Five: Naughty Student Violates Sexy Teacher's Personal Space

Kagome arrived at Sengoku early the next day, wanting to talk to Sango. She knew the gym teacher liked to work out before classes started. It wasn't like she could confide anything serious in her, but just talking would be nice. After all, how could she tell her about what she had seen at the party last night? Kikyo had said she would lie and refuse to cooperate. And Inuyasha had told her to wait. But maybe she could leave names out of it… Or, alternatively, she could talk about her problems with Hojo. Just having someone to listen to her about just one thing that was causing chaos in her life would take a lot of the load off her shoulders.

"Where are you running off to?"

Kagome went still, first in surprise and then in anger at the instantly recognizable voice.

"I'm going to talk to Sango," she said icily. "But don't worry, I won't tell her about what I saw. It seems to me that a real man would have put a stop to it long ago."

He said nothing for a second, face blank, before he smiled. It wasn't a nice smile. "I think I saw her setting up for rock climbing in the gym."

Seeing the idiot half-demon set her off. What the hell was he even doing here, anyway? The school was practically empty. She became increasingly nervous as she approached the gym. How was she going to phrase the events of last night in a way that wouldn't clue Sango in to who exactly was involved? There were only two girls in her class. Maybe she should just say it was a random person? But then why hadn't she done something immediately… Gods, but she felt disgustingly guilty.

There was no one in the gym, but she heard the spray of the showers. Fine, she'd wait. Sitting on the bench just outside of where her friend was, she turned what she was going to say over and over again in her mind.


"Ah, fuck!"

Smack, smack, smack.

Concerned and grateful for the distraction, Kagome entered the short hall that led to the showers. The room was misty from the heat. Were all the showers on at once? What was going on here? It was like a sauna. If someone had wanted some sauna time, they could have just gone to the actual one on the other side of the building.


"You were a very bad boy last night."

Kagome went still at Sango's voice. And then she saw them.

Sango was seated on one of the benches, fully clothed with a squirming student naked in her lap. Smack. She spanked him again on his already completely reddened ass.

"I'm sorry, Miss Sango," Miroku whined.

"Sorry for what?" she asked casually as she spanked him a few more times.

"Ow! S-sorry for touching you without permission."

Kagome was absolutely shocked. The lockers and steam had helped keep them from spotting her so far, and she needed to go before her presence was revealed. But something kept her rooted to the spot. Feverishly, she licked her lips and unbuttoned the first three buttons of her top. The temperature in the room had skyrocketed.

She wanted to watch.

"Every time you grab my ass, I'm going to spank yours raw," Sango said with pleasure. "After school, you're coming to my apartment, and we'll see if you can conduct yourself appropriately there."

"Yes, Miss Sango! Anything, Miss Sango!"

"Good boy."

Sango switched from slapping his ass to fondling him between his legs, her hand expertly stroking his not unimpressive cock.

"That could be us, you know."

Kagome jumped and collided with the man-boy-who had whispered in her ear.

"What the fuck are you doing here!?" she hissed back, embarrassed and ashamed to have been caught, and by Inuyasha of all people.

"I'd be the Sango in this relationship, though," he said, eyes flicking over to the scene before looking back at her.

"This entire school is filled with freaks." She walked past him as fast as she dared, not wanting the clicking of her heels to alert her former friend of her presence.

Before she could get too far, he reached out and grabbed her wrist.

"We have time," he said in a voice she guessed was supposed to be seductive. "Class doesn't start for another twenty minutes. We could even be late, Kagome. The others will understand."

"Get your sick hands off of me."

Inuyasha did the opposite and instead brought her close to him, pressing his body against hers. She choked back a moan. The buttons of his uniform blazer were digging into her skin and all she wanted to do was rip it off of him. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was wet and she was practically vibrating with the need to fuck.

"You have no idea how good it would be," he whispered, kissing the curve of her jaw as his hands ran up and down her back, feeling her form. "I made sure I'd be good enough for you. For years I've been making myself into the perfect man for you, Kagome. Let me show you."

She barely heard what he was saying, as focused as she was on not kissing him senseless and pushing him to the floor and ripping off his pants and demanding he fuck her with that big cock of his until she'd have to use crutches to get anywhere. All her old urges were coming back to her. These feelings, more than the money and Hiten's manipulations, had kept her working in porn.

That realization had her pushing him away and running for the door, not caring who heard or saw.


Class after that was the most difficult since she had started. She kept dropping things, forgetting her train of thought, mixing up her words. And she couldn't bear to look Miroku in the eye, especially since after he had arrived to class he had winced when sitting down.

It wasn't helping her out that most of her mistakes came from being turned on like crazy.

Her earlier arousal showed no signs of going away, instead merely simmering, waiting for a partner to help her boil over. Kagome couldn't stop thinking about it. A teacher and a student, right there in the school. How many others were involved like that? Now that she knew Sango and Miroku were close, she also wondered if her student had told the gym teacher about her former career. Had they watched her videos together?

She was certain her demonic students could smell what she was going through.

Lunchtime took forever to arrive, but once it did, she nearly collapsed in relief. Keeping her eyes on her laptop, she typed nonsense and fixed a concentrated look on her face in an effort to stop any of her students from talking to her.

It didn't work.

"Mrs. Higurashi?"

Kagome nearly rolled her eyes at the very expected interruption from the class brown-noser.

"Yes, Kōga?"

His face was all smiles but his eyes told a different story. Starving and brightly feverish. Fuck, but she'd probably been torturing that poor boy for the past few hours.

"Um, I was just uh, wondering. I've been having some problems with calc and maybe if you're not too busy you could help me out after school? Please? I'd pay you for your time."

