Sasuke's voice was cold, dark, and even. But there was no anger in her voice like she was speaking a simple truth about the universe. She folded her arms over her chest and continued to glare at both him and Tayuya.

Tayuya's ears flattened out on top of her head and her tail stopped swaying from side to side. "But why? I feel everything you do! So if you take a dick in the butt I'm going to feel that, what's the difference if I'm there physically? Besides he can make a clone and then we can get double' the dicken. Can you just imagine four dicks in you at the same time?"

Meanwhile in his pants, he was still rock hard. Even if he didn't exactly find the idea of making a clone and basically watching himself have sex with another girl all too appealing. But hey he was an eighteen year old virgin at this point so he'd probably do just about anything for sex. Especially sex with two girls at the same time. Both of which were hot as hell! And one was a cat girl!

A second knife was stuck into the wall the gust sending a shiver along his erection.

"I'm going to make this very very clear," Sasuke leaned forward, folding her hands in front of her face. Her cold charcoal eyes could burn a hole through bedrock like it was butter that had been left out in that weird butter dish during a hot day. He could barely see the soft smile on her face that promised at least seven types of pain, misery, and murder. "I've been trying to get this idiot to fucking notice me for five years now. I forced him to sleep in the same bed with me often enough that a damn brick would have gotten a clue. As to why I didn't just say something? I honestly have no idea, nor do I care. Regrets are stupid. As to why you're not dead right now." Sasuke dug her fingers into her hard enough to draw blood.

"Meow!" Tayuya moaned shaking her hand as a bit of blood appeared on her palm.

"Is because I'm not entirely certain if me killing you would also kill me. I'm really not in the mood to risk that." Sasuke licked the blood off her palm, her eyes focused on his with something that was far different from anger. "So here's what's going to happen. I'm going to fuck Naruto until one of us can't move. Alone. I'm going to enjoy it. I'm going to wake up and do it again. I don't care if you get off to this. There's a guest bedroom on the other side of the house that you are to use."

"Calm yo tits girl," Tayuya huffed returning Sasuke's glare with one of her own. Then she leaped over and grabbed onto his arm, pressing her breasts right up against him, while another hand worked its way south. "If we share feelings and you can't kill me what's stopping me from just-"

Tayuya was cut short by Sasuke slamming her against the wall. He half expected her to just kill the cat girl right there. Instead, Sasuke's eyes turned red her sharingan activated. Tayuya's eyes went dim and the girl slouched against the wall.

"You understand now?" Sasuke let go of the girl and watched her drop to the floor. She leaned down and grabbed the Tayuya's cat ears, running her fingers over them. Tayuya purred and mewled under the touch. What the hell was going on? "I don't want to have to repeat myself."

Tayuya nodded trying to nuzzle more into Sasuke's hands. "Yea sure, fine, I'll wait. I'll wait, just stop doing this I can't stop nya!"

"Good, now then, I'm going to go have sex with the idiot here, try not to make a terrible mess." Sasuke smiled and grabbed onto his arm pressing her breasts against his chest just like Tayuya had tried to do earlier. "We'll have to figure out someway to remove the seal without this idiot touching it and changing us again.

"Well, if we're going to do that again can I request being a seven foot tall amazon with head sized tits and a dick long enough to tit fuck myself?" Tayuya stood, dusting off her tattered rags emphasizing the fact that her breasts were currently unbound. Her ears perked back up and her tail flexed.

"It doesn't work like that, you'd probably already have tits like that if he had any say about this." Sasuke rolled her eyes and glared at him. Now was probably not the best time to mention that he might have intentionally made Tayuya a cat girl. But what she didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

"Well, whatever. I'm going to masterbate until my fingers become pickles." She walked past heading in the vague direction of the guest room. She'd probably find it. She found him after all.

"Have fun," Sasuke shooed her away.

Tayuya showing her maturity flipped her off as she continued to sway her hips so that her shirt would lift up showing off that magnificent ass off. Booty do good. Booty do real good. "It'd be more fun getting actually fucked. But hey, I can improvise."

"So is that a no to the threeway?" Naruto smiled finally daring to ask Sasuke anything. That was actually probably the dumbest thing he could have said. But if he didn't say it then well, he wouldn't be himself. Or something like that he was running out of excuses to be a dumbass.

"You are lucky I love you, and she's lucky I can't murder her. You're also lucky I kind of wanted a cat." Sasuke turned on him, pressing her finger into his chest and forcing him back, with the lightest pushing of her hand she guided him backwards steering him towards her room. "You've kept me waiting a long time Naruto. That's rude you know. And then the first thing that comes out of your mouth is to have a threeway? You're a real bastard you know."

