It's been 1 Month since Reed, Susan, Johnny, and Ben became the team know as the Fantastic Four. Since then, they've been recognized as national heroes and celebrities. Reed has also converted the Baxter Building as their headquarters and home for the team. Now, Susan walks to Reed's lab to check up on him. "Reed? I know when you're busy, it means "don't interrupt me", but-" Susan is cut off seeing Reed working on a makeshift aircraft. "Umm… Reed?" Susan questions.

"Hmm?" Reed questions hearing Susan as he works, and looks to see her. "Oh, Susan, come in. I was thinking about you actually," Reed says.

"Uh… okay. What is that?" Susan asks pointing on the aircraft.

"Ah that, well, you see since we're explorers and thanks to Johnny, superheroes, I feel like we should have something to help traveling to a major disaster like a tornado destroying a city, or a tsunami wave," Reed says.

"Oh, well, what do you call it?" Susan asks.

"As of now, I've just been too busy designing and working on it to make sure it can do its job to name the thing," Reed replies, and grabs a blowtorch.

"Hello Ms. Storm!" A voice says, and Susan slightly jumps, and turns around to see a tiny robot behind her. "Oh! I'm so sorry for startelling you," The robot says.

"Uh, Reed, what is this thing?" Susan questions.

"Ah! I'm glad you two met, Susan Storm, meet Herbie," Reed says introducing them.

"Uh… Hello Herbie," Susan says shaking Herbie's hand.

"I had built Herbie to help me with my work around here. Especially now due to us being superheroes," Reed says extending his hand to grab a wrench.

"Meanwhile with Ben and Johnny, "Construction on the second avenue subway suffered much further setbacks after another 'site-specific earthquake'," A news anchor says while Ben is in the living room. "Live on the scene, we have Jessica Avo,".

"That's right Chris, I'm here live at the site of the supposed second avenue subway station, where men working on it have described something mine a mine collapse. No fatalities, but six city workers were injured, with two excavators in critical condition at Mercy General," Avo says while Ben reads the morning paper, and Johnny gets a cup of coffee.

"Geologists from Empire State University have recorded tremors strong enough to have triggered such a cave-in. Now, as to what sparked the tremors… well, there are a lot of theories, including this one," Avo says pointing the mike to a homeless man.

"Betcha it's just 'em aliens," Ben comments.

"It was a monster! I've lived underground for a long time, and I can tell ya it was a monster! It was like Godzilla, but freakier!" The homeless man says.

"Hahahaha! A monster," Ben laughs.

"What's so funny Benjy?" Johnny asks walking into the room, and takes his seat and puts his feet up on the coffee table.

"Get this Matchstick, this homeless guy thinks there's a monster underground," Ben replies.

"Ha! And they believe it?" Johnny asks laughing his butt off. Reed and Susan walk into the living room only to find them laughing their butts off.

"What's so funny?" Reed asks.

"Oh Reed, you won't believe this, some old homeless guy thinks there's a monster underground," Ben replies, and laughs even more.

"Hahaha! Are you serious?" Susan asks.

"Yeah, he was like 'it was like godzilla, but freakier!' or somethin'" Ben says. Susan and Reed both laugh. "I swear, people will believe anythin' these days," Ben laughs.

"BTW Reed, I've reconsidered those tests, and I'm all in! Just as long as Alyssa is the one doing it," Johnny says in a smug tone, and Susan rolls her eyes.

"*SIGH* Johnny, sometimes, you can be insufferable," Susan says. Suddenly, a holographic projection of Alyssa appears in front of the TV.

"Moy here, holo-conferencing. We have a good news and bad news situation. The good news is, your fanbase and reputation has increased since the bridge incident. The bad news, there's a giant monster rampaging through Midtown," Alyssa says. Suddenly, all the four are shocked, and Ben's eyes widen.

"Umm… how is that even possible?" Susan asks.

"As of now, details are still sketchy, but apparently on the second avenue subway has awoken some kind of prehistoric creature. (Some poor news people were eaten) However, for some reason or odd coincidence, it's headed straight for the Baxter Building," Alyssa replies.

"That's impossible, I've been tracking seismic activity for the last few weeks throughout the island, and none of the results said it was a creature. And, did you say it's happening now?!" Reed asks.

"As we stand here wasting time, I think this presents a good opportunity to do what you all say you do," Alyssa replies.

"Save lives. Right," Reed says. Alyssa ends the call quickly. "Everyone, we have a city to save," Reed says, and everyone gets up, and heads for the top of the building.

"No offense stretch, but how are we gonna get to that monster from here?" Ben asks.

"That I have covered in the lab. I've been working on something for situations like this," Reed replies.

Meanwhile, "RRRRAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRR!" The monster roars as it slowly stomps onto the ground, and crushes many cars in its wake.

