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Making It Work
Chapter 1: The New girl

A black-haired girl stood in front of a moving van. She held a suitcase in her hand. "Kagome. This is our new house!" A boy ran up to his sister. "I know Souta." Kagome said to her little brother. "Mom said we start school tomorrow. I can't wait!" "Yeah a new school." Kagome said walking to their new house. "Don't worry sis I think you'll like our new school. Me and mama went around looking at my school and yours." Souta said behind her. "Not if it's like all the other schools." Kagome said walking into her new room. "I think you will like it though Kagome. I really do." Souta said running to his room.

Kagome set her bag down. "Tomorrow is school. I don't want to go." Kagome said looking out the window. "Kagome!" "Yeah mom?" "Why don't you take a walk around the block?" "Do I really have too mom?" Kagome asked. "Oh come on just do it honey." Kagome sighed. "Fine. I'll go just to make you happy." "Okay honey, you do that." Kagome's mom said to her. Kagome grabbed her bag and headed outside. She walked down the street. "There's a park on the block." Kagome said entering the park.

"Come on give it back!" Kagome heard. She looked towards the voice. She saw two guys teasing a littler one. Kagome walked over to them. The one guy had silver hair, golden eyes, and dog-ears! 'Wow he must be a demon. I've never meat one before.' Kagome thought. The other guy had black hair that was pulled into a little ponytail in the back. The littler one looked like a fox. "Hey leave him alone!" Kagome said walking over to them.

The silver-haired one looked up. "Stay out of this." The other one said. "You shouldn't pick on people." She said back to them. "So what if we do?" The silver-haired one said now. Kagome grabbed the little one's hat out of the silver-haired one's hand. "I believe this belongs to you?" Kagome said handing the hat to the fox child. "Thank you." He said then looked at the other two. "Why don't you stay out of this girl." The black-haired one said.

"No thank you. It's not very nice to pick on someone. He seems like a nice kid so just leave him alone!" Kagome said to their faces. "Miroku come on we can't hit a girl." The silver-haired one said pulling Miroku with him. "We're not done with you yet Shippou." Miroku said. "Well aren't they a couple of jerks?" Kagome said putting her hand on her hip. "They are. I'm Shippou." "I'm Kagome. I just moved here." "I thought so because I haven't seen you here before. Are you going to the high school?"

"Yes." "Maybe I'll see you then. Who knows we could have a class together." "Maybe." "Well I've got to go. And by the way those two jerk's names are Inu-yasha and Miroku. They are the popular one's at school, so they are jerks." "Yeah that figures. Well see you around school Shippou." "Okay bye." Shippou said and ran off in the other direction. "Well this day has been eventful." Kagome said sitting down on a bench. Kagome watched the sunset. Little did she know a pair of golden eyes was watching her.

Kagome stood up and stretched her arms. "I might as well go home." Kagome said walking towards the park exit. Kagome stopped when she heard someone crying. "Hello?" Kagome walked towards the sound. She saw a girl dressed in all black with her head down. "Are you okay?" Kagome asked. The girl had long black hair. "Um....hello?" Kagome said a little louder. The girl looked up. She had black lipstick on and black eyeliner. "What do you want?" She asked.

"I'm sorry I just wondered if you were okay." "I'm fine." Was her reply. "Okay." Kagome stood back up. "Well I'm new here so I don't know anything about this place. I already had to deal with these two jerks, so whatever you're upset about it's probably nothing like the day I have had." Kagome said to her. "Oh. I'm Kikyo. What's your name?" "Kagome. Do you wanna walk with me?" "Okay." Kikyo said standing up. "So do you go to the high school here?" Kagome asked. "Yeah. Are you gonna go to the high school?" "Yeah I am in 12th grade." "Me too." Kikyo said.

"So do you know who the jerks were, you were talking about?" "Yeah, what did Shippou say their names were um....Inu-yasha and Miroku." "Oh those two. They are jerks." Kikyo said. "So I take it that no one likes them?" "Well you could sat that but they are popular in school. But us as they put it 'Lower people' don't like them." "Okay I understand now. So do you like black?" Kagome asked. Kikyo's eyes lit up. "Yes, black is the ultimate color. Well shade as the art teacher puts it." Kikyo and Kagome both laughed.

"I like black too. The color, I mean shade." Kagome said making Kikyo laugh harder. "Well this has been a great eventful day. But I should get home, my mom might think I got lost and call the police." Kagome said laughing. "Right. Don't need that. Well see you at school maybe." "Yep bye Kikyo!" Kagome said running towards where she thought her house was.