Kagome thought about it for a second. Tutoring Kōga. His grades were average. How much money would she be able to squeeze out of him? And maybe he'd be man enough to shove her against the desk and just fuck her like-

"Don't bother Kagome with your stupid questions," Inuyasha said, smile predatory and the look in his eyes much more pronounced than his classmate's. "I'm best in the class. In the school. I'll help you out, buddy."

She saw how the half-demon clapped his back hard enough to bruise and decided the best course of action to take would be to ignore the both of them.

"Kagome, can I talk to you?"

Looking up, she was shocked to see Sango. She almost would have rather dealt with the posturing canine demons than talk to her.

"Uh, sure."

The two of them walked down the hall to her building's lounge area. Most of the students were gone and those that weren't were out of earshot. Nervously sipping on what was left of her bottled coffee, she couldn't quite bring herself to look Sango in the face.

"So. You saw."

Kagome glanced up at her just long enough to see the anguished expression on her face before glancing away again.


"You can't tell anyone, Kagome. Please. It's not… It's not just a sex thing, okay? Miroku and I are in a relationship now. I've been in love with him for a long time, the first time I've ever loved anyone. We're going to be together as soon as he graduates. Just please don't tell anyone. We don't need that mess on top of everything else."

"I… Fine," she finally agreed. The kid was eighteen and it wasn't like Sango was his main teacher so it wasn't as weird or wrong as it would have been otherwise. "I can't believe that even you, Sango, even you are caught up in this circus."

"Me?" she laughed. "You have no right to sound so judgemental. At least I'm not married."

"What is that supposed to mean?" she stiffened.

"I see the way you and Inuyasha look at each other. We all know what's going on between the two of you. Hell, he's the only reason you were hired in the first place. How long has it been going on?"

"What are you even talking about!? I only met him on my first day in this position."

She rolled her eyes. "Uh-huh. I'm sure he's never had you in any other position."

Angry now, she got to her feet. "I have no idea what rumors have been spread about me, but I'm disappointed that someone I thought was my friend chose to believe them and perhaps even spread them." At the stricken and ashamed look on her face, she continued, "Don't worry, I'm not going to tell anyone about your 'relationship' with your teenage student. I'm keeping worse secrets than that, so yours is barely even noteworthy. Now if you'll excuse me, the full-time teachers have a meeting to attend."

She popped back in her classroom to grab another coffee and then made her way to the administration building. This meeting was last-minute and the subject was unclear. Her stomach fluttered with unease. At least it was catered. And if something had come out about her past, then at least she had some dirt on some prominent members of this very closed society. No matter what happened, she wasn't going down alone.

The conference room was nearly entirely full and she almost sat next to one of the creepier male teachers before she noticed Ayumi waving in her direction. At least she still had some friends left.

"Over here, girl! I saved you a seat!"

Grateful, she went over and sat in between Ayumi and Yuka. "Thanks so much. Wow, is this caviar?"

She nodded. "Beluga." Seeing the bottle of coffee in her hand, she gasped. "Ohmygosh, is that vanilla caramel hazelnut!? I thought it was discontinued! It's my favorite."

"Me too! Yeah, I was so sad when I heard they weren't making it anymore, but the mini fridge in my classroom is always stocked full of them."

"You have a mini fridge?"

"Doesn't everyone?"

"Nope. If we bring something, and almost no one does, we keep it in the fridge in the teacher's lounge. That way none of us can sneak liquor breaks or whatever and none of the kids can tamper with the food or drink. We've had… the past."

"Huh." That was a puzzler.

"That explains it, though."

"Explains what?"

She made a face. "Your…your look right now. I would just recommend laying off the stuff for the time being. You look tired. And is that a zit on your chin? You haven't been to the gym either lately, huh? That stuff is yummy, but it's basically survival food. Like, it's fattening and aging. How about you have an apple instead whenever the cravings hit you? There's also some really great tea in the vending machine downstairs."

"...Kay. Thanks."

"Manten sure is late, isn't he?" Eri said, already serving herself more salad. "It's been what, ten minutes already?"

Kagome reached for one of the croissant sandwiches before pulling back and going for some celery instead. Whipping out her phone, she noticed a missed call and text from Hojo. It didn't strike her with that same giddy happiness that it always did before. Maybe she was tired.

MY HEART: Sorry, but I'm not going to make it for our wine and whine session tonight. Work. Tomorrow for sure.

Wine and whine? Wine and whine!? She wanted to throw her phone across the room and storm out. Since when was discussing their marriage whining? Their views and goals were no longer lined up like they used to be. They weren't in sync anymore and she couldn't remember the last time they were. And fuck, but she was horny. She was so fucking horny she couldn't even think anymore, couldn't concentrate on anything except for how much she wanted to fuck every semi-attractive person she met lately, which was definitely not great when she was a high school teacher. Kagome had been holding on to one last little shred of hope that some wine and some communication would get Hojo in the mood or at least let him be open to fingering her or using toys on her or something, but he wasn't even going to be home until who knew when.

"Sorry for the delay, everyone. I was waiting on our guest of honor."

Kagome looked up when Mr. Manten began to speak and immediately dropped her phone to the ground.

Gods above, but the "guest of honor" was Hiten.

She wanted to run. She had to get away. It had taken so much for her to get away from him, to get away from that life, and now he was here again and she was paralyzed by the ridiculous normalcy of the situation.

"This is my older brother, Hiten Kaminari. He'll be serving as our Assistant Principal from this point forward."

"Hello, everyone. I look forward to working with you all," he said with a slight bow. Pleasant. He sounded professional. And calm. Not at all like the angry and violent demon who had drugged and manipulated and practically enslaved her when she was still a teenager.

His eyes swept over everyone but did not pause when they landed on her.

