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Loving Eowyn
Chapter 2

"Can I ask you a question?" I pose to my wife as we are lying in bed.
"Of course, cap'n."
I blush at her nickname for me as she turns around in my arms to face me.
"You know it has been years since anyone has called me Captain."
"I know, but I like the nickname. So, what is your question?"
Eowyn's boldness has never been surprising as some would guess. I find it quite refreshing. It also tells of how comfortable she is with me. I cherish her for it. Although with the difficult question I have, I am not so welcome of it.
"What do you think of Ellesar?"
She gave me a perplexed look.
"How so do you mean?"
"Do you think he has changed since you first met him?"
"Of course. Becoming a king would change any man. Look to Eomer. He never once thought overly much before he acted, but now he contemplates every move."
"I know that," I reply. I am having a hard time phrasing my words. "But do you feel that his emotions towards Arwen have changed?"
"Faramir!" She quickly sits up and gives me a startled look. "How can you say such a thing?"
I falter for a minute, but I want to know if my wife knows what I know and dread to be true.
"It is just something that I have been pondering of late. The both seem distant towards one another."
Eowyn looks exasperated. "If it is anything it is only because they have both been under a great deal of stress. You should know how hard treaties are to make and maintain. Aragorn must do it for the whole united kingdoms. And Arwen has recently given birth to a babe. Surely you do not think that is an easy task?"
"I am sorry I made mention of it."
My wife spoke with such ferocity that I knew she saw nothing.
But slowly a changed look took over her face.
"You do not think that Aragorn is turning to another, do you?"
Perhaps she has seen what I have seen.
" I know he has not. I suppose I wanted reassurance that all is well."
Eowyn closed her eyes and pressed her forehead to mine.
"Aragorn and Arwen are in love. Albeit I know for a fact that they are not the most love stricken couple in the land."
I push my wife away and lose myself in her eyes.
"We are," she says leaning forward. I soon lose myself in her kiss. And shortly after that, her body.
Valor knows I am spent. Eowyn is a remarkable woman.
Sometimes it seem as if the only time she is still is when she is asleep. As she is now.
I know that she knows nothing of Aragorn's interest in her. I barely am aware of it myself. If it had not been for the night of the festival for his son, I would not even be suspicious of him. But in his eyes that night I saw what he wished to hide.
Lust. Remorse. Guilt. Anger. Longing. I believe that he wishes that he had not been so quick to reject Eowyn. I used to believe that was his only fault. Who could not but help to be smitten by the White Lady of Rohan? She is truly the most lovely woman in the land. I do not count her beauty among the Elves, for they have their own beauty. But I believe that she surpasses theirs because her beauty also comes from within. It was a beauty that was forged by herself. She made herself into the woman I hold in my arms. I know that I will never let her go. I am not unwise. I will also attempt to restrict my wife from the company of Ellesar. It is not that I don't trust him. I feel that for our nation to remain strong, our leader must be strong. And if removing temptation from him is one way to assist, then so be. Ithilien is our home. But we will venture to Rohan. But our trips to Minas Tirith will be few and short. What can I say? I am a protective husband, and wish to keep my wife to myself.


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