Princess Luna was awakening, she tried to move but couldn't her eyes snapped open to see her legs chained to the floor of some strange room she tried to use her magic but nothing happened and she saw her reflect in one of her hoof shoes there was a black ring on her horn blocking her magic.

She struggled to brake free while yelling in the royal Cantalot speaking voice, "WHO DARES TO FOALNAP A PRINCESS!"

At moment group of ten ponies trotted in saying, "No who are ridding the land of a monster!"

Luna turned to see them, they were all dressed in black robes and all had white blank faces mask with horns making it hard to tell if they where all unicorns or if some where just earth ponies in mask, or Pegasus who's wings where hidden by the cloaks.

One of the ponies who's voice sound female then began to spoke, "While the rest of Equestria is blind to nightmare moon we still know the truth! Even if the tall tails of the elements restoring you to your pre-corrupted state are true, you became corrupt once it can happen again you are a danger to this land!"

Luna struggled as five of the ponies horns lit up with magic in green, red, purple, grey, and white colors making it with ones really had horns, "I am your princess! I have been freed form such evil! Have thou gone mad Nightmare moon is gone forever!"

Below her a portal start to form as she was sucked in the chains where destroyed but she found herself unable to fly out it's pull to strong even for the wings of a mighty alicorn.

The lead pony watched and noticed Luan tearing up as she said, "Watch as the beast cries for mercy form those she once terrorized." She said showing an emotions for the first time pride, and joy.

As Luna was complete sucked in the ring on her horn shattered and the portal closed leaving her scared floating in a void a black void leaving her scream in the royal Cantalot speaking voice in horror and fear then she noticed something a light.

Luna's eyes teared up as she flew to it and tried to reach it crying, "please be a way out!" She cried begging to escape , and not be trapped in an empty void for all eternality as she came to the light she notice something another soul like her in this void it looked like to but it was only for a moment, before it happened.

Elsewhere in another world.

Misato was kicking on Evangelion Unit-01 in tears screaming, "GIVE HIM BACK! GIVE SHINJI BACK RIGHT NOW YOU MONSTER!" tears streaming down her face as she sounded like she was in great pain.

As people ran to try and pull the women away they quickly backed away as the Eva's eye glow a strange dark blue that seemed almost like an ethereal night sky as it spat something out and in a moment Misato was knocked down and people where gasping.

That is when the downed captain opened her eyes and gasped as she looked down her eyes widen it was a pony sized and shaped being with purple fur what looked like light green hooves, his messy mane and tail where black, at his side folded up where purple wings, and on the top of his head a horn.

The little pony opened his eyes bright sparkling purple and whispered in a voice Misato knew all to well ".. Misato?"

Misato's eyes widen in shock as she teared up and muttered, "shinji!?" she was in shock, and as Shinji blacked out only he saw the crying image of a ghostly Looking version of Luna in tears as she whispered, "I'm so sorry!"

With that Shinji blacked out and found himself in darkness. As the personal ran in and pulled Shinji and Misato apart and took them away in shock.

All the while Gendo watched his eye as he had to adjust his glass to stop them from falling off, Behind him Fuyutsuki crossed his hands behind his back as he said, "I take it that wasn't in the scenario?" The older man almost sound like he was Mocking Gendo.

elsewhere Within a Black landscape Shinji was struggling to stand up on his fourlegs his eyes widen he was in a blind panic and panting till he felt something else hug him and a comforting voice said, 'It's ok little I'm here you are not alone!" the voice almost sound motherly but he still jumped back and turned around sharply making him fall over on to his stomach as he spotted Luna.

Luna was in tears as she got down and gave a parental nuzzle to Shinji as she sadly said, "I am so sorry young one! My name is princess Luna of Equestria. A group of my subject still angry over my past mistakes banished me while trying to escape it appears I rammed into you as the soul within that purple beast tried to let you out, leading to this!"

Shinji struggled to his feet it was getting easier tears in his eyes as Luna used a wing to hug him, "I'm so sorry! It appears we're stuck together for a moment we'll split sooner or later but till then I promise to help you out as much as I can till you are back to yourself I'm so sorry!" she said crying, as Shinji just nuzzled up to her like a scared foal would it's mother and cried.

Luna cried as she said, "We are in your mind time moves faster here at least allow me to teach you how to use the abilities that come form being an alicorn, young princess."

Shinji nodded along not having a response.

Later one when he awaken his ears picked up the sound of rapid foot steps and in a moment the door opened and Misato rushed in and hugged him crying, "Shinji I was so scared!" She held the Alicorn right as she looked back, "Why did you split us up Ritsuko?" she sound almost angry at her long time friend.

Ritsuko then blinked and said, "Really he got spat out as a creature that should not be! We had to make sure both of you where not covered in some kind of virus! But come along Shinji we need to do testing!"

Misato was about to say something But Shinji stood up and flapped his rings and hoovered out the door and said, "fine!" He then turned to see Ritsuko staring wide eyed, one eye was even twitching, "what? I have wings now? I thought I would test them out, you know make the most of this!" Shinji voice showed he was faking being happy to hide fear sadness and confusion.

Ritusko only said, "those wings are two small to lift that frame with lacks all natural flight abilities!"

Misato walked over to Shinji and point to the horn, "Rits! Look at the horn look at the pony! What is this A unicorn!" she then flicked the horn and in a moment Shinji turned red fell down and his wings with straight up and stiff there was a pause for a moment.

Then Misato backed away blushing red looking like she want to disappear as she said, "So sorry Shinji!"

