"Oh, the Big Brothers and Sisters of America sound nothing like the ones you meet in college," said Stacy, laughing at her own expense. "That sounds really nice what they do though. The kids must really appreciate it. Especially if they get paired up with somebody cute! Maybe I should volunteer," pondered Stacy.

"You should totally do it!" encouraged Quinn. "Not only would you be giving back, but it'll look great on your transfer application and resume."

The girls continued their conversation as they drove to the local pizza place, where they coordinated to meet up with the former Fashion Club members before the party. One of the Three J's would drive them all to the frat house once Joey joined them after his last final. While waiting for the group to arrive, the girls ordered their usual salads with oil and vinegar on the side and a diet soda. Sandi and Tiffany joined them shortly after the food arrived and placed orders for themselves.

"I sure hope the boys don't take much longer," said Sandi, removing the sliced cheese from her salad. "I mean, how hard could computer science be? Everybody knows that the key to fixing computer problems is to try turning it off then on again."

"Yeah, but doesn't computer science involve a lot of coding, and website and program design?" said Quinn. "I remember when Joey helped me put together my old fashion blog. That looked pretty complicated."

"Desiiiiiiiggnnnn?" asked Tiffany in her usual drawl. "Maayybee we should aask Jooeyy to jooinn the Fasshionn Cluuub."

"Tiffany, dear, the Fashion Club formally disbanded four years ago," Sandi reminded her. "And as much as we would like to enjoy the glories of the past and our esteemed fashion choices and accessories, while conveniently forgetting about fashion don'ts-which we never committed-" The girl all murmured in agreement, thinking back in horror to the times of tube tops, scrunchies, and platform jellies. "-we must remember to look forward to the future. Towards the rise of a fashion empire. Unless Quinn thinks that sounds too complicated."

"What? Sandi, I would never diminish your dream," said Quinn, tired of this familiar exchange. "I only meant that without your kind of drive, realizing your actuality by conceptualizing your dreams into a reality could be considered complicated. But not for you, Sandi, because you know very well what you want."

"Driiiivee?" asked a confused Tiffany. "Buuuuttt Saandi juust goot aa neew caarr."

"You did?" asked a familiar voice. "That's cool! When are you going to show us your new ride?" Jeffy, Joey, and Jamie finally arrived. After devouring an entire pizza pie, the group was ready to head over to the party. Jamie turned out to be the J driving that night, giving highest priority to Quinn for shotgun. As the rest of the group maneuvered into the back rows, Sandi grumbled, "Gee, Quinn, I hope you won't be too lonely sitting up front without the rest of us."

"What? Of course not, Sandi," said Quinn. "I only wish I could be sitting with the rest of you, my friends, but then who would keep Jamie company?"

"Are you saying that I am not a good hostess?" Sandi accused. "That I need help, or something?"

"Not at all, Sandi. I just mean that you're so good at being a good hostess that I want to try out the hosting skills I learned from you on Jamie."

"Oh, Quinn, that's so thoughtful of you to be thinking of Sandi and of others," said Stacy, supporting her friend. "That must come in such handy for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters we were talking about before! With you looking out for all of us, you'd be a natural at a program like that. No wonder people say that Big Brother is always watching!"