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A beautiful pale-skinned woman with long white flowing hair leaned against the banister of the porch, her pale pupil-less eyes staring off into space thoughtfully. She sighed deeply before walking away from the railing and toward the beautiful sliding doors of her palace, the doors opening before her like magic as she seemed to almost glide through the hallways.

Not a moment later she reached her sitting room, elegantly laying down on one of the large pillows as her long white hair splayed out around her.

'They will come eventually… 3000 years...' Her cut eyebrows scrunched together, her face showing her displeasure. She shook her head from her thoughts, now was not the time for such thoughts. She frowned as she again remembered her mistakes over the years; her panic-driven plan to use the Kaminoki and turn the world into an army against her family who'd inevitably arrive.

It had been a foolish idea, and she only realized that in hindsight when her precious children had pointed out the obvious. Ōtsutsuki eat hundreds of fruits, from hundreds of Kaminoki, from hundreds of worlds. Attempting to use the power of one Kaminoki against the combined power of hundreds would never work, regardless if the entire planets was an army against them.

She had been adamant her plan would work, even becoming angry at her children for opposing her. Hagoromo, her eldest at 14 years old, had been unfazed by her anger and had asked a question instead. "How easy would it be to destroy every human on the planet?" She had immediately replied that she could do it in moments, and that was the truth. She was the avatar of this world's Kaminoki, granted extreme power from the fruit she ate.

She smiled as she remembered the look Hagoromo gave her and eventually Hamura did as well when he realized what his brother was pointing out. It had taken her a moment, but finally, she realized what they were saying, and it really hit home, her panic fading. If she could destroy the entire race easily with one fruit, the strength of her family would obliterate the planet with ease.

'And the truth is, I do not wish the destruction of humans. They are a unique race, full of emotions and love, hope, strength.' She had seen many races in her travels with her family before she was too disgusted to continue and ran away across the galaxies. 'There is hate and pain in the world too, but there cannot be joy without pain… one cannot have light without darkness.'

"Mother, may I come in?" A voice sounded from the other side of the elegant doors. She smiled as she recognized the voice and the aura.

"Yes," she called out, her voice angelic and soft. The doors slid open, and 17-year-old Hamura Ōtsutsuki stepped in, bowing to her. Her hands lay calmly in her lap as she waited for her second son.

"Kaa-san, dinner is ready." Kaguya raised an eyebrow, "I thought we had servants to deliver such announcements, why do you come yourself?"

Hamura's face flushed slightly in embarrassment, "I, ah,… I made dinner myself," he said somewhat sheepishly. Kaguya smiled brightly, her beautiful face radiating happy surprise. Standing up Kaguya glided across the room and gave her son a hug. Hamura froze in shock at his mother's uncharacteristic action, but he quickly got over it and hugged her back, enjoying the embrace of his mother.

She had grown warmer and more open after they had calmed her down from the impending Ōtsutsuki attack. Since then she had become more focused on her duties as a mother and more involved in her children's lives. They had been working to prepare the world for the future of the attack, but they were also actually spending time together as a family.

"Come, mother, I think you will enjoy the food," Hamura said, taking his mother's soft hand and leading her down the halls toward the dining area. Sliding the door, he found his brother already sitting at the table, conversing with a small orange frog with a purple bead hanging from his neck. Next to the frog sat a small white snake. Both the little creatures were talking to his brother, but upon his and his mother's entrance the animals turned and bowed in respect to his mother.

Kaguya smiled and allowed herself to be led to the head of the table; Hamura pulled out the chair for her and waited until she was seated, she thanked him. Only then did she notice the servants were missing from the large dining hall. In an instant, her senses expanded, and she found there was no one else within the palace beside the people and the small creatures in the room.


