She crossed her arms below her chest and kept a solid eye on him.

His bleach blonde hair swept across his forehead as he leaned forward. What on earth was he doing? Ginny was about to ask him when his lips caught hers. Her eyes widened in surprise and she gave a little shriek but he didn't stop. It was quite nice. So for about an hour or two they just stood there first practicing Newton's law of gravity with their lips and then moved on from there to play a bit of tongue hockey. Dug up the treasures buried somewhere deep inside the ear with their burrowing tongues and then proceeded to practice the classic vampire stuff (modern vampires don't bite, instead they take out their screwdrivers to make a large hole). But like all good things it had to stop eventually. Silently Draco pushed away and said good night leaving Ginny cross eyed and mentally paraplegic.

That was the perfect ending to a night, Ginny slept soundly.

Ginny was bright and cheerful the next morning, post-April Fools day was the best day of the year so far. Although April Fools day hadn't turned out to be a complete disaster, in fact, considering the ending it was also competing for best day. She hummed and pranced around the dorm room spritzing perfume onto her neck and wrists.

As she leaned towards the mirror to rub in the liquid she noticed something purple on her neck. 'Ahhh, he must've left a hickey.' She gazed wistfully at nothing for a moment before brushing back her hair. That was when it hit her. The hickey, that hickey residing on her neck, that was no normal hickey.

"Have you ever tried to pick up a straw with your buttocks?" Was bruised all the way down the side of her neck in large looping letters.

She screamed.

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