Her smile grew with each word, that perfect mask she normal kept up around other people was cracking to show the cultivated madness that writhed underneath. It only served to remind him that he was an idiot for not seeing just how crazy Sasuke was about him. It was really hot. And also really scary. But so hot. Also scary. But mostly hot. Really really hot. "I'm sorry."

Sasuke laughed, and pressed him through the threshold of their room and onto the bed. Her clothing hit the floor and the door locked by the time he managed to look back up at her. The long ebony strands that made up her hair fell free in a black wave down her back ending in a point just at the widest part of her hips. Her ass was round, and perky, she slapped her cheeks just for him allowing it to bounce just the slightest amount.

"Oh, you have no idea how sorry you'll be." Sasuke's voice dripped with a dick melting amount of lust that made his blood howl through his veins like wolves on the hunt. She turned, revealing her naked body to him for the first time, and he saw perfection, her breasts sat high on her chest, creating a natural cleavage thanks to their size and perkiness, offering the slightest bit of bounce as she placed her knee onto the bed. Her stomach was smooth and hard with her well earned abs barely casting a shadow.

While other girls might be bustier or have more junk in the trunk none could make up the raw perfection that Sasuke showed just by breathing. Her every movement was like a models pose that displayed some new and exciting element about her body.

And he desired everything about her. Now more than ever. "Holy fuck I'm an idiot."

"Yes, yes, you are." Sasuke placed a hand on onto his leg and began to slide along it as she crawled along the bed like a fog bank creeping in over the hill covering everything with errotic aura. She kissed his leg, soft, gentle, lovingly, it was enough to make him shudder and moan at what was going to come.

"I didn't know you had this side to you," His brain knew that he shouldn't be speaking, that he might make things worse. But the pathway from his brain to his mouth was currently being ignored by the giant amount of blood and nerves going to his crotch and where ever Sasuke was touching.

A soft mocking chuckle came from Sasuke, her eyes blackened with the sin of lust and desire for him that showed how happy she was. Her cheek brushed the side of his dick that was nearing the point of being painfully erect. She smiled and licked it like it was a morsel that had gotten stuck on the side of her mouth. He almost nutted right then and there.

"And what side is that?" She asked, eyes focused on him while she worked his cock as skillfully as a she would a kunai. And Sasuke was damn good with a kunai.

He groaned, grabbing handfuls of the sheet as her tongue burned like ice along his dick. He was so not going to last very long if this kept up. And yet again, his mouth found a way to speak. It really needed to stop doing that without consulting his brain first. "Being all soft and lovey, dovey."

"Well isn't that obvious Naruto? I do love you, I've loved you for a long time, but-" She purred circling the tip of his dick with her tongue like she was trying to draw out his soul. Her smile turned dangerous. "I don't recall ever saything this was going to be soft or cuddly." That damn chuckle again. "No, I dare say that one of us might end up dead by the end of this."

With the snap of her fingers the sheets wrapped around his wrists and ankles and pulled him to the four corners of their bed and holding him tight.

"What the hell?"

"Shush, and just go along with this Naruto. The only time you're to be making any noise is when you're screaming my name, moaning in pleasure," She slid up his erection that felt like it was going to burst at any moment, it was red, pulsating and looked bigger than ever, and he had already been large. How the hell was Sasuke going to take him? Her breasts sandwhiched his cock for just a moment, allowing him a moment to enjoy that tender softness that jiggled and swayed with each motion. She laughed, looking less like a woman and more like a feral wolf in heat and he was both her meal and her mate. Her hands slid up and down her body before playing with herself for a few strokes.

His dick pulsed, the heat radiating from it was sending a searing pain up and down his limbs. He needed to stick it in something. He needed to stick it in Sasuke.

"Or moaning in pain." She laughed leaning down to his nipple that stood tall and proud on his chest muscle. She then bit it. Hard. Really hard.

"Ow! What the fuck!"

She laughed. "Fuck? Good idea," Her voice sung like a snake's venom dripping and corroding everything that heard it. Her eyes never left his as her hand wrapped around his growing member. Apparently pain, made him even harder. "But it's no fun if you don't come out of it a little battered now is it?"

She was crazy. She was bat shit absolutely boneafied he should call the cops crazy. And he was loving every single second of it. Her nails sharp, almost clawlike dug into his chest and she scraped a trail going all the way down to his abs. It was when he grit his teeth in pain did she finally put him inside of her.