The rest of the meeting was a blur. At one point, she felt like she was about to faint when Manten mentioned her by name.

"And Miss Higurashi here in particular has done an exemplary job in a very short amount of time. Her class is the most notoriously difficult in this school's history, but already under her direction they are behaving like angels and their academic performance is outstanding."

Kagome smiled and hoped she wasn't visibly sweating. "Thank you for your praise, but that has very little to do with me and everything to do with them calming down now that they've reached their senior year, Mr. Manten."

He smiled at her, face guileless and friendly. So he hadn't planned this. "Nonsense, Miss Higurashi. You are fantastic."

The meeting continued and as soon as it was over she jumped out of her chair and raced for the door. She didn't know what would happen if she had to interact with Hiten and pretend she was meeting him for the first time. What were either of them capable of now? It had been years since that last night…

When she was finally safe back in her classroom, she locked the door with shaking hands. Only then did she break down.

Kagome thought it was over.

She thought she'd never have to see Hiten again.

She thought she had gotten away.

The real reason she had quit porn so abruptly had to do with the demon who had so suddenly come back into her life. Both his actions and her desire to have a child and a family who would be untouched by her past.

Hiten had shot hundreds of films just him and her. He'd dose her with some combination of stuff she still didn't know and once she was nice and turned on and compliant, the cameras would roll. He was the star in every single one of her POV films, which had been quite popular once virtual reality took off. Sometimes they would spend all day fucking and she would stumble home, completely out of it, and kiss a sleeping Hojo with her mouth still tasting of Hiten's cum.

Eventually, she noticed that some of the shoots they did, both the films and the photos, were never released. He was auctioning them off privately, she thought at first. So she confronted him.

"What site has Kamiko Loves Her Step-Brother? I wanted to double-check my eyeshadow in the kitchen scene. It was so pretty and I was thinking of doing that look for my anniversary next week."

He shrugged, as casual as could be. "We could just watch the original I have on my laptop." Pulling her in his lap, he started to kiss her neck, already trying to take her top off when she had said she was just stopping by to talk. "Or we could reenact it."

"For real, Hiten," she grumbled, slapping away the hands that were massaging her breasts. "A lot of my stuff isn't online. Where is it?"

He went still. "I have it."

"Are you selling it to individuals? If you are, then give me a cut at least. You don't have to lie to me."

"No. I have all of them still."

That was just weird. "Why?"

He shrugged, eyes on the spirals his index finger was drawing on her collarbone. "Sometimes I want to keep things. Our things. That's all."

She paused. "So you write some Kamiko scripts and then just keep what we film? Why? We're not even making any money off of it that way."

"There are parts of you I don't want to share."

His voice had grown darker but she pressed on. "That's not okay, Hiten. You know I'm only doing this for the money. For me and Hojo. If I'm not getting any money from it, then that's what I consider to be really cheating."

He laughed. "Hojo? Again with that fucking idiot Hojo?" He pushed her off his lap and she fell hard to the floor. Before she could get up and smack some sense into him, he was straddling her, red eyes as bright and cruel as blood. "Smarten up, baby. Hojo doesn't love you, he doesn't like you, and he doesn't even fucking want you. He can't do this to you." The demon easily ripped open her blouse and tore through her bra. The familiar press of his fangs on her breast made her tremble as he sucked and she bucked her hips, not to get him off of her but in a plea to get her off. "See? He can't fuck you right. But I can. I always do. I was your true first."

"I'm leaving," she gasped, pushing against his arms that boxed her in. He didn't budge. "I mean it, Hiten! I'm leaving! Not just you, but this whole fucking industry. I'm fucking done."

He laughed. "Good luck. You try getting a job anywhere, and I'll send them everything they need to know about you. You won't even be able to haul garbage when I'm done with you."

"I'll do the same to you." His eyes narrowed at the steel in her voice. "Yeah, I will. I know you come from money, Hiten. I might not know exactly who you belong to, but I know enough. I know all your seedy contacts and they'd die to give me what I want to know as long as I promise a blowie here and there. I know your drug guys, your prostitution guys, your money-laundering guys. And I've got pictures of the both of us, Hiten. That's right, they show your pretty face and everything. I'll put them online and ruin your fucking life."

"You fucking cunt!" he shouted, and then her head exploded with pain.

Her face. He had hit her face.

It wasn't the first time he had hit her, but it was the first time he had done anything more than slap her face for the camera. He hit her again and again, all over her face and stomach. The blows were so violent that she almost didn't notice when he entered her, but even that was done cruelly. Her head was spinning and she couldn't think, couldn't summon the words to talk him down from his fit of rage as she had done so many times before. She'd never seen him like this. Not with her.

Hiten's movements slowed and she sent a prayer of thanks to the gods. It was almost over, he was calming down, he was coming back to himself. His hands wrapped around her neck and squeezed. Hard. Harder. Not like breath play, nothing like what they had done in the past. This was serious. His gaze showed more pleasure watching her face turn blue, her limbs flail, her eyes bulge, than they did ever before when he was inside her. The last thought she had before complete darkness overtook her was that Hiten was incredibly fucked up and yeah, she was going to die a whore.

When she woke up, he was in the shower. Even though it hurt just to be conscious, she limped her way out the door and to the elevator and somehow made it home. She told Hojo she had been in a car accident and he didn't ask any more questions after she started crying. When he finally convinced her to go to the hospital, she found out she had four broken ribs and enough internal bleeding to hospitalize her for over a week.

