The doctor came visit Roger, as soon as Julie shut the pone and for their relief, Roger was fine enough to go home. This way, she helped him into the car and told him they would pick up the kids at the park, before going home. In response, he groans.

''are you okay, honey? Want to go home I can ask Tom to take them home.''

''nah, I'm fine, just missing the girls'' he said a bit weakly

''yeah, me too'' Julie kissed him and ask the cab to go to the park.


At the park, Sophie and Madeline were having much fun with their Uncle Tom, when they noticed their mother approaching. Happily, they rush to her and give her a hug.

''Mommy!'' they exclaimed

''hey girls, daddy and I miss you.'' She said

''hey Jules, how´s Rodg?'' Tom asked

''thanks God, he´s doing okay'' she pointed to the cab ''he managed to eat a small amount of breakfast and don´t throw up since last night'' she said relieved ''now let us go? Daddy is waiting for us in the cab'' Julie said taking their hands and walking back to the cab.


Back to the loft, Mark turn the place upside down, in search for his glasses, but couldn´t find anything and to make the matters worse, none of his friends, knew where he could had place them.

''fuck!'' he growled frustrated and decided to make another call. When the person the other line answered, he didn´t wait for a hello and start talking ''hey, Jules, may I talk a minute?''

''what you want with my wife?'' Roger´s gruffly voice came from the other side, he was probably sleeping when Mark call

''oh, Rog, sorry, how are you?''

''Mark…'' the other man yarned ''I am doing a lot better. What happened was that the new prescription turn myself upside down, so they got me another prescription and I have to be on a special diet for the week, till I got indeed fine''

''nice to know. And the…'' Mark couldn´t finish his phrase, as he got afraid Roger´s t-cells were low.

''and don´t worry, I did a checkup early the week, my t-cells are one percent high than usual'' Roger coughed ''okay, now, what you want with my wife? I think she´s giving dinner to the girls, I heard them on the kitchen''

''oh, well, I lost my glasses and I will like to know if she saw them. Anyway, get well soon, my friend, tell Franny to call me and I will visit you tomorrow''

''thanks and I will'' Roger slammed the phone off, when Julie entered the room, carrying a tray of soup.

''who was on the phone, honey?'' She asked, placing the tray on the bed

''Mark, he asked you to call him when you could. What is this delicious smell?''

''I made a tomato soup for you; remember what Dr. Hugo told, light food will make you feel better. How are you feeling, honey?'' she asking, picking up a spoon to mouth feed him ''open up.''

''i´m still a bit sore, but the nausea gone, hey, no need mouth feed, just show me where is the spoon and the plate''

'aww, give me a chance to take care of my sickie honeybear'' Julie kissed his cheek

''of course, my honeybee'' Roger laugh ''oh, I think we have visitors'' he said, hearing the girls giggles from outside their room

''oh, yeah'' Julie agree ''come own, my darlings, come here''

''hi Mommy and Daddy'' both Sophie and Madeline smiled at their parents, with the kind of smile from someone who was up to something.

''are you okay, Daddy?'' Madeline asked and Roger smiled

''I couldn´t I be fine, having my two little munchkins near me'' he smiled and reach one arm ''where are you two?''

''right here!'' they said, jumping on the bed, to be close to their parents ''Daddy, we have a surprise for you'' Madeline said

''you have huh?'' Roger smiled, finally feeling a little better ''what is it?'' he asked

''wait a minute, it will help you a lot!'' they said and rushed to their room, coming back a minute later with something in their hands.

''here, Dad'' Sophie placed the small object in Roger´s hand, a pair of glasses?

''Sophie and Madeline, where did you two found this'' Julie asked, confused to see Mark´s glasses there

''we took Uncle Mark´s glasses, so you can see a lot better, like you did in the movies'' Madeline said as Sophie pick up the glasses and placed on her father´s face

''there, now you can see us, right?'' both girls asked ''look at Mommy, isn´t she´s pretty?''