The street lights started coming on. "Great, this is not where my house is. I'm lost now." Kagome said out loud. She looked around. "This is just great. Super duper great." Kagome said looking around. "Where am I? Now mom's gonna be really worried." Kagome said to herself. "So, the wench is lost." She heard a voice behind her. She turned around. Miroku was standing there. "Leave me alone." Kagome said walking away from him. "That's fine you shouldn't be here. This is the bad part of town girl." "If you're trying to scare me it won't work." "Oh but it already has." A new voice come. "Who are you?" Kagome asked.

"Kouga is my name. That's all you need to know." "You see Kouga can smell your fear. He's a wolf demon." Miroku stated. "So? I'm lost. That's what scares me, not you." Kagome shot back. Kouga took a step towards her. "You really are a jerk." Kagome said to Miroku. All of a sudden Kouga grabbed her wrists. "Let go of me!" Kouga pulled her making her flinch. "Stop. Let go." Kagome tried kicking Kouga but missed. "Let go of me!" She yelled. "Shut up wench." Kouga said squeezing her wrists, which hurt really bad. "Stop please." Kagome begged. "Now you want to beg?" Kouga barked at her. Kouga kissed her cheek.

"Get the hell off me!" Kagome cried out. All of a sudden Kouga let go and fell to the ground. Kagome looked up. She saw a flash of silver then a face. He put out a hand and she took it. "It's you, from the park." Kagome said in a whisper. Kagome looked around when Kouga came Miroku disappeared. "Next time you won't be so lucky." Inu-yasha said looking towards Kouga. Kagome rubbed her black and blue wrists. "Did he do any thing to hurt you?" "Only my wrists."

"No I meant sexually." "No but he kissed my cheek which was gross." "I don't care about that, but it's wrong to touch a women sexually when they don't want to be, other wise I don't care what happened to you." "Well sorry, Geeze." Kagome said. "Now maybe you'll be smart and stay out of this side of town." "I didn't come here on purpose. I'm kind of lost." She whispered. Inu-yasha rolled his eyes. "What is your street called?"

"Um......Sato drive I think." "I know where that is, I live there." "Oh." 'That's just dandy. The jerk lives near me, well he can't be that bad if he saved me.' Kagome thought. "Are you coming or not?" Inu-yasha asked. "Yeah. Sorry." Kagome followed Inu-yasha. "Inu-yasha?" "What?" "Oh nothing, I didn't know if that was right or not." Inu-yasha was silent. "Okay. How come you weren't picking on Shippou like your friend um.......Miroku?" "Because I find it boring." "Then how come you didn't just leave?" "Because Miroku is my friend." "So why didn't you ask him to do something else?" "Listen. You don't know how hard it is to make friends like him in this town."

"You mean popular?" She asked. "Yes." "Why do you want to be popular if you don't like the stuff he does?" "Because it's better then being a freak." "Freak? Is that what people think about you?" Kagome questioned. "That's what they used to think." "I don't think you're a freak, but you could be a little nicer." Kagome said. "Yeah well it doesn't matter what you think, it matters what they think. I'm one out of the few demons who are popular. The rest are considered freaks." Inu-yasha answered. "Is that the only reason? Well I think you're cute with those ears." Kagome said touching one. Inu- yasha was too shocked at her actions to move away.

Kagome rubbed it then took her hand away. "Sorry I didn't mean too." Kagome said realizing what she just did. Inu-yasha blinked. "No one has ever done that before." Inu-yasha said still surprised. "I didn't mean to offend you if I did at all." "No you didn't." Inu-yasha said to her. "Well here's my house. I'll take you to yours." Inu-yasha said. "Okay but if it's trouble then don't worry about it." Kagome said. "No, it the same street and all." "Okay." Kagome said. She started rubbing her wrists again. "Let me see those." Inu-yasha said.

Kagome held her hands out. Inu-yasha gently turned them side to side. "You should get a doctor to look at them. The one's swelled up and looks like it could be sprained." "Okay." 'Wow he's a lot nicer then Miroku. He's also cute. No not cute hot.' Kagome thought. Inu-yasha let go of her wrists. 'I wonder why I've never seen her around here before. Maybe I am too caught up in this popularity thing to even have noticed. She seems nice. She helped that Shippou kid and she didn't know him, she also made friends with Kikyo, which is very hard to do with that woman. She is also very beautiful.' Inu- yasha thought.

"Okay well this is my house." Kagome said stopping. "Okay." Inu-yasha said. "Thanks for walking me here it's a little scary. And thanks for helping me back there." Kagome said. "You're welcome." Kagome turned towards her house. "Hey." "Yeah Inu-yasha?" "You never told me your name." "Oh. I'm sorry. I'm Kagome. Kagome Higurashi." "Okay. Well see you." Kagome smiled. "Bye." She said running up to her house. Inu-yasha started back for his house.