For weeks after that, he called and texted her nonstop. He even sent flowers to her home. He left thousands of messages begging her to come back, apologizing, promising to be different. He even told her that he loved her. But she knew they were all lies. Hiten had been trying to turn her into an adult celebrity, something she'd resisted with all her might due to her vocation being teaching and not sucking dick, and it had caused the majority of the fights they'd had. When she'd finally had enough, she texted him a single image: a photo she took of her laptop, cursor on the upload button of a well-known image site. The file preview showed her on her stomach, Hiten driving into her ass without a condom. Both their faces were completely visible.

She'd had that photo for years. Kagome had taken it after the first time he'd hit her.

Hiten got what she was trying to say and stopped attempting to contact her.

But now he was here. Here where she worked, where she was trying to make a life. It couldn't be a coincidence. And how was Mr. Manten actually his brother? The two looked absolutely nothing alike. If she had noticed even the faintest resemblance, she would have been out of there immediately and never would have gotten dragged into this stupid fucking-

The door handle shook and she jumped with a small scream. Gods, but she was shaken up. It wasn't like he could do anything, not here. Peeking out the window, she was relieved to see it was only Inuyasha.

"You're early," she said as she opened the door.

"Are you okay?" he asked in concerned. "I heard you crying."

Blotting underneath her eyes, she was relieved to see that her makeup had stayed put. "It's nothing. Finish your lunch."

"Why were you crying?"

"I just saw someone I didn't expect to see, okay? Now leave me alone."

His hands cupped her face and when she met his eyes, she lost her breath for a second. Fierce. He was angry and fierce, but it wasn't directed towards her. It was for her.

"Who made you cry, Kagome? I'll get rid of them. Right now."

Part of her wanted to tell him, wanted to rely on him. But she knew Inuyasha was dumb enough to fight Hiten in the hopes of impressing her. Hiten was a very old and very powerful demon. Inuyasha was just a half-demon teenage punk. The fight would be over before it even began.

"Long time no see, Kagome."

Oh gods, she had left the fucking door open.

"What are you doing here?" For once, she was glad Inuyasha was a creepy little stalker. It was good to have some back-up, to have a witness.

Hiten looked at her like she was the only one in the room, the only one in the world. Like nothing bad had ever happened between them. Like it hadn't been years since they last saw one another.

"I was hoping I could take you out to dinner tonight so we could catch up."

"No time. I have lesson plans to go over and papers to grade."

"Okay, then how about drinks?"

"I don't think Hojo would like that."

He rolled his eyes. "Cut the shit, Kagome. Let's just head out now. It'll be fine. I'm your boss again, after all. The car's outside, let's get going."

Inuyasha slapped Hiten's hand that had been moving to grab Kagome.

"Fuck off, don't fucking touch her."

"Who the fuck are you?"

"The one that keeps this shitty school in business! Who the fuck are you!?"

Hiten gave Kagome a look. "Isn't he a little young for you, baby?"

"Please leave, Hiten. I don't want to talk to you right now."

"Come on, baby. It's gonna be impossible for us not to see each other in this place. I missed you."

"Kagome has been more than clear," Inuyasha said, clearly agitated, "but I can tell you're a fuckin' idiot, so let me spell it out for you. Get the fuck out and don't come back."

Hiten laughed and faced the half-demon that was a good six inches shorter than him.

"Listen, kid. Everything you dream about doing to your teacher here? I already did it to her better than you ever could. She wasn't interested in kids your age even when she was a kid your age, got it? This pathetic hero thing you're trying on her isn't gonna stop her and me from seeing each other." He squared up with Inuyasha, got in his face. "So go whine to mommy and daddy about not getting your way. I'll have a meeting with 'em and then I'll do to your mom what I'm gonna do to Kagome and they'll drop any complaints, problem solved."

Inuyasha attacked.

It was wonderful to see, at least for Kagome. Inuyasha was a complete beast, just mauling Hiten like it was the only thing in the world he knew how to do. At first, the older demon was too stunned to react, but when he began to get his own hits in, they either didn't land or didn't faze the teen. Inuyasha just kept punching him and punching him, his claws leaving deep gouges in Hiten's flesh. It reached a point where even her human nose could smell the blood.

"Stop, Inuyasha. That's enough." Kagome could tell by the wild look in Inuyasha's eyes that he would kill Hiten if he went any further. Jagged stripes on his cheek, eyes turned red… He had entered that rare half-demon berserker state only the most powerful of his kind could channel. Somehow confident that he would never harm her even in his demonic bloodrage, Kagome put a hand on his shoulder and pulled him back. "Please, Inuyasha." He stopped. Turning to Hiten, she said, "Get out. I won't stop him again."

Dazed and disbelieving, Hiten looked between the two of them and spat a bloody mess on the floor before stumbling out. The fire that flamed in his eyes chilled her and she knew that as soon as he was given the chance he would pay them both back a hundredfold.

Kagome took Inuyasha's bloody hands in both of hers. She didn't know what to say. Her eyes were filling with tears again and something inside her was shining. Finally, she got to see him hurt like she was hurt. Someone did what she couldn't do but so desperately wanted to. Inuyasha's hands were trembling, probably from the adrenaline. She brought them to her lips and kissed each palm.

"Thank you," she murmured, knowing his ears would pick it up even though it was barely a sound.

"Is it true?"

"Is what true?" she asked, distracted. Hiten's blood was on her lips. She moved to wipe it away but licked it instead.

"Did you fuck him?" At the look on her face he laughed and snatched his hands away from her. "You fucked him. Him. You fucked him but you don't even want to look at me."

"Hiten was basically my pimp." It was the first time she had ever admitted that aloud. Leaning against her desk, she crossed her arms and tried her best to look at Inuyasha even though eye contact was hard when so much of her was lost in the past like this. "All those Kamiko movies you love so much? Hiten. Every Kamiko film and photoshoot was either written or produced or directed by him. Sometimes all three. He financed the first ones. He made Kamiko. He's the guy in all the POV films. He was the first one, the one that got me into it."