The room fell silent for a minute. Julie looked at her husband then, to the girls. Sure, they knew they should scold them, since they had stolen something, but the expression on both their faces, broke her heart.

However, Roger make the first move. After a minute thinking, he set on the edge of the bed, put the glasses off and took a deep breath. ''Sophie, Madeline, come here''

''are you angry, Daddy?'' Sophie asked

''not at all'' Roger said ''remember when mommy said daddy´s eyes are broken?'' he asked, and they answered yes. ''I know you two had good intentions, trying to fix me with your uncle´s glasses, but I don´t need them, there´s another ways I can use to see both of you and mommy. And I know the three of you are the pretty girls I ever see and I don´t need uncle Mark´s glasses for that''

''besides'' Julie join her husband ''you two did something very bad, you took your uncle glasses, without telling him''

''oh!'' the twins looked at each other, worry ''what we can do now?''

''we can go back to Uncle Mark, give the glasses to him and say we´re sorry'' Roger said getting up from the bed ''let´s go?''

''Honey, be careful, I will go with the girls, you need to rest'' Franny jump out the bed and hold him.

''nah, I am fine, baby, don´t worry, I think your soup even got my strength back.'' Roger chuckled ''I think a visit to a friend, will not give me any harm'' he said

''okay than!'' Julie reductively agree ''let me change my clothes and pick up something for you to war. Meanwhile, you two, go put your jacket, so we can go to Uncle Mark'' Donna ordered and they rush back to their room.


Back at the loft, Mark had given up, he couldn´t find his glasses anywhere, this way he decided to take a shower and go to an eye doctor, in order to get a new prescription and a new pair of glasses, when suddenly, something startled him.

''Uncle Mark!'' it was Sophie´s voice? he thought.

''Uncle Mark, are you in there?'' Madeline yelled, knocking the door.

A million toughs went to Mark´s mind. What the children was doing back here? Did Roger went to the hospital again? Was everyone all right? He thought wearing the first vest he found in front of him and rushing to open the door, just to come face to face with all the members of the Davis family looking at him.

''what you guys are doing here? Rodg, are you okay?''

''I'm fine, buddy, don´t worry'' Roger nodded

''okay…well, come in everyone. Roger, the house is a mess, be careful to not fall'' Mark said as he and Franny help Roger inside the loft. ''now, I am rather confuse, what you guys are doing here?''

''Sophie, Madeline, what you want to say to Uncle Mark'' Julie looked at her daughters and in response; they lowered their heads, guilty and give Mark his glasses back.

''my glasses…'' he pick up his glasses and put on ''where you found they?''

''we took without your permission, we´re sorry Uncle Mark'' Madeline said

''it was all my idea. You forgive us?'' Sophie added and confused, Mark just raised an eyebrow

''apparently my kids thought your glasses would give my sight back'' Roger explained

''oh…'' Mark wait a second ''and it worked?'' he asked, not making the girls sad

''no, I am still blind, but they had good intentions, Marky'' Roger said and in response, Julie give him a gentle slap on the shoulder, as asking him to not encourage the girls to take someone else belongings without permission.

''right…'' Mark started ''listen, Sophie and Madeline, I forgive both of you, with one condition.'' He said ''to never take my glasses again and always ask permission, if you want me to borrow you something''

''besides, my lovelies'' Roger added ''I don´t need to see, to know you are the prettiest girls I ever know'' he said ''since the first time I hold you two, I knew you two were beautiful''

''really?'' both girls seemed surprised

''really, mommy tell me that all the time. Now come here'' Roger said opening his arms to hug his daughters, who rushed to hug him back.

With all that mass solved, Mark was glad his glasses were given back to him and as to make sure her daughters never do that again, Julie ask them to help Mark fix the mess in the loft, which was caused by them.

At least they learned the lesson and never took anything without permission again.