Paige and her sisters stand in a circle of the magic school as they talk about there plan and there idea to escape there life in there in the magical world and how they stop zankou once and for all not knowing if this is such a good idea or not to do this what will there mom and grams or prue or there ancestors say when they learn what they going to do this phoebe thoughts there is nothing they can do to fix this what is done is done all hope is lost because this is one demon they can not stop and they have no choice but to take the easy way out the sisters hope they are doing the right thing but something tells them in there hearts they are not

phoebe... are you sure you want to do this i mean really we are going to be knocking on death door if we do this

piper...there is no other way i say let do this get it over with good thing the boys are with dad and not here so they want have to see it

Paige...what about leo shall we tell him what we going to do if we tell him about the situation we are in he will try and talk us out of it like he did the last time

Paige...let get it over before i change my mind if we go down fighting i am sure we will let hope we will be the ones to win

piper..i agree Paige takes us to the manor we need the book for that spell that we need to use do to us as we lost our faith in our self that why we lost our powers and our book

Paige kind of agree on what piper had to say of course the sisters had been selfish they know it was there fault and they hope they can fix this if it the last thing they can do or not all would be lost piper had done ask paige to orb them to the manor and Paige did what her sister ask her to do and all three join hands

when they did they orb out of the magic school and into the manor they saw no one was not hear they do not know if it was a good thing or a bad thing they all gather around the book in a circle holding hands once they made sure the close was clear they start to say a spell the same spell they use all those years ago when they first became witches they hope this time it work like it did the last time

piper phoebe & Paige... hear now the words of the witches the secrets we hid in the night the oldest of gods are invoke hear

the great work of magic has been sought in this night and in this hour we call upon the ancient power bring your power to

we sister three we want the power give us the power

the sisters chant the spell over and over again and they saw the spell did not work they saw they had done failed being the charmed ones since there spell or there powers are not working the way it should not knowing what else to do before any one had the chance to say any thing zankou had done flame in the attic he saw paige and throws a potion at her he has her power now but not her whitelighter power since her whitelighter power is not a warren power and it was a good thing she did or they be in trouble right now zankou said a spell in latin not knowing what he means by that the sisters does not like what about to happen next

Paige..what just happen to me what wrong with my power

zankou..i cast a spell with a help from your book to bind your power time for you to die

zankou was about to throw a fireball at Paige as she grab her sisters hand orb out she may have lost her witch power but not her whitelighter power before she had the chance to orb the fireball hit her making her fall down and her body turn into ashes phoebe did her best to fight back but could not since she was a mortal zankou also kill phoebe just with one fireball he hit her with and she die in front of piper this is not right leave me alone and i do the same to you

zankou..nope not a chance till i see you dead and gone and i have your power as well

before zankou had the chance to do any thing the portal to the magic school open up in the attic this anger zankou he conjure a fireball was about to throw it to piper pick up a ball from the table and throw it at him when he did we saw the triquetra on the book as it done separate it self piper did her best to get to the book

like before the book want let her touch it Leo walks out of the portal and he did his best to get piper to come back with him Leo student hope was there as well as she saw what is about to go down zankou conjure another fire ball before we know it hit the book of shadows making the book go up in flames zankou use his dark power to make the fire go away there was nothing left of the book but ashes

piper...why did you do that to my family book

Leo...not now piper not now hope use your power and get us out of hear now

hope did what leo ask her to do and she use her power of telekinesis when she did she got both piper and leo through the portal and the door had done close zankou did not pay it no mind he return to the basement to complete what he start zankou flame out of the attic and went to the basement he use a spell to call on the shadow power the spell is cast the nexus rise up from the floor and went inside zankou making his eyes go black and back to normal color again is done this is the end time for me to be the new source

zankou send his message to every demon in the underworld to meet him in the source chambers right before he left zankou use his power for the last time to set house to the fire when he did there was a loud sound the house start to rock back and forth as zankou and his demons return to the underworld the house than explode and it left nothing all was there was the ruins of what was left of it one of the neighbors had done saw it pick the phone up call 911 to report what they saw

at the magic school we saw how upset piper is how mad she is through the tears that came out of her eyes hope use a spell to calm piper down she was find one hour later not knowing what to do or say what she had done saw before hope had the chance say any thing a ball of white light came out of no where one hope did not recognize since it was not the elders that was going to orb in both piper and Leo know who this is once the ball of light fade away the angel of destiny had done reveal his self to them

piper...oh my god not you again what do you want this time around

angel of destiny...hello to you to yes it is me again i came to talk to you about yours and the boys destiny

piper...what destiny it over we lost the power of three is gone

angel of destiny...yes piper this is why i came and talk to you i have good and bad news

piper...and what news is that my powers may be weak but i can kick you right in the you know where

Leo...piper keep your voice down he trying to help sorry about my wife she upset about Paige and phoebe death

angel of destiny...i understand that why i came to talk you about thank to zankou with him breaking the rules magic is expose once again he will suffer with the consequence for what he did if you do this time will be rewind what what ever damage was done will be erase

piper...will it bring my sisters and the book back to life

angel of we do not have that kind of power but i tell you this wyatt your son is the next melinda warren the next grams of the family him and chris will make a new book of shadows with your daughter help that right you are pregnant with a girl

piper...i am what are you sure about this

angel of destiny...i am sure your son and daughter are the new charmed ones they pick up where you left off till now new witches will be call on to take your place for that to happen the offer is still the same

hope...what offer if i may ask since i am new at being a witch

angel of relinquish your power be mortal again to lead normal life on there 21st birthday there powers will return along with yours no the new witches will not be charmed only you and your sisters are charmed when you die reborn in a new body you and your sisters will meet again and you be charmed again in your next life

piper...really if it would of been like the last time i would say no but do to the situation i am in yes i will do it

angel of destiny...very well than it already had start good luck blessed be

the angel of destiny waves his hand making piper and the kids body rise up from there body once he did that have the power in his hand he blows on his hand making the powers vanish the angel of destiny turns his self back into a ball of light fly out of the magic school never to be seen again that kind of cool

piper...yes it is in a way i want to say how sorry i am from before i want to ask you question if that ok

leo...ask me any thing

piper...i want to put p3 up for sale i want to teach i think i can do it i need to keep eye out see who the new witches are so i can teach them what i know

leo..that part i understand but why you want to sale the club it part of you

piper...not know more the power of three is broken the club was about the three of us now there is only one time to move on to a new chapter

Leo...yes piper you may you can have spell casting class since the old teacher done quit few days ago

hope.. i will also help with the three of us working together i am sure we can find them

piper...we will start some time next weak to see what destiny has to say is true and if my job as a teacher does not work out i can go back to my first dream

hope...and what dream is that piper

piper...who knows i may keep p3 i am not sure yet turn it into the Restaurant that i want it to be have my full support it is your dream follow what your heart has to say

piper...believe i am that why i allow destiny to take my power away from me to start over fresh and i am