"Do you have feelings for him?"

She laughed. "The only feeling I have for that bastard is hatred. Pure fucking hatred."

He relaxed a little, no longer so tense and ready to fight. "And he hurt you?"

"...Yes." Her voice was small. She had never told anyone this before, had even tried never to think of it after it happened.

Inuyasha crossed over to her and cupped her face in his bloody hands, smiling like a child on his birthday.

"I'll get rid of him for you, Kagome. I promise."

Kagome let herself be kissed this time. There was tenderness in this kiss and sweetness, too. It almost felt like he really did care about her and she wasn't just the subject of some adolescent hormonal obsessive phase. She almost cried at how nice it felt for someone to be this gentle with her, at how warm he was. Inuyasha kissed her with more passion than anyone ever had before, even her husband and those who had been paid to fuck her. Kagome was quickly becoming overwhelmed by the feel of him, the taste of him. While she still retained the brain power to do so, she pulled away. A second longer and she would have been lost for good.

"The rest of the class will be back soon. Please take your seat, Mr. Taisho."

Her frosty tone did nothing to cool his ardor. Rather than following her instruction, he kissed her jaw, kissed her throat, ran his hands down her back to her ass and scooted her closer to him.

"I can tell them to stay away and they'll listen, they always listen. Let me make you feel better, Kagome."

Maybe seeing Hiten had set something off in her, or maybe it was the lingering arousal from this morning, but she was suddenly aware of how badly she wanted to fuck and get fucked, and how if she had her choice she would pick the annoying little monster that was currently untucking her blouse from her skirt. It was something that had been quietly brewing ever since she had first seen his face, but Kagome wanted Inuyasha. For the first time, she desperately wanted to be close to someone who wasn't Hojo, and if he wasn't her student she would be all over him right now. Sure, he was nowhere close to her type: short, loud, mean, arrogant. But still, there was something there, something that went beyond wanting attention from a cute guy with a nice dick.

"I am still your instructor, Mr. Taisho," she said in her sternest voice, pushing him away and hopping down so she could fix her outfit. "We've crossed some lines, but I am not going to cross that one. Go to your desk." Taking out her compact mirror and tissues, she wiped the blood from her cheeks and lips. There was no time to fix the smears on her shirt, but they were mostly in the back anyway, so she'd just try not to turn around.


The other students filed in and she began her lecture.

"Matilda of Tuscany is one of the most interesting women of medieval Europe, but even so, she is often overlooked in favor of women like Eleanor of Aquitaine or St. Hildegard of Bingen…"

It was hard for her to keep her focus after what happened first this morning, then her little fight with Sango, and then the altercation with Hiten. But what made things even worse was Inuyasha's behavior through her attempted lecture.

He didn't even look at her.

The entire time, he was whispering to Kikyo, passing her notes he had written with his hands still smeared with the drying blood of her abuser, laughing and making the normally silent girl giggle. This display of disrespect more than annoyed her. It went deeper than that. She wanted to take him out of class and slap him, shake him, ask what the fuck he was trying to do to her.

"You are sitting in the front row, Mr. Taisho," she said sharply, finally getting their attention. "I know you and Miss Shikon are smart enough to realize that means I have a pretty good view of your actions."

Inuyasha crossed his arms and glared. "So now I can't even communicate with my future wife?"

For some reason, that one sentence was enough to make it so she couldn't remember where she had been in her lecture and didn't even want to keep going.

She sighed. "Gym is in ten minutes anyway. Since you all seem so restless, I'll give you a headstart there. We're done for the day."

Inuyasha and Kikyo left the room holding hands.

This time, Kagome didn't follow them to their last class of the day. Nobody was forcing her now and she wasn't exactly eager to have another chat with Sango. Even after locking the door, she still didn't feel safe while alone. Hiten had ruined everything. Her hands trembled as she typed and edited her lesson plans, fingers skipping keys as she noted what she wanted to go over and what particular aspects to emphasize.

When her classroom phone rang, she jumped out of her chair.

"Hello!" It sounded more like an accusation than a greeting and she cleared her throat, trying to remind herself where she was.

"...Hi, Kagome."

She sighed in relief. It was only Sango. "Hey. What's up?"

"Um, well, first of all, I'm sorry about earlier. I was just scared. I am scared. You've been nothing but kind to me and then I just went off on you like that. I'm sorry."

"It's fine."

Privately, she still wasn't sure if she wanted to continue their friendship, at least not like before. Sure, she had crossed the line herself with everything that had gone on with Inuyasha, but at least she had resisted it. Sango was throwing herself in headfirst.

"Well, I was just wondering if you had Inuyasha and Kikyo there with you? They never showed up to class and the other students said you kept them behind to talk about something."

Kagome cursed. "Ugh, those little liars… I'll go hunt them down and reprimand them personally." She knew the way the school operated was that it reflected poorly on the teachers whose classes were skipped more so than the students who were doing the skipping.

"Thank you! And again, I'm really sorry."

She knew exactly where they would be. On her very first day she had noted how completely idiotic it was to have a building full of what were basically hotel rooms that any kid could access if they happened to uncover a staff ID number. Had the administration forgotten what it was like to be a horny teenager? It was only a five minute walk from her class building but she was not looking forward to it in her heels.

Luckily for her, she didn't have to.

There were some pretty familiar noises coming from the bathroom across from the classroom. A kind of rage she didn't anticipate made her practically slam the door open. She'd thought they'd at least have more class than that. But it was just as she thought. Inuyasha was balls deep inside his fiancee and he had her bent over the sink the way she wanted him to bend her over her desk. They were so concentrated on each other that they didn't even see her. For the second time that day she was a voyeur, this time barely obscured by the privacy panels of the handicapped stall.