"Don't worry about it mother, I dismissed the servants for the day." Hamura interrupted, knowing what she was going to ask. "Just sit back and enjoy." She smiled again, watching as her son turned and walked away to the kitchen area. As he walked, semi-transparent versions of Hamura separated from his body before becoming solid. Then he and his 3 clones walked through the doorway and disappeared into the kitchen. Kaguya followed him with her eyes for as long as she could. She was ecstatic that her son was trying other things, she had realized that she'd raised them both as 'royals' and they didn't know how to interact with everyday people.

'The people of this world used to fear me as well...' Kaguya thought, turning back to the table and patiently waiting for the food. She'd found that her sons had been getting to know their people more than herself. They had encouraged her to get to know them more, she'd also worked hard after that to dispel the illusion that she was the Rabbit Goddess. Her efforts had been in vain, people instead coming to love her for her kindness to them.

She was happy that her sons had knocked her out of her 'funk,' as Hamura put it. Her pupil-less eyes landed upon the two small creatures her eldest was conversing with, the little orange toad laughing loudly at something the snake said. She recalled how her family had come to know Gamamaru and Hakuja, both a kind of creature she had given the name of summons.


Kaguya floated a few feet above the lush grass, her two sons walking before her, leading her quickly to the requested meeting place with the leader of the talking toads. It had been a year after she had come out of her panic, and Hagoromo came to her one day, telling her he had found a toad, a talking one, and that it wanted to meet with them all.

She had agreed, intrigued by what the toad wanted and that it could talk. A moment later they arrived at the large rock, and she lightly landed on the ground, her hair long hair streaming behind her. Hamura stood patiently at her right while Hagoromo seemed to search around the rock. She laughed lightly at her son's near-frantic state as he searched around the large stone. 'He doesn't want me to think that he brought me out here for nothing, but it's okay even if that's what it was. I enjoy spending time with my sons.' Kaguya thought, picking up on the thoughts in Hagoromo's mind.

"Hagoromo-kun, dear," She smiled, holding back her laughter at his upset expression, "Have you tried using your eyes?" Hamura nearly fell over laughing at that. Clearly, Hagoromo didn't understand what she meant and thought she was teasing him.

Hagoromo still didn't get it. She sighed teasingly and activated her inherited Byakugan with a thought, the veins around her eyes only lightly pulsing. She grinned at her eldest son's expression, as he realized what she meant and began looking extremely embarrassed for having not thought of that. A moment later Hagoromo's Byakugan pulsed and he gained the near limitless 360° vision.

Hamura's activated a second later, and they soon found the orange toad leaping toward them a way off, clearly hurrying as fast as he could. They waited and watched him hop through the trees before coming to a stop on top of the waist-high rock.

"My deepest apologies for being late, please forgive me," the frog said with a bow. Kaguya frowned lightly. "You need not bow to me," she said as the frog raised his head.

The small orange frog nodded, "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Gamamaru, leader of the toads."

"Pray tell, Gamamaru, how are you able to speak? I have been here for many years and never found creatures that could talk," Kaguya asked curiously.

"That is a long story for another time, but I will give you the shortened version." Gamamaru settled into a more comfortable position before continuing. "There are many groups of creatures on this planet, we have been here for ages. Longer than the humans, and we developed the ability to talk and use the nature chakra of the world. We developed our own homes over the world, sticking mostly with our species."

"How many groups are there? Of animals?" Hamura interrupted, getting a look from his mother.

"I do not know, many of the groups are hidden. The only interaction we toads have are with the slugs, snakes, hawks, and dragons,"

Kaguya raised a clipped eyebrow at the groups but kept silent. The frog was about to begin again but was cut off by Hagoromo this time.

"Why are we only meeting you now? Why have I never seen any other talking creatures?" Hagoromo questioned, crouching down close to the level of the toad, his pupil-less eyes staring intently at him.

"You've never seen us due to all of us hiding when your mother ate the fruit of the Kaminoki. Honestly, we were frightened by her power and feared what she might do with it." Gamamaru replied

"I deeply apologize for that. I'm sure my anger and fear could be felt for hundreds of miles. Though thanks to my sons, I am much better now." Kaguya said, her harmonic voice conveying her regret.

