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And this is a two-part story. So here is part one.

Loving Eowyn CHAPTER 1 Aragorn

I can still remember the first time I saw here. The way the shadows played on her face. It was if they were trying to aid her in hiding her pain. She was full of pain and sorrow back then. It almost devoured her. But to see how she has risen from the depths of sorrow to see such joy shows what a truly remarkable woman she is.

Lady Eowyn is a woman without compare. She is more beautiful than the purest lily, more courageous than the fiercest knight, smarter than the all but the most learned of Elves in the healing arts, and more loyal than the anyone I know. She loves Faramir with a devotion that I have never known before. And of that I am jealous.

Had I known back in Edoras just how truly wonderful Eowyn is, I would have never rejected her. I would have never left her in Dunharrow. She had, and still has I am sure, the courage to stand up to the Captain of the Nazgul. Seasoned men could not do that, but that soft, enchanting woman, nay she was barely a woman almost more child, was able to defend her king.

And even as she lay in the Houses of Healing she knew who truly loved her. I was unable to give her my love so she ignored my requests for her to come back to the land of the living. Only when her brother beckoned her did she respond. All too well she has learned to whom to trust her heart.

And it was in those accursed Houses that she learned to love Faramir, for she knew that he would never forsake her. He knew the strength that lay in her without having to see it first hand. He knew that the precious Shield Maiden of Rohan was of greater worth than anyone in all the kingdoms. And he acted upon it.

For that I curse my steward. What I would not give to have had his foresight? The pure look of love than Eowyn bestows upon him is more than he deserves. No man dares slander him in from of her or they feel her wrath. One woman made the mistake of letting a rumor loose of her plans to woo Faramir while the two were still engaged, and I still laugh at the thought that Eomer could barely physically restrain Eowyn from tearing the offensive woman to shreds.

That is what I want and need. I wish for a woman willing to show such emotion and such passion. Arwen is a lovely Elf, but she is not a passionate person. She is so distant at times, as if she would rather be across the sea than across my bed. I know that it would not be the same with Eowyn. How many times has Eomer told me that even when in front of the couple they still show no restraint in displaying the depth of their love? He even mentioned catching them rolling in the hay unclothed in a barn in Meduseld. I am jealous of Eomer for that sight. I am sure that Eowyn's body would have been as white as snow and as soft as silk.

I fear looking Faramir in the eyes. He knows that I harbor some feelings for his wife, but I hope he does not understand the depth. At the celebration of my firstborn I gazed at Eowyn much too long to be construed as proper, and I am sure that Faramir caught me. I tried to put it off and he seemed satisfied with my answer. But I am still unsure.

I know that Eowyn does not know of my feelings. I am sure she would limit our interactions as much as possible if she knew. Eomer once told a tale of when Eowyn was younger she was pursued by a close friend of his. However her handmaiden had an eye for this Rider and so Eowyn avoided him as much as possible. She did not want the chance to possible take the man's affections for her own if her friend desired them. Her loyalty knows no bounds. I would hate to think what she would do if she knew a married man desired her affection.

Sadly I wish for Arwen and Faramir's demise. But even then I know that Eowyn would love her husband and never marry again. And even more sadly she truly believes in the sanctity of marriage when lesser nobles have no qualms about sharing their beds with anyone.

Eowyn is one of a kind. I could have had her. She could have been mine from the very beginning, but I chose to reject her. I am stupid beyond compare. And now I must live in sorrow, just as I found her.