He was big. She had known that already, of course, but now she was seeing it. By the noises Kikyo was making and how absolutely flushed and sweaty she was, he didn't rely solely on his size but also knew how to use it. The sight of his abdominal muscles clenching and unclenching as he drove into the slim girl made her knees weak and she felt like she was going to collapse.

She'd had a half-demon before, years and years ago. It was for one of her more risque films, Kamiko Tames the Giant. Jinenji had been sweet and quiet offset, but when in character was every bit the brutal monster the script dictated he be. His cock had been gigantic, something that had literally frightened her, but she took him like a champ and came in every scene. Inuyasha, however, was perfect, she decided as he pulled out of Kikyo and ripped off the condom, jerking himself off on her back. Big. Nice and thick. Small upward curve at the end.

Inuyasha knelt on the ground and sucked on Kikyo's clit, twisting his fingers inside her pussy. She had still been recovering from the orgasm he'd given her while inside her, and she screamed at the force of the multiple climaxes he drove her to. Only when she begged for him to stop did he do so, slapping her on the ass and handing her some damp paper towels. The girl retreated to the big stall to clean herself up.

"Why didn't you join us?" Inuyasha asked.

Kagome jumped. "You two are in a lot of trouble. You can't just skip class to hook up. And in a bathroom? Disgusting!"

Still naked, he strolled over to her, broad smile on his face. "You're jealous?"

She wanted to smack him. "Why would I be jealous of some subpar fucking from an annoying little boy?"

"I know just how much you liked our little show, Kagome," he said, tapping his nose. "I promise it would be a hundred times better just you and me."

"Oh please." She felt so hot. Already she couldn't look him in the eye, her gaze distracted by his naked body, young and unblemished and muscled and completely on display.

"You wanna touch it, right?" His hand gripped his cock and stroked it, showing it off. "Come on, Kagome. Feel it for yourself."

Oh, she wanted to. Kagome really, really, really wanted to. In her mind, she was already on her knees, taking it into her mouth and cleaning the remaining cum that covered it. Maybe some traces of Kikyo's pussy juice had sneaked in there and she could discern that distinct flavor. Then she'd have him fuck her, cock still wet from the both of them.

"Fuck," he exhaled heavily, leaning against her. His nose buried itself in her hair and she could feel the hard outline of his dick against her skirt. "I'm gonna fuck you so good, Kagome. Swear. Swear to the gods. You'll never want anyone else."

The certainty in his voice scared some sense into her and she pushed away from him, running back out the door. Fuck, she'd cover for Sango and tell Mr. Manten that she had retained the two missing students just as they'd said. She'd think of a reason later. For now, she just had to leave. Her Uber was probably almost here anyway. Fucking hell, but she was going to budget even tighter from now on so she could buy a second car.

Exactly what she was afraid of came to pass.

"You left in a hurry," Inuyasha huffed, looking a little more than irritated. "You didn't even say bye to Kikyo. That hurt her feelings, y'know."

Kagome wanted to scream. "Can you just leave me alone? I'm waiting for my ride."

"I could give you a lift. Give you a lot more than that, too."

"Yeah, no."

"I could buy you a car."

"And how would that look to my husband?"

"You could just tell him the school gave it to you. Like a company car or something."

She sighed and turned to face him. "Look, Inuyasha. I know what you're trying to do. Hiten did it first." His brows came together in anger at the name. "I don't want to be tied to you. After this school year is over, we will never see each other again, so let's just keep it professional, okay?"

"I can't do that."

"Then I will."

Inuyasha grabbed her into a hug in a way that could almost be called violent at the same time a car backfired in the parking lot. Kagome escaped his embrace and slapped him on the face.

"What the fuck is wrong with you? What can't you understand about me not wanting to be with you, Inuyasha!? Not now, not tomorrow, not when you graduate. Not ever!" She pushed him away from her to emphasize her point.

Her hand came back covered in blood.

"Oh gods," she whimpered. "Inuyasha, you're hurt. Is that… Were you just shot?" She looked at his shoulder, at the deep red that was spreading across his uniform blazer.

"What you just said was a lot worse than whatever the fuck that was," he said, teeth clenched in pain. "Fuck, I'd rather take another bullet than have you say that to me."

"I-I'm calling an ambulance," she stuttered, searching for her phone as she tried to block out the words he had said and the guilt she felt. "And the police. What the fuck is even going on?"

"Someone tried to shoot you."

"Me?" she laughed, the shaking in her hands worsening the longer she went without finding her phone.

"Yeah, you. You're the one who stands here everyday waiting for your ride. You were the one who would have gotten shot if I hadn't smelled it coming."

"That's ridiculous. Give me your phone, we're getting you to a doctor."

"I'm fine!" he growled when she started to pat down his pockets. "They'll take care of me at home. No hospitals. Might not come out again."

"You're being dramatic. Gods, there's so much blood…"

"Listen to me, Kagome." His voice was stern and he sounded so much older that she looked at him in shock. "I'm worried about you. First that pot almost braining you and now someone's trying to shoot you. Something's going on. Let me take you home. Better yet, stay with me. I can protect you that way."

Alarm bells were going off in her head and she couldn't believe it had taken her this long to put everything together.

"You know," she said, backing away, "it's awfully convenient that every time something happens to me, you're there to 'save' me. How do I know you're not the one orchestrating these events?"

Inuyasha laughed, incredulous. "Are you saying I just took a bullet to try and fuck you?"

"I'm not going to even attempt to try and understand the mind of a psychopath, especially one that doesn't understand that I am happily fucking married!" She held up her ring finger like she was flipping him off.