"You were afraid of the return of your family." Kaguya's head shot up at that, staring intensely at the toad.

"How could you know that?!" she nearly shouted. Hamura put a hand on her shoulder, calming her down.

"Allow me to explain why I asked to meet and you will understand." The three white-eyed family members nodded in response to the orange toad.

"I have received a prophecy, a prophecy that pertains to you and your children, and your family that will eventually come for the Kaminoki." Gamamaru started, his voice shifting slightly as the attention of the family fell entirely on him.

"In return for sharing this prophecy with you, as representative of all the groups of speaking creatures… we request that you create us a home, a permanent home away from the world of humans so that we may expand and grow without infringing on the growth of humans."

Kaguya's eyes widened slightly, processing everything quickly. 'He has information that can help save this world and the humans, all he wants in return is a home for himself and his kind. I can do that.'

"Gamamaru, I can create such a place, but I require something. You will all be moved to another dimension, a habitable place that has its own nature chakra. But to get from that world to this you will create summoning contracts, Hagoromo will distribute these to the humans, and you will help them when they summon you."


"Good, now tell us of this prophecy," Kaguya ordered, a hint of her previous anger and fear of her family in her voice. Gamamaru picked up on it and quickly obliged.

"You are going to have another son." At this Kaguya's and her son's eyes widened. "How can I possibly have another son?!"

"The Kaminoki… As you may know, the god trees are sentient entities. The one on this world wants to survive just as much as you do and is contributing to it. When you ate the fruit, the process of the child being formed began. This boy will be part Ōtsutsuki and part Kaminoki, the first of his kind."

Hamura's and Hagoromo's jaws had long since dropped wide open. Kaguya was similarly shocked but held herself together better than her sons.

"This boy won't be human and as such will not be born as normal humans are." Gamamaru stared directly into Kaguya's eyes, "Kaguya-sama, do you know how long it takes for a Kaminoki to fully grow?"

The pale woman's eyes widened as she realized what he was saying. "H-hai, around 9 jitos, or around 6000 human years." Gamamaru nodded his head.

"It won't take the boy that long to form, around 3000 years." The small toad sighed deeply, "Kaguya-sama, his birth will kill you–"

Flashback End

Kaguya let her memories slip away as Hamura, and his clones, came in carrying plates of food and set them on the table before sitting beside her. She smiled and nodded at him, thanking him for the food.

She daintily began eating, her eyes somewhat glazed over as she thought. After that conversation, she had been faithful to her word. Using the Saṃsāra Copy Wheel Eye she had teleported all the groups that came to her into a habitable dimension, naming them 'summons' and creating contracts that allowed her to summon them all if she wished. Hagoromo was in charge of handling them and all their needs as they built their homes in their new world.

The small toad had found a massive mountain, named it Mount Myōboku and settled the entire toad clan there.

Kaguya cringed as her stomach suddenly constricted. The creation of her son was more painful than with her previous sons, and she could feel the considerable drain on her yōkai. She hadn't given birth yet; usually, a human baby's birth start to finish took 9 months, but she had been impregnated with this child 19 years ago.

"Mother, it's happening again, isn't it?" Hamura questioned, the concern evident in his voice as he kneeled beside her. Hagoromo looked over along with the summons as she fought down the pain, sweat pouring down her forehead.

"I'm sorry, Hamura, but please take me to my room." Her voice was strained, and Hamura quickly nodded. She could feel her son's chakra flow out of him, picking her up gently and floating her through the house to her room. Hamura brought her a wet cloth a moment later and laid it against her forehead.

"I love you mother, don't ever forget that," Hamura said as he tenderly held her hand, concerned about her pained look. He didn't want his mother in pain, but she was determined to go through with this. Even though it would eventually result in her death.

