There was an unspoken rule among the Chaivarone famiglia, and that was to never, ever speak of the young master's mother Lily within his hearing. Everyone loved Dino, and having people remind him of his mother upset him greatly.

Reborn, being the chaotic troll that he was, ferreted out the general story of what happened to Dino's civilian mother within a week and quietly agreed never to bring it up.

Dino's mother had gotten a letter from a trusted school friend in England during the mess that had been going on, and had gone in to help. Only for the fools to decide that since she was a half-way decent fighter and not a pure blood, that they were free to keep her there for as long as necessary, giving her all sorts of excuses and lies to keep her from returning to her very unhappy son.

Dino was unusually in tune with his mother, so when he started bawling one day and refused to quiet down for days, they knew something terrible had happened to the woman.

So when Dino found a note among his paperwork with a name he actually recognized from his mother's few diaries that she left behind, well he decided that now was a perfect time to find out what the hell actually happened to her. After all, Reborn would never let those damn English magicals trap him like they had his poor mother. It wouldn't do for a future mafia boss to be captured by those idiots, after all.

In England...

"Explain to me again why we are going to England to deal with this personally, Stupid-Dino," said Reborn darkly.

"The name on report I got last week was one I recognized. The man in question married my mother's sister and I was hoping she would have some answers as to what happened to her...even if my mother admitted they had lost touch because of that school," said Dino.

Reborn glared at him and Dino shivered. His tutor was going to be extra hellish for dragging him all the way to England over a minor financial discrepancy.

The first thing that Dino thought when he saw his maternal aunt was that he was heartily glad he took more after his father than his mother's family, save for the eyes. He had his mother's eyes.

A fact she took immediate note of.

There was something seriously wrong with this house and Dino was determined to get to the bottom of it come hell or high water. Every instinct in him demanded that he not let a single clue go unchecked and that this trip would have some major surprises for all involved.

A fact that became very apparent when, during the rather tense 'dinner' Dino caught sight of a smaller child trying to duck out of sight. His instincts screamed at him to investigate...he had only been told of the rather oafish son.

Reborn couldn't exactly blame his student for not mentioning their relation to the woman. It was likely she would have tried to use their blood connection to protect her husband or get something out of him. She might suspect something though if the looks she kept giving him were any indication.

"So who is the kid I saw earlier?"

"You mean my son?" asked Vernon nervously. Dino narrowed his eyes at him.

"Unless your son suddenly has red hair and looks several stones lighter before returning to blond and overweight, no," said Dino.

Vernon's eyes belayed something was definitely off as Petunia tried to change the subject, rather unsuccessfully at that.

Dino, however, was tired of playing.

"I will admit, there was a specific reason I came here in person rather than delegate this duty to a subordinate," he said flatly.

Reborn used the distraction to try and find the other child Dino had seen earlier. It didn't take wasn't that big a house after all and he was less than pleased finding the small child in the boot cupboard with a very startled look. The fact that it looked like it had been converted a rather pathetic bedroom did not bode well for the adults in the house.

Dino took one look at the child's eyes (so similar to his own green) before he narrowed his own at Petunia in disgust.

"Who is this, and don't lie to me."

Realizing they had been caught, Petunia didn't try to lie her way out of it.

"My worthless sister's brat. She was dumped on us without asking and we've been stuck with her ever since. We've tried to raise her as a proper girl, but she's slow and clumsy," said Petunia. Her glare did not speak well of what would happen to her niece once they left.

"Oh really?" said Dino, his aura changing entirely. "And what exactly happened to this sister of yours?"

"The stupid fool went and got blown up after marrying that arrogant drunk Potter," spat Petunia.

"I find that interesting, considering my mother was still very much married to my father when her friend called her back to England. Especially considering I know for a fact she only used Potter as a cover," said Dino darkly. "Care to explain who left my sister here with you?"

"Sister?" repeated Petunia dumbly.

"Perhaps I should have properly introduced myself. My name is Dino Chaivarone and my mother was Lily Evans. The only reason I came here in person was because she mentioned her older sister marrying a man by the name of Vernon Dursley in her diaries and I wanted to know exactly what happened to her," said Dino darkly. He was pissed.

Reborn was coaxing the little one out of the cupboard. There was a distinct spark of hope in her eyes that had been missing when he found her in there.

"Are you telling me that you're my nephew? Preposterous, Lily never had any other children!" said Petunia.

"Yes, well she did have a lot of help hiding the fact she was pregnant while still in school after a rather drunken night in Italy," said Dino evenly. He shared a look with Reborn. "Perhaps we should discuss a few things in private, away from small ears."

Reborn could safely say that he was very proud of his student right now. Dino was being a good mafia boss and he knew that his foolish student wouldn't dare leave this girl here. Not when he was publicly claiming her as his sister.

Well, half-sister if Reborn was doing the mental math right. She looked to be about the right age for the time period when Dino's mother was more or less tricked into staying in the country.

Dino came out looking darkly pleased with himself, though it brightened when he saw the girl.

"Do you have anything you want to keep?" he asked gently.

She shook her head. She had learned a long time ago that having attachments to anything just made it hurt far worse when they were taken away for her freakishness.

So it was only natural she let out a light "Eep!" in surprise when the blond with familiar green eyes gently picked her up and let her wrap her arms around his neck. He frowned at how light she was.

"Who's this boss?" asked Romario.

"We're going to need to make a side trip in London, just to close up the loose ends," said Dino.

"...Civilian or Other?" asked Romario. He was one of the few who were aware that Dino was a wizard and was only a few exams away from being considered an 'competent adult' in the eyes of the enclaves.