"So that's what you're telling yourself, huh? That I'm just some crazy stalker trying to ruin your marriage? I've got news for you, Kagome. It was ruined before you even fucking got here."

Inuyasha stalked off, blood soaking his blazer. She wanted to say something, to apologize, to insist on going to the hospital, but her Uber honked his horn and she jumped, guiltily entering the car.

With every mile traveled on the ride home, the feeling of regret built inside her until she could barely breathe, tears running down her face. Yeah, he definitely had a lot of problems, but he did seem to care about her to some extent. And he wasn't wrong when he insisted there was something between them. He was young, wealthy, intelligent, good-looking. It would have been weird if she wasn't attracted to him. And he had even beaten up Hiten for her. Maybe it would be in her best interest to keep him close now that Hiten was back in her life. He might be her best defense against the bastard.

The thought of keeping him close made her remember what happened at the party on the balcony. He had been on top of her. She had felt him. She had wanted him. Seeing him in action with another woman had just made things so much worse. That had been real voyeurism she had done today. Not fake, not like on a set. And they were her teenage students. It was all so fucked up. The more she thought about it, the more her pussy ached to be touched.

She went through the motions of preparing dinner, mind elsewhere. She burned the chicken and the sauce was missing salt. Had she used cabbage instead of lettuce in the salad?


"Oh." It was Hojo. "I didn't hear you come in. Sorry. I only made enough for me. Thought you'd be out a while yet."

"It's okay, I already ate." He pulled out a chair. "You never answered my text from earlier. Are you mad?"

It took her a second to remember what he was talking about. Their "wine and whine" session seemed so unimportant now.

"No. It's fine. I was feeling a little tired, anyway. Another time."

He looked relieved. "Yeah, all that extra work makes me just want to crawl into bed. Are you gonna be up for a while?"

Kagome nodded. "Uh-huh. Got some papers to grade…"

"'Kay. Good night." He kissed her cheek and went on his way.

She stayed up and watched TV, mind on other things, until she heard the first snore. Fumbling blindly under the couch, she pulled out the old Lisa Frank binder that hid her favorite dildo. Long, thick, slight upward curve… It was as close to his as she was going to get. She freed her breasts from the sports bra she wore and tugged her pajama pants off, leaving herself in just the tiny lace thong she had changed into for this purpose.

Closing her eyes, she took the tip of the fake cock into her mouth, imagining she was back in the bathroom and she had given in to what she wanted most. She ran one of her pointed manicured nails over her nipple, shuddering as she pictured claws. Her desire was too great and she could feel her wetness soaking her thong and drip onto the towel on the sofa. Fuck, but what was with her these days? She didn't even need foreplay anymore. The cock slipped inside her with minimal resistance and she had to force her mouth closed so her moan wouldn't wake Hojo.

Why did everything feel so good? Was it because she was thinking of him?

Her concentration was so great that she didn't even hear the television anymore. All she could hear was the sound of Inuyasha slamming inside her, her cunt noisily and greedily embracing him.

She wasn't so far gone that she didn't hear the sound of her window breaking.

"Don't fucking move!"

Kagome screamed at the sight of the masked man all in black, scrambling to cover herself with the towel.

"Are you alone? Answer me!"

He had a gun. Gods, but he had a fucking gun.


"Kagome? Did you break something?"

She had hoped her husband would have the good sense to stay in their room and call the police. The burglar grabbed her in a headlock and pointed the gun at Hojo.

"Get on the fucking ground!"

"Okay! Okay, okay. Don't shoot, I'll do whatever you say."

The burglar nudged Kagome and handed her zip ties. "Tie 'im up. And do it right."

Holding back her tears, Kagome did as he said, wanting to fake it so her husband could escape but knowing that he was slow and it would possibly cost him his life.

"Good. Now get back over here."

It wasn't until the burglar's brown eyes raked over her body that she remembered she was wearing only a thong made transparent by her pussy juice.

"Let me tell you, man," he said. "I came here with a job to do, but now I'm hard as a fuckin' rock. So I'll give you two choices: do I take all your nice shit, or do I fuck your wife? Which one?"

Hojo looked between Kagome and the burglar. "How do I know you won't do both?"

He chuckled. "You don't. Fucking your wife would take longer and probably give you a little more time to escape and notify the appropriate authorities. If I take your shit, I'll be gone in under ten and you'll never get any of it back." His hand came up to cup Kagome's breast. "She's horny, too. She wants it bad. Fuck, she had a dildo as big as my forearm inside her when I broke in. What, can't you give it to her good enough?"

There was hatred in Hojo's eyes. "Go on and do whatever you want to do. I can't stop you."

He shrugged. "Okay, then." Grabbing a shrieking Kagome by the hair, he threw her back on the sofa. "I'm not like a lot of guys, I guess. I don't mind a woman who likes her toys. In fact, I think it's fuckin' hot."

In one brutal thrust, he jammed her dildo inside her and her mouth opened in a silent scream. She was being assaulted with her own plastic dick. Her mind could not quite process that the black gloved hand twisting the toy inside of her was not working at her command and her hips jumped up, seeking to control her pleasure once again. The burglar chuckled and shoved her back down, his free hand going to her nipple. Watching the leather-covered digits pinch and pull at her aching pearls was driving her crazy and she put her hand over the burglar's on the toy, urging him to go harder, before rubbing her clit. Her orgasm hit her like a punch to the gut and she cried out loud enough to make the burglar cover her mouth. She wanted to suck on those fingers, wanted to nibble on the lips that constantly threatened her.

"That," he said, slightly out of breath, "was incredibly fucking sexy. Clean it off, Kagome."

The dildo was halfway down her throat before she realized that he had called her by her name.

"Y'know," he said, strolling back over to Hojo, "I really fucking hate you."