Hamura frowned as he remembered hearing the prophecy. His brother, who he would never meet, would be born soon, but not fully formed for thousands of years. He and Hagoromo would be long dead and gone, and he was sad he wouldn't be there to take care of his younger brother.

Hamura sighed as he remembered how things changed after the meeting of the summons. Gamamaru had told them that his brother's birth would kill his mother, but not end her power. Her power, without her alive to control it, would lay havoc to the planet, and if not stopped, could destroy it.

Gamamaru said that he and Hagoromo would have to defeat his mother's power and seal it, but that if they succeeded, that the toad didn't know what would happen. In preparation for the coming battle, Hamura and his brother had begun training intensely in the use of their powers. Their mother was their primary trainer, and the toads worked together to teach them senjutsu.

Kaguya groaned in pain, her back arching as she battled down the pain. "I love you too, my son. Don't worry, I'll be okay."

"No! You won't be okay! You're going to die!" Hamura shouted at her, shaking in frustration with their situation.

"Hamura-kun, dear. I have accepted the prophecy and my role in it. No, I don't want to leave you and your brother, but I am proud of who you both have become, and I am confident that you will take care of each other." Kaguya stopped as she gripped the silk blankets tightly. Taking a deep breath, she gestured for Hamura to come closer.

Pulling him into a hug, she said, "Thank you for your promise to take care of me after my death, I won't ever forget that my son." Hamura began crying into her shoulder, holding her tightly as he cried. She rocked him back and forth slowly, comforting him.

"I don't want to lose you, mother…" Hamura sobbed. She pulled him closer to her, "Be strong my son, take care of the humans for me, please?" Hamura nodded, pulling away and rubbing his eyes.

"Thank you for dinner, Hamura-kun, I'm sorry for not being able to finish it."

"Don't fret about it mother, I understand." He replied with a small smile.

3 years later

A young man walked into an elegantly decorated room. On the vast, lavish bed lay a woman, her skin white and her eyes pupil-less. On each side of her head were two brownish horns.

"I'm here, mother," the young man said worriedly as he noticed the strain in his mother's neck and the sweat pouring down her face.

"Where is H-Hamura-kun?" she questioned, her voice strained and quiet. She suddenly tensed and thrashed against the bed. The young man quickly rushed to his mother's side and tried to comfort her.

"All the preparations are finished, Kaa-san," Hamura said as he quickly rushed into the room to the other side of his mother's bed, placing his hand on her hot forehead. He tried to relieve the pain.

"Listen to me, my sons, Hagoromo-kun, Hamura-kun," she started, obviously in great pain, "There are many things I need to tell you before I pass on."

Both of her sons looked at her intently, Hagoromo holding her hand, and Hamura wetting a cloth to put on her forehead. She smiled proudly through the intense pain she was feeling throughout her entire body as she looked at her two beautiful sons. They meant the world to her. Hagoromo with his spiky, shoulder-length, pale brown hair, a chin-length, braided lock hanging in front of his left ear. Both he and his brother had a pair of horn-like protrusions extending from either side of their foreheads and pupil-less white eyes, like her.

She grimaced as a wave of pain struck her and she tried to curl inwards on herself. The pain was so intense she was on the edge of screaming. With extreme force of will, she forced the pain back down, focusing on her sons' worried faces.

"You know what to do my sons. Do your best, and no matter what h-happens… know that I will always love you," she said with a cough. Hamura placed a cold, wet cloth on her forehead and she moaned at the slight relief it provided.

"Don't worry, mother, we will not fail," Hagoromo said firmly, though his eyes began to water. Though his precious mother was in constant pain, with all the power he had, he could do nothing to help her, and he hated it. The pain she usually felt had become extreme a week ago. She had handled it exceptionally well, but the pain had gotten progressively worse to the point she was forced to stay in bed. He and his brother along with the slug summons had done their best to relieve the pain.

