In the morning, Akeno Misaki woke up and getting ready for her last day of school. She change into Yokosuka marine high school uniform and rushing to her boat. So she is excited that the teacher was back in high school. After she arrived at school, The teacher told Akeno Misaki, "I Have work to do in faculty room. you go ahead and teach class. you're a big girl now." She smiles.

Akeno Misaki had an idea that she has to teach class about exams. "Okay everybody. Listen up, We are doing an exam first and then we can do whatever we want. Like playing games, watch movies and more. Begin." As the class doing some writing on the exam, Akeno Misaki wanders about how the teacher told her.

The Harekaze II Girls had a great job writing on the exam day. So Mei Irizaki feels irritated about how Canadian end up some money for those girls to think about. The girls are so irritated too. Akeno Misaki is about to bang on her desk and Harekaze II girls listens. "Don't be irritated. Work now!" The Harekaze II Girls nodded.

After the exam, The girls can do whatever they want but they wait for Akeno Misaki to finish up. "All right." She announced. "You may play." As the girls can watch movies, building LEGO's, Playing Board Games and Relaxed in their tables. Akeno Misaki and Suruga Runa are discussing about wearing cat ears.

Akeno Misaki nodded and she wears them. Suruga Runa and Akeno Misaki laughed as they put on cat ears, They been taking a Picture. Maron was very impressed at Akeno Misaki picture. Rin Shiretoko surprised that Akeno Misaki wears cat ears. And so the girls saw this picture, They seemed really surprised.

Irako prepares some lunch. She made some curry. As the girls ate, they have been full. And so they had so much fun together. The whole box of pizza arrived that Tateishi Shima got all of them at the shop. Mei Irizaki was excited and had sparkles in her eyes. Once they ate all of it, Their tummy seems full.

The girls wanted Akeno Misaki to take pictures and post them on Twitter for our group. So they said cheese and post a tweet for group of Yokosuka Marine High School Girls. Once they seemed pretty tired, The bell ring has started for their last day, And the girls ran outside the front entrance from Yokosuka Marine Girls High School and back home.

Akeno Misaki smiles that she had so much fun. "What a fun day." She thought. The door knocks, There was Rin Shiretoko and Moeka China standing in front of her. "I heard from the girls that they seem to have fun." Moeka Said to Akeno Misaki. "I love the way we did it." Rin Shiretoko Said to Akeno Misaki.

As Moeka China leaves the room, Rin Shiretoko was with her and made a special gift from the girls. "What's This?" She asked. "It's a photo album from the girls of Yokosuka Marine High School." She opened up the photo album, and there was the girls ran away from the police, and on the second, there was girls taking a group picture for their last day.

Her eyes was flooded with tears. Her tears begin to drop on her chin. Rin Shiretoko hugs Akeno Misaki for her great girl she wants to. As Rin Shiretoko wipes off Akeno Misaki tears, She will be with her once again for their trip. But we will bring up the New Story of Akeno Misaki and the girls are going on the beach for her trip this summer.

The End. Hope you enjoy the story. The next story will be Akeno Misaki goes on the trip to the beach with the Harekaze II Girls. See you tomorrow.