In a moment the little pony had galloped back into the room and some how closed and locked the door with his hoof while in tears of shame!

Ritsuko's eye twitched, "Already I have weird things to report."

some time later in the Lab Shinji was sighing as he opened a jar with his hooves making Ritsuko grab a hoof and stare out it strangely " How? There is no digit on this things how?"

Misato petted shinji's Mane being careful not to touch the horn again, "See Shinji your still a man after all!" she said giggling bring a lit Smile to Shinji's face.

Ritsuko looked at her friend and said, "Misato! Stop making light of this this is impossible!"

Misato point to the Unicorn and said, "Ritsuko look at him he's a Unicorn he's magic end of story!"

Ritsuko growled and said, "Magic is not real! There is a perfectly scientific answer to this!" She yelled in almost a roar.

Shinji then cleared his throat, "First isn't there a quote saying any advanced science is basically a miracle or in short magic? Second go ahead tell me the perfectly rational logical reason I'm now a flying fairy tail!? Go ahead I'll wait!" he said almost mocking and slightly angry making Ritsuko take a step back.

Misato's jaw dropped and she covered her mouth as she looked to the bottle blonde who looked like she was about to short out. The captain covered her mouth and said, "Shinji the Sassy pegacorn!"

Shinji's ear twitched as he said, "Oh great here comes Asuka!" he said not happy at all and it was clear by the sour look on his pony face.

The two grown women looked confused as Shinji point to his ears with his right front hoof and said, "What can't hear her? Well my ears are pretty big!"

A moment later Ritsuko got a notice on her tablet and said, "Asuka and Rei wish to see Shinji." She said just stunned.

Shinji sighed and said, "let them in I'm clean so let's get this over with!" a moment later the door open and Asuka had her eyes close, while Rei's light up bright and she made a smile while holding her hands together freaking a lot of people out.

Asuka haven not even taken a look at shinji said," so you return again third baka! I should have known a pervert like you can not be put down no matter what, sad to say! And you should have heard the lies they where saying.

Shinji then said, "Asuka open your eyes they where no lies! .. I could go for some pie!" he said chuckling at his little Rhyme.

In a Moment Asuka's opened her eyes and her jaw dropped as she stood up stiff as a board eyes widen big as diner plats as she stood there frozen in place.

Shinji was tearing up looking down sadly and sigh as he said, "Three Two one!"

At that Second Asuka screamed and said, "NO WAY THAT IS THE BAKA! THERE IS NO NO WAY! AFTLE ALL IF HE TURNED INTO A HORSE THEN SO COULD I AND I AM TO GREAT FOR THAT THAT HAS TO BE SOME KIND OF MONSTER!" she said scream making Shinji cry in pain as his horn glow a dark purple Indigo that light Asuka up making her glow the same color as she stopped yelling to hold her throat.

Shinji was crying in pain, "First.." in a moment his eyes glow white as he switched to the royal Cantalot speaking voice, "I AM NOT A MONSTER IDIOT I'LL DEAL WITH IT PERVERT FINE BUT MONSTER THAT'S WERE I AM TRYING THE LINE!" He yelled so loud Ritsuko fell over in shock while Misato looked like she had now seen it all.


He then used his magic to force Asuka out of the room and drop her on his butt as the Pony broke down crying making Asuka see the ghostly image of Shinji over it making her cry and quickly start looking over herself in fear.

Ritsuko fainted, While Misato reached over to give shinji a hug, and she held the crying little pony.

Rei also Joined the hug holding him tightly.

Later that night in Nerv.

Gendo was at his desk with Ritsuko looking over his report, "I am seeing lots of questions but no answers Ritsuko!"

Ritsuko was crying, "I can't crack it! There is no one to explain how he's flying his bones are more dense then ours, he has more muscle if anything those light logically useless things should be only for show but no they are working! I thought for awhile he lift Asuka by manipulating the gravitation or electrical fields but no fluctuations when I had him lift a ball! There has to be a reason for all of this but I can't find it! I can't find it!" she cried clearly broken by trying to unlock the secrets of an alicorn.

Gendo then throw the useless to him report on the floor and said, "then test said abilities limits."


Shinji was in the shower in the small room they put him in he sighed as the hot water hit his fur and he said, "I might as well try to keep my fur clean not like I can sleep in that horrible bed, .. Luna? .. you there?" there was no response and he sighed, "great I have to be past out to talk to her and I can't sleep to see her, the only one that can help me!"

Shinji looked said as he went to stomp his right front hoof in rage but when he thought he would hear the sound of the tub braking he heard nothing making him look down to see some steam under his hoof had become a cartoonish looking cloud and it was holding his hoof back and he blinked and said, "what's this now?" he said confused.

Shinji remember something about winged ponies controlling the weather but waking up before she could say how, "Do they manipulate the clouds?" he asked figuring it out as he moved some steam under his right wing bring it together into a pillow sized cartoonish cloud and he then looked at his two clouds.

He moved the small one into the larger one and smiled when they merged and his eyes lit up bright, "Finally I'll be able to get some sleep!"

the next morning come to Shinji's on base room Ritsuko was joined by Rei much to her own displeasure, "Why are you coming with me!?" She asked in an almost growl.

Rei crossed her arms and said, "why should you get all the time with the unicorn!" Ritsuko growled as she opened the door but she froze eyes widen jaw dropped.

While Rei held her hands together smiling hopping up and down in place happily letting out a silent squeal of joy for there sleeping on a cloud was Shinji.

to be continued.