He struggled in his bonds. "I didn't do anything!"

The burglar snorted. "Exactly." He kicked him in the ribs and Hojo cried out in pain. The burglar knelt down and pressed the gun to his head. Tears filled her eyes and she was paralyzed, couldn't even breathe. "You don't fucking love her. Do you see now, Kagome? He doesn't fucking love you!"

The burglar grabbed Hojo by the hair and pulled him to his knees.

"Wouldja look at that?" he said. "Fucking pathetic."

Hojo was hard.

For the first time, Kagome wondered if she had drifted off while masturbating. Was this a dream? Hojo's cock was erect for the first time in her presence in two years.

"He's watching his wife get raped and it gives him a chubby. What a fucking sicko." He hit Hojo across the head with the gun and he went down like a sack of bricks. "Now, where were we?"

She was still on the couch and she let him crawl on top of her. With shaking hands, she cupped the sides of his face, obscured by a ski mask, and gently lifted up the mask. He only allowed her to reveal his face above his lips and then he suffocated her with his kiss. Kagome reached in his pants and stroked his cock. Long, thick, slight upward curve. He moaned and shuddered when she circled the tip with her thumb. Her tongue flicked against his fangs.

Kagome ripped the mask the rest of the way off and shoved Inuyasha away from her.

"You're wearing contacts," she spat, voice shaking with rage, "and lifts in your shoes. You fucking psycho! Look at what you've fucking done, you maniac!"

Inuyasha smiled at her. "I knew you knew. You knew the moment I looked at you." He pulled her to him, ignoring her struggles, kissing the mouth that tried to bite him, restraining the hands that tried to claw at him. "You didn't have to let me get you off. You didn't have to kiss me. You didn't have to touch my cock. You did all that because you wanted to, Kagome. You like me. You called me a psycho, so I acted like a psycho, and you still like me."

"You are insane!" Finally one of her hits landed. "I'm reporting you to Manten and the police a-an-and the media!"

He pushed her down and straddled her, imprisoning her arms by her sides. "You're not going to do that. You're not going to do anything." His voice was different. His voice was cold and his eyes matched. "Know why? Because the idiot over there won't let you. He'll put the pieces together, too, Kagome. He'll find out about us. And he won't want to risk his precious shitty job." He eased off of her and briefly brushed his thumb across her trembling lower lip. "Like I said, Kagome, he doesn't love you." He almost sounded apologetic. "I'd kill for you. I'd die for you. But he didn't even fight for you."

"Get out of my house, Inuyasha," she choked out. "Get the fuck out."

"See ya at school tomorrow."

The second he was gone, she rushed over to Hojo. In tears, she grabbed the kitchen scissors and cut him free.

"Is he gone?"

Kagome stared at him in shock. "Were you awake?"

He looked at the broken window, frowning. "How much do you think that's going to cost?"

She gaped at him. "I think you might have a concussion. You're definitely in shock. I'll call an ambulance and then the cops." This was starting to feel familiar.

"No! I don't want to spend all night at the hospital and who knows how much time being interviewed by incompetent police officers. No, I need to go to work tomorrow."

"How can you even think about going in to work with a fucking gash in your head!? Please, Hojo, you blacked out, didn't you? This could be really serious."

"You know the guy who did this, don't you?"

She paused, then nodded.

"Tell him to pay for the window. For now, just tape some cardboard over it from the leftover moving boxes. I'm going to bed."

"You can't just go to bed! We're going to the hospital. No more discussion."

Hojo grabbed her wrist and squeezed so hard she gasped in pain, feeling her bones move.

"I'm-going-to-bed. Take care of this or don't, I don't care. Just don't stick your nose in my business. And put some clothes on. You're always showing yourself off and it invites things like this."

And he left.

Kagome pulled her clothes back on and swept up the glass, taping the cardboard over the window just as Hojo told her to do. Her movements were robotic and she was crying the whole time.

This was all Inuyasha's fault. That narcissistic, psychotic, violent lunatic had made this happen. He thought he was some kind of hero, some kind of Romeo prince-like character, proving something to her. But all he had proven was that he was fucking crazy.

Still, Hojo's behavior was not something to be ignored.

He was all about work now. He was a new lawyer, it was his first firm, and he had always been anxious and eager to please those in authority. That had only increased after the fire. But this was a whole new level. It wasn't like he was supporting the both of them on just his salary. She had always made more money than him and she continued to do so now.

Maybe that's what this was about. The fact that she not only was universally considered more attractive than him, was better with people, had financially supported him the entire time they were together, and had a higher sex drive, but she was also still the main breadwinner even now that he was out of school. That had to cause a whole lot of stress. Maybe it was even taking a big toll on his mental health. It hadn't even occurred to her before. They needed that conversation over wine more than even she had thought. They'd talk about tonight, and she'd tell him how making less money didn't make him less of a man and she didn't love him any less. And they could talk about what had happened with Inuyasha, how he had known just how to make her come, how she didn't even try to fight it, how she had recognized him instantly by his voice and the way he stood and the intensity in his eyes when he looked at her…

She rubbed her aching wrist. It was beginning to bruise an ugly color.

Inuyasha had done a lot of things, but he had never physically hurt her aside from when he'd chucked that ball at her head on the first day. Even that she could understand. He was still just a kid and it must be hard being a half-demon, having to play hard with the demons and go soft on the humans and not quite knowing his own strength and how to measure it.

But Hojo, on the other hand, knew. He knew what he was and wasn't capable of, and it took him a lot to expend that kind of effort. He knew what he was doing when he had grabbed her wrist. It had almost seemed like that was the bare minimum of what he had wanted to do, that he had stopped himself from doing more.

Her husband had wanted to hurt her.

Kagome slept on the couch that night.

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