"Other," said Dino.

Romario sighed, to Reborn's quiet surprise.

"I was afraid of that. And here I was hoping we'd avoid them entirely."

Reborn would have started demanding answers, except he was more worried about the girl. Dino had carried her far too easily, and from the frown on his face when he did it was entirely possible she was suffering from neglect on top of the obvious abuse.

The poor thing was far too skinny, wearing clothes that weren't fit for scraps, and was looking entirely like she expected this to be all one very big and cruel joke before her life went straight to hell in a hurry.

Dino looked at the results in his hand. He was thanking god that the goblin blood tests were far quicker and more accurate than the normal ones. That and they provided a complete ancestry if you paid them.

On one hand, he now had a half-sister that he would be taking home with him. On the other he was heartily cursing the name James Potter, because he was well aware of that bastard's obsession with his mother and this was clear evidence he had taken advantage of her.

He wouldn't take it out on Melody, but if he ever found anyone who helped James ensnare his mother he was going to demonstrate exactly why you don't piss off a student of Reborn.

The next thing he did was file for full custody of his sister... because he was almost sixteen, had passed the equivalent of the Ordinary Wizarding Levels in his home country with high marks, and was the closest blood relative of his younger sibling with magical blood, it only took a few hours for the forms to be filed and made legal. Considering he had been hearing things of "Melody Potter", it was a good thing the goblins were willing to accept the papers for "Melody Evans".

Then again, according to them the "marriage" of Lily Evans to James Potter had never gone through to begin with because she had already been married to a recognized "magical" line and had never taken off her wedding ring. Potter might have filed for it, but he had been too arrogant or stupid to make sure it had gone through when he made everyone believe he had finally gotten the girl he had been after for years.

A visit to his mother's vaults cleared up several matters, like why she even agreed to it when she was already married.

Dino's anger towards Potter only went up after reading the part about how she had an 'accident' in the middle of a battle that left her with amnesia. Though she also mentioned how suspicious Remus was of the entire wedding and how he had discreetly asked several very odd questions before quickly dropping it when James started asking questions of his own.

Considering "Remus Lupin" was mentioned in the journals as one of the people who helped to hide the pregnancy, Dino finally had a proper idea of who to ask the hard questions about what happened to his mother. Now to get an owl...

Melody was still having great difficulty believing how quickly her life had changed around. She had always dreamed of a relative showing up and taking her away from the Dursleys...she never thought it would actually happen.

Who would have known she had an older brother, one her mum kept secret from almost everyone?

Dino was clumsy, but he was really sweet and gentle. Even if his home tutor was really weird. Reborn was a little scary, but was actually a softie underneath his dark exterior.

She felt the bed under her move a bit, and snuggled deeper into her brother's side. She had trouble sleeping at night because the bed was so soft and she kept thinking she was dreaming when she woke up. That she would wake up and be back in her cupboard. Dino didn't mind if she used him as a giant teddy bear.

Dino POV

"How is she holding up?" he asked Reborn.

"Children react one of two ways after this sort of thing. They either become submissive and eventually grow up to be victims, or they learn to adapt and come out of it with a strong will to live. Your sister is the latter," said Reborn flatly. "Once we return to Italy the adjustment will come a bit easier... right now she's still in shock you took her away from that house and is expecting to wake up and find herself right back."

"Not happening. Vernon's ruined and Petunia is going to be driven off the deep end even if I have to pay a Mist to do it professionally," said Dino darkly.

Reborn felt so proud of his student at that moment.

"No need for that. I've already called Shamal in to give her a full check up and an idea of what she'll need to make a full recovery. I'm sure he'd be happy to help once he meets her," said Reborn almost cheerfully.

Figures all he needed to properly bond with his foolish student was a proper target and some very strong motivation for a proper mafia-style revenge. Melody was already being a good influence on her brother... Reborn hadn't had to shoot him more than once or twice since they rescued her!

"This is a mess and a half. At least I'll finally get some answers as to what happened to our mother... I got in contact with one of the few people she named specifically that knew she was pregnant while in school."

"So what's the hold up?" asked Reborn. The sooner they were out of England, the happier everyone involved would be.

"There's been some unsubtle inquiries about why my mother's personal vaults have suddenly gone active from someone who has nothing to do with them in the first place. I know she never would have put him on the access list so I have no idea why he's even asking about them."

"He could have put a flag on them," said Reborn.

"That's what I suspect anyway. Fortunately there's no way he's going to take Melody away from me. The paperwork went through so now I'm her legal and magical guardian since I already passed the first exams."

It would become permanent when he turned seventeen and passed the secondary exams, by which point he was considered a legal adult.

"What about her father's accounts?"

"I had them seal it until she either turns fifteen and passes a mandatory amount of magical exams with high marks, or when she reaches her magical majority and graduates. At most she'll be able to use her trust vault, but that's it. Nothing is allowed to go out without going through a lot of red tape, and the only thing I allowed to go freely was general taxes and upkeep expenses. Everything else they're required to give me a head's up first," said Dino. "Not that it really matters since the goblin's apparently gave my mother's personal account a 'Mistress Stipend' when she was 'married' to James."

And considering how well off the Potters were, his mother's vaults had been pretty flush with gold and silver. Likely because she had never bothered to touch them since the accident.

Reborn nodded with open approval. It seemed Dino was finally getting his head on straight as a mafia boss.

Seeing the door open, Dino grinned and bent down so Melody could hug his neck. She seemed to relish in the chance to be carried and hugged, and Dino spoiled her rotten.