Chapter 1

When Playtime opened her eyes, she was in a strange place. She was in a bed of golden flowers, the hole she had fallen from was directly above her, and an ominous hallway lead to places unknown. "Hello?" She called, "Arts and crafters? 1st prize? Player?" She was scared when none of her friends answered her calls. "M-Mr. Baldi? Mr. Principal?" Tears welled up in Playtime's eyes. Would she never see anyone again?

She wiped away the tears and stood up. She knew she had to figure out where she was... to stay DETERMINED. She walled down the scary hallway to find a lone flower, just like the ones she landed on, except... it had a face.

"Howdy!" it said, "I'm Flowey! Flowey the Flower!" Playtime smiled and the friendly flower. She had a friend she could rely on! "Hi!" She said, "I'm Playtime! Do you wanna play?" "Play? I love playing! And I know a game that you would just love! Ready?" She nodded eagerly.

A heart popped out of her chest. "See that heart? It's your SOUL! The very culmination of your being." Playtime stared in awe at her SOUL. Flowey continued, "It starts out weak, but it can get stronger if you gain a lot of LV?" "What's an LV?" Playtime asked. "It stands for LOVE! You can gain LOVE by collecting these little white friendliness pellets!" He said, summoning the 'friendliness pellets'. "Are you ready?"

"Yeah!" Playtime responded, bouncing up and down eagerly. "Alright! Grab as many as you can!" The pellets were launched at Playtime's SOUL, but the second she touched one, an unbearable pain shot throughout her body. "OW!" She cried. Flowey laughed, "You idiot! In this world it's kill or be killed! Why would anyone pass up an opprotunity like this?!"

Before she could comprehend why her new friend had betrayed her, Playtime was surrounded by his bullets. "DIE!!!"

To be continued...

Author's note: A brilliant idea I had.