Study Time

Chapter 7: Ten Years Later

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Rogue stretched out in the bed. It was a perfect Sunday morning. The sun flitered gently through the curtains, the birds chirped happily and she could sleep in. She streached again and sighed contentedly snuggling back in to the pillows. She was almost back to sleep when a pair of strong arms wound their way around her waist and she felt warm breath on her neck.

"Chere, I tink dis my bed."

"Yes it is." She relaxed back into Gambit's embrace.

"Don' you tink it time ta git up?"

"Actually, sugah, now that you're here I might never get up."

Remy nuzzled her hair placing kisses along the back of her neck. "Dat jus what I wanna hear, Mon chere."

It amazed him some days that she was his. It happed only three years she had started opening up to him. The entire time before that their relationship had hardly changed. She had begun letting him take her out but she was still aloof and distant. She didn't talk much, kept to herself. But sometimes she would rest her head in his lap and let him stroke her hair as they watched a movie. He always was the only one she let even come close to touching her. Then one day it happened. He had been out in the back playing ball with Scott, Kurt and Evan. He always took particular joy in charging just enough energy to the ball that the next person that caught it was met with a loud bang. Rogue had come running out the French door and down the stairs. She ran straight into him knocking them both down. When he'd asked her what was wrong she responded by placing her uncovered hand to his face. Gambit's eyes met hers in awe as she whispered 'I did it.'

"What you thinkin bout sugah?" She snuggled back into his chest.


"That all?"

"Maybe you an' me should go ta da library?"

She could almost see the mischievous glint in her lover's eyes. "We should go lookin fer baby names."

Remy ran a hand over her stomach where it was just beginning to swell. "Claudia Josephine." he said quietly into her ear.

"What if it's a boy?"

"It gonna be a girl."

"You so sure?"

"Yep. Now you bes' be getting dressed chere."

"I'm goin."


"So were out there when it happened?" Emilia sat next to Jean on the sofa.

"Yep." she looked into her coffee. "It'll cost a fortune in landscaping to repair the damage they did."

"That bad?"

"Uh huh. Thunder and wind and snow and slashing of claws along with it. It was actually frightening."

"We really need to remember not to get a guy with a metal skeleton together with a girl that has a lightning fetish."

"True." Jean looked over the couch into the foyer. "Where are you to going?"

Rogue and Remy froze in their places.

"We… um… We…" he began.

"We're goin ta the library." She pulled him out the door.

Emilia's eyes focused on a spot in the distance. "I think I'm disturbed. Really disturbed."

Jean mirrored her look. "I don't think there gonna study anything."

"We created monsters."

"Yes, we did."



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