"Hagoromo-kun, complete your dream, spread Ninshū to the world." She clutched her sons' hands tighter as another wave of pain hit her, "Hamura-kun, don't waste your entire life just protecting my body, I want you to be happy and have a family, too." Kaguya smiled at the disgusted expression on Hamura's face. He had formerly been determined to never get married, but she'd talked him out of it.

"Do not worry about me, my sons. I haven't told you this, but the Kaminoki has promised to look after me. I'm not going to suffer." She suddenly screamed and buckled on the bed, her hair flying randomly as she felt like she was splitting from the inside. A massive release of chakra exploded from her as she buckled in labor pain and started rising off the bed as she gave birth to her formless third son. Hamura and Hagoromo tried to hold her down, and Hamura attempted to heal her with a medical Ninshū, but it had no effect. She was nearly drained of chakra, and her life was fading rapidly.

Panting hard, she controlled her breathing, pushing the pain back with tremendous effort. She still had things to say to her children. "He is born. I will soon die, and the Jūbi will break free. It will attack you, using my body, to reclaim its chakra." She bit her lip and balled her fists together, her fingernails digging into her palms drawing blood.

Eventually, the wave of pain passed, and she panted, "I have faith in you, my sons, you have trained hard, and you are both strong." Looking into their eyes, Hagoromo's red 3 tomoe ones and Hamura white pupil-less ones. She could see the determination in their eyes. They would fulfill their mother's wishes. She smiled at her sons, a smile full of motherly love and affection.

"Prepare the world for my family's arrival, lead the humans. I hope that they will not descend into war…" She abruptly coughed blood. It stained her robes and flowed down her chin. Both of her sons rushed closer to her as they tried frantically to help her.

"He will defend us all from the Ōtsutsuki murderers, he shall save us all and lead us to a bright future. His name will be Naruto," she paused for a moment and brought her shaking and sweat covered palms together.

"With my last breath, I create my 4th and last son and bring him into reality!" She said with a surprising amount of strength. "Banbutsu Sōzō!" she roared, the last of her chakra flaring wildly around her, forcing her two sons to back up quickly as she poured her yōkai and remaining strength into this ultimate Jutsu. Hamura's and Hagoromo's shock was evident on their faces, she had said nothing about doing this.

She slowly pulled her hands apart, shaking violently. Hamura and his brother watched in amazement as a black blob with two glowing yellow spots that looked like eyes formed between her hands. Suddenly Kaguya let loose a scream and fell back against the pillows, her skin became whiter, and she slowly started losing all color, her body reforming into a white ball shape on the bed.

"Go! Run! She is turning into the Jubi!" The black blob shouted suddenly, knocking the brothers out of their shock. The black blob shot across the ground and up Hagoromo's cloak into his sleeve. The brothers quickly rushed out of the palace to the forces they had prepared outside for this.

Gamamaru and all toads that could fight surrounded the house, arrayed by size from small to massive, they waited. With them were massive slugs, snakes, and 3 Genryū, the Earth, Water, and Lightning dragons.

"So it has begun," Gamamaru said sagely from the top of a giant battle toad, his webbed hands together in a seal. All the creatures tensed and observed the vast palace. Hagoromo's black shakujō forming in his hands and his eyes evolving into the Mangekyo Sharingan.

Hagoromo was startled when he felt a massive boost of power to his side. Turning, he was surprised to see his brother wrapped in light blue flames, 5 Truth-Seeking Balls floating behind as he lightly levitated off the ground.

"Oh ho ho, been hiding something, little brother?" Hagoromo questioned, the darkish blue ribcage of his Susanoo forming around him.

"Can't let you have all the fun, can I, brother?" Hagoromo chuckled before returning his sharp gaze to the palace.

A moment later the earth shook violently. The roof of the palace was thrown into the air and from the dust rose a giant, earthen-colored humanoid which looked to be decaying. The massive body seemed to be wearing a robe and had many spike-like protrusions on its back.