"Oh, you're bigger than I thought. Much, much, bigger. This is good." She lowered herself down onto him, inch by painful inch, like a band-aid being slowly torn off, but around his dick and feeling like the best thing ever. He could feel everything inside of her, it was tight, almost to tight, and grew tighter still as she began to swallow up his whole length like a hungry fish. "I have to admit Naruto, I like big things, while I do love you, I just can't help but feel so happy that you have a giant." She lowered herself down again all the way down to his balls. "Fucking." She raised herself up, and up, and up, exposing more of his dick to the cold air. He yearned for it to be back within Sasuke's warm wetness once more. "Cock." She slammed herself down onto him.

"Fuck!" He cried trying to grab at her, but the restraints were too good. She had been prepared for this.

She bounced up and down, running her hands through her hair as she smiled down at him, looking like a queen sitting upon her through. This was Sasuke, this was who she really was, her raw naked form that was riding his dick and denying anything that she desired. Her moans was like a sirens call, luring what was left of his rational mind deep into the sea of her depravity.

Each motion mixed with the last, building into some ultimate form of pleasure even as her nails dug into his flesh burning channels of pain through his body that mixed with the pleasure to create something new and exciting. He had gotten hurt before, he had felt pain, but nothing could be compared to this.

He needed to touch her. To grab at those perfect breasts of hers that were bouncing like she was just going for a walk in the park instead of riding his dick like a mad woman. He wanted to grab her, flip her around and fuck her so hard that she passed out. To bite into her flesh and claim her as his and his alone! It was raw, primal, instinct. He needed it. He trashed against the bindings.

"What's wrong Na,ru,to," each syllable of his name dripped off her tongue like an acidic honey that was clouding his mind and making him desire her more and more. "A little tied up at the moment?"

That was almost so corny that he went soft. Actually it was nowhere near that, if anything he was harder again. Fuck. His dick must be nothing more than a glowing red pillar of blood that was as dense as he was. "You're going to slow."

"Oh poor baby," She leaned down and kissed him. If it could be called a kiss. It was cruel, fast, brutal, and in the end he tasted blood. She trailed along his cheek delivering kiss after kiss as she slowly grinded away at his junk. Which was not helping his growing desire for release. "If I let you go, how hard are you going to fuck me."

"You won't be able to think straight for a week." He blurted out without thinking, trying desperately to claw at her to grab onto any part of the woman before him. He needed her. He needed her beyond anything else. Her touch was as to air to him.

She laughed, and he heard a snap and the bonds stopped.

Before he knew what had happened, he had her on her back, legs wrapped around her waist as he pounded her harder than he ever thought possible. Finally. Finally they were getting somewhere. It felt like her pussy was still trying to suck him in, it was getting tighter around him, clenching his very life blood as though she demanded toll just to look at her naked. "I love you, you stupid psychotic bitch!"

"Good!" Sasuke shouted back, pulling him into a proper kiss, a soft, loving one that counter acted the violent thrusting of his hips. He kept going, he doubted he could ever stop, even after he reached the end he was fast approaching. He was getting there, he was so close. He needed to get there. "Now fuck me harder!"

Harder? How could he go any harder? When he didn't she bit into his neck, hard. Her nails dug into his back and he felt the sweat and blood mix into a potent concoction that burned at the fresh wounds Sasuke was making. "I said harder!"

"Fuck you!"

"Just do it harder!"

His body obeyed, and at long last Sasuke began to moan. Loudly. It was the sugar to all this pain he was feeling. The extra pork to his ramen of raw animalistic sex. His mind was gone, replaced by a pure need for sex and a desire to make this woman writhing beneath him moan his name.

He took long, hard, powerful strokes in and out of her, going from his tip, barely inside of her, to as deep as he could get. Over and over again. By this point his back was little more than shredded cheese. But that didn't matter. He had to keep going on. He had to get her to scream his name.

Even if his nuts were going to fall off.

"Oh fuck!" Sasuke screamed, her nails digging into his back once more. "Yes! I'm getting there! Yes keep going!" Harder. Faster. Harder. Faster. His hips were going crazy, and all of his will power was spent on trying not to be the first one to cum. He had to last longer than Sasuke. He had to.

He felt her clench around him. Her legs locking around his waist, keeping him pinned against her. She clawed, and bit, and kissed. "Oh fuck! Naruto!"

There it was. He grunted, finally letting his body relaxing as she spasmed around his length, accepting all of the sperm he had built up. Spent. He fell onto the bed next to her, taking a deep breath of the sweat and sex stew that now covered the room. It felt really good.

"Holy fuck Naruto," Sasuke panted. She sounded happy, and tired. That was good. It meant he won. "That was amazing."


"I think I might get pregnant from that."


"Want to make sure and go for round two?"

His mind was telling him no. But his body, his body was telling him yes. And his dick was all but screaming it.

"This time, pick me up and fuck me against the wall."

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