Harry Potter was, to sum it up in one word: tired. He was sick of the reporters clamouring after him,his face plastered everywhere and worst of all the people who came up to him,thanking him for saving the wizarding world from the darkest wizard since Gellert Grindelwald. He just felt he didn't deserve it all ,all those people who died at the Battle of Hogwarts,died because of him,indirectly, but because of him. That was why Harry Potter needed a break, a break away from the Wizarding World. Perhaps he could go visit the States or Florida or Germany it would be nice to get away from everything,perhaps he could make it a round trip,he could start of with Germany,visit America,he'd heard a lot about a company apparently called "Starbucks" from Hermione that sold coffee but really good coffee so he was definitely going to try he could end it with a drink that had a tiny umbrella in it on a sunny . "Thats it,I am going to take a vacation! " thought Harry as he saw the mental image of it in his mind

A week later, after saying his good byes to Ron,Hermione,Ginny,Hagrid,promising Mr Weasley to tell him all about the muggle word when he got back, he left for the airport,ticket in hand, converted Muggle paper money in his pocket along with his shrunk suitcase and a backpack on his shoulders he proceeded through airport security. Hermione had decided it was best for him to go the muggle way to avoid much attention. So he sat on the chair and waited for his flight to arrive, he'd been quite early as he was really eager to just get on the flight and go.

Finally a whole hour and a half later,seriously muggles have the most time consuming ways to travel but far more comfortable than anything wizards used to get from Point A to Point B. Harry had actually never been on a flight before,growing up with muggles should have helped but like the Dursleys would waste their oh so hard earned money on something so freaky as Harry Potter, therefore he had never ever travelled anywhere beyond that 'camping trip' of his and Hogwarts.

He boarded the plane and saw rows of seats with cabins over them for storing luggage. He did his best to find his window seat without bumping into anyone. He quickly spotted it and sat down. A few minutes later an old American man came along and took his seat there beside listened attentively at the air hostess explaining all the safety rules and pointing out the emergency exits.A few minutes later he clenched his hands as the plane took off but relaxed a little after it straightened itself in the air,after that it was a smooth journey,he switched on the tiny tv in front of him and played an old english movie and by the time it finished the seat belt sign came back on to signal that they were plane bumped a little as it came onto the runway but other than that everything was very smooth.

He did not stop at the belt they had been told to collect their luggage at as he already had his, so he followed the arrows that directed him towards the exit and turned down an alley,making sure no one saw him,he gripped his wand, the picture of the hotel he was staying at in his mind, he turned on his heel and Disapparated. He arrived at the hotel and checked in, an employee showed him his room,asked if everything was alright and then left. Harry collapsed onto his bed,sight-seeing could wait for a little. He then enlarged his suitcase and summoned his pajamas, ah the perks of being a wizard. Spotting a little box Hermione had given him,he opened it seeing a flip phone inside and a note from her that said:

Dear Harry,

I know its going to be hard to talk since you don't have an owl with you and everytime you've tried to use your cellphone it quite literally exploded from all the magic you do,so I took the liberty of buying a flip phone and insulating it against magic,you can safely use this without it sparking or anything.I've already put my own contact number in this and since Ronald doesn't have a phone or more likely he doesn't know how to use one, you can always call me and I'll give him the line. I know its just a vacation that you're on but I know you and you have an penchant for attracting trouble, so just stay ? Keep in touch.

Love- Hermione

He read the letter and smiled it was just like Hermione for figuring out everything. He layed on his bed and soon fell asleep in his hotel room at Stuttgart, Germany. Harry Potter really did have the ability to find trouble wherever he went.

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