"May the Kaminoki watch over us!" Hamura shouted as he and his brother led the charge against the giant creature. The being that was once their mother rose up to its full height, towering over all except the largest summons, releasing a massive roar.

"That is the Jubi's first form, the only way you are going to defeat it is if you seal it." The black blob spoke from within Hagoromo's sleeve. "Understood, if you are able to contribute to this battle, little brother, then do, otherwise stay safe," Hagoromo replied as he jumped up into the air and released an 8-story-tall fireball at the beast.

What followed was a truly massive battle, leveling all the nearby land for miles and forming mountains, lakes, and oceans. The battle raged for 7 full days, many summons were injured, and Hamura almost died, which resulted in the awakening of Hagoromo's Rinnegan.

Eventually the beast was defeated and sealed within Hagoromo as planned; afterward, the husk of the monster was sealed inside a massive celestial planet that Hagoromo created using his Rinnegan. While they didn't know how the battle would end, Hamura had planned to take the body and bury it, building a temple above it. Hamura instead created a livable atmosphere on the moon with his Tenseigan and decided he would live there with his family. He promised to watch over the earth on the newly christened Moon, planning to create a race of pure Ōtsutsuki who would watch over the Gedō Mazō, and wait for the inevitable invasion of the Ōtsutsuki from space. Hagoromo and Zetsu agreed to this plan.

80 years later

"Everyone," Hagoromo started. He was cut off as he fought back a cough. Laying on an elegant bed, his left eye was yellow and the left side of his body black. Zetsu had formed over Hagoromo and was pushing chakra into him to keep his brother alive so that he could deliver his final message to his children. Hagoromo was now old and failing rapidly, and it showed on his pallid features as he burned with a fever and sweat relentlessly.

The nine Bijuu that Hagoromo had created from the chakra of his mother, along with Hamura, Hagoromo's brother, were around his bed. The tailed-beasts, about the size of large dogs, looked on, concerned for Hagoromo, the legendary Sage of Six Paths.

"I am not long for this world… I have one final request for you all," Hagoromo said weakly, his one visible Rinnegan gazing over everyone present.

"What is it, otou-sama?" Saiken asked in her naturally bubbly tone, but concern and sadness were apparent in her voice.

"I was given a prophecy, and I wish to share it with you all before I go to the Jōdo (Pure Land). Come closer." Hitomi and her siblings walked closer to their father's bed, and the Gobi hopped on the foot of the bed so that Saiken could get closer. Hamura switched out the wet cloth on his brother's forehead, standing next to the head of the bed on the left. On the right side were Hagoromo's two sons, Indra and Asura, who watched silently, having already talked to their father.

"My mother had 4 children," Hagoromo said, confusing the Bijuu present greatly. Didn't Kaguya-obaa-san only have 3 sons? "Her 3rd son, Naruto is the child of her and the Kaminoki, his birth killed my mother, but we knew that it would."

"Because he is the son of the Kaminoki, it will take him thousands of years to form. My children, all of you and Zetsu are immortal, and I want you to watch for my brother. Find him, care for him and train him for he will protect us against the arrival of the Ōtsutsuki. Do this for me, my children," Hagoromo requested, his rippled eye staring at them all.

"Hai Otōsan," the nine tailed beasts said in unison, lowering their heads in respect to their father. Hagoromo smiled weakly at them, then broke out into a coughing fit.

"Wait for him, for he shall take care of you, my children. Good luck," Hagoromo said quietly before his one visible eye closed and his body relaxed.

"He has gone to the Jōdo (Pure Land)" Zetsu said as he slid off his brother's body into a blob on the bed.

"Junsuina tochi de heiwa o mitsukeru koto ga dekimasu ka (May you find peace in the pure land.)" everyone there said in unison, the traditional phrase to say to those who have passed on.

"What… What happened?"