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Chapter 6: Note to Kagome, From Sango

"Well it's about time you two got back here." Sango said putting her hands on her hips. "SO what took you guys so long?" Sango asked. "Nothing really." Inuyasha said brushing Sango off. "Well sorry!" Sango said. The Bell rang. "Next class! Let's move it!" Sango said pushing past everyone. "I think she's upset." Kagome said tugging on Inuyasha's sleeve. "Don't worry she'll get over it. Sango's like that, one minute she's mad the next she's happy." Inuyasha explained. "Alright." Kagome said as they headed to their next class, which they both shared with Miroku.

Kagome got seated next to Sango and she was behind Miroku. Inuyasha was across the room away from them all. "Alright class who'd like to tell Kagome what we have been doing. Miroku stood up. "Miroku?" "Yeah, she doesn't need to know, she's a bitch and doesn't belong here." Miroku said making half the class laugh and Kagome angry and upset. "Thank you Miroku you can see me after class for that rude comment." The teacher said as He sat down.

Inuyasha looked at Kagome but she was watching the ground. 'Why doesn't he like me? Is it because of the whole thing at the park, jeez he's a creep.' Kagome thought as she re-read all her notes. "Psst....Kagome." Sango handed Kagome a folded piece of paper.

Hey, The girls and I are gonna go to the mall later. How about you come with us?

Kagome looked at Sango. She was smiling. 'Inuyasha was right, her moods change.' Kagome nodded yes towards her. Sango smiled and turned around again. Miroku saw and growled. Kagome ignored it. After class Inuyasha walked up to her. "Hey." "Hey." Kagome said nodding her head. "You okay?" He asked. "Yeah, I'm gonna go to the mall with Sango later on after detention." "Good. That's good. Listen, I'm sorry for what Miroku said." Inuyasha said. "Don't be. You're not the one who hurt me." Kagome said then left for her next class.

Inuyasha sighed. "I'm gonna have to talk to Miroku. No matter how mad he gets at me." Inuyasha walked towards their locker. (A/N: They're lockers are split like mine, they have to share...yeah it's a bummer but oh well.) Miroku was standing there with his arms around Sango's waist. She was yelling at him to let her go. 'They musta got into another fight.' Inuyasha thought. "I don't care what you say Miroku! I LIKE her1 you can't tell me who I like and don't like! I'm not just yours ya know! SO STOP ACTING LIKE IT!" Sango yelled.

Sango broke from his grip and stomped down the hallway. "Damn chicks. Gotta make up their minds." Miroku said. "Maybe you should start treating everyone better." Inuyasha said. "Oh come on I don't need this from you too. I bet that new bitch got to you hasn't she?" Miroku spat out like venom. 'What is his problem.' "You didn't like me either when I was new." Inuyasha said. "Well isn't that a shame. Maybe I should just love everyone and be like a hippie or something. No thank you asshole. Kiss your popularity goodbye because we're done. I know what you're doing behind my back with that little bitch. Don't think I'm stupid Inuyasha. I'm the one who made people like you, I can take it all away too." Miroku said walking down the hallway.

"Inuyasha?" He heard a small voice from behind him. "Huh?" The little boy with bright orange hair stood out. 'Is Shippou his name?' "Yeah, what do you want?" "Don't let him talk to you like that. I know I may be small but I'm not stupid either. People like you for you. They don't care what other people say." Shippou said softly. "Sorry kid but that's not how this world works. We gotta change it startin' with you. With what we got we have to make it work." Inuyasha said walking down the hall. Shippou stood there watching him go with a new respect. "Making it work." Shippou repeated.

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