"I'm here live on Park Avenue and 56th street, where it is complete chaos! A giant godzilla like monster is wreaking havoc across midtown!" A news reporter says from a chopper live on the scene.

"Overdwellers! Your continued attacks on Subterania have been tolerated by us for far too long!Above in the surface, there is chaos, cruelty, and disorder! But under, there is peace, harmony, and order! My monster Korgu is the first of my army, and when we're done, the surface world will bow before me when they see the ruins of their civilization!" A disgusting looking man shouts on top of a much smaller monster. Korgu meanwhile rampages through the city while the police and military surround it, and open fire.

"Susan, Johnny, Ben, I'm proud to share a little project that I've been working on for the past month. It's still a prototype, but I feel it will work, just be gentle with it," Reed says while he and the others walk in the hanger bay now wearing their new uniforms fit to handle each of their powers. Reed presses a button on a remote, and suddenly, a flying aircraft emerges out of the floor and rises up slowly, and everyone but Reed's eyes widen and Johnny's jaw drops in shock.

"What is that?!" Johnny asks.

"I call it, 'The Fantasticar'," Reed replies. Susan instantly recognizes it however.

"You were building that?!" Susan questions in shock seeing it fully functional.

"Correct, but for now, we have to move. Alyssa and Herbie will be monitoring our positions from here," Reed says, and extends his leg making a giant step onto the front of the car.

"I still can't believe you built a litterral flying car," Johnny says shocked. Ben and Susan quickly get inside each seat with Ben being behind Reed due to his massive size, and Susan being next to him on the right. The car takes flight, out of the building with Johnny flying to the monster.

"You sure we should take hothead?" Ben asks.

"Johnny can hold his own Ben, just because he's not invincible like you are, doesn't mean he isn't a valuable ally to the team," Reed replies as he flies through New York.

"Eh, true," Ben says.

"HOLY COW!" Johnny shouts in shock.

"Finally, somethin' uglier than me," Ben comments.

"As a famous captain once said. THAR SHE BLOWS!" Reed shouts as they approach the monster.

"RRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAARRR!" The monster roars seeing the four.

"What the heck is that?!" Johnny questions.

"That thing is our target Johnny," Reed replies.

"Duh! I knew it was. I mean what the heck is that… whatever it is?!" Johnny questions.

"Who cares? All I wanna do is just clobber it!" Ben says cracking his knuckles.

"Ben, I don't think going in fists blazing is a good idea," Susan warns.

"She's right, we have to have a plan to stop this creature," Reed says.

"What do we do stretch?" Ben asks.

"Simple, Johnny, go in and try to distract it, and get it away from the city as much as you can!" Reed commands.

"On it!" Johnny says, and flies straight at the monster. Johnny quickly blasts two fireballs at the monster, but the monster isn't affected at all.

"Ben, Susan, I'm taking us down. We're ground support, and backup for Johnny," Reed says.

"'Backup for Johnny' Sheesh," Ben comments rolling his eyes, and Reed flies down to the streets. Johnny meanwhile blasts a barrage of fire balls at the monster as it rampages through the city.

"Hey, big and ugly, I'm over here!" Johnny says mocking the monster, and the monster finally notices him, and Johnny just spits in its face. "Mothra? No. King Ghidorah? Nah, doesn't have 3 heads. Ridley? Nah. Oh! I know, Muto! Here boy!" Johnny says in front of the monster.

"Hurr…," The monster growls confused, and Johnny flies off, but the monster chases Johnny's firerry streek.

"C'mon, move it people!" Ben commands leading hundreds of civilians to safer ground along with Reed, and Susan. Suddenly, a woman trips on the ground while the monster takes another step while Ben goes to help her. "Aww, My Aunt Petunia…," Ben comments.

"I don't want to die! I'm too young to die!" The woman screams in terror, and the monster takes a step, but Ben holds its foot up as hard as he can. "Please don't eat me!" The woman exclaims.

"Lady, move it!" Ben says to her, and she looks to see Ben trying to lift the monster's foot as much as he can. Suddenly, a web line attaches to the woman, and is instantly pulled away from harm.

"Everyone, follow my arms, they'll lead you all of the creature's path!" Reed commands extending his arms to west 39th street.

"The heck is happening?!" A construction worker questions.

"This is unbelievable," A cameraman comments from a news chopper seeing the Monster try to chase down Johnny as he flies through upper Manhattan.

"Keep filming Danny, this is just too good not to witness," A reporter commands. Johnny flies through several blocks of the city trying to get the monster out of the city, and away from civilians.

"Johnny, be careful!" Reed says while Johnny flies close to a water tower.

"Relax Reed, everything's-" Suddenly, the monster swats Johnny away, and sends Johnny flying, and smashes through the water tower, and he crashes into the roof of a building soaking wet, and back to normal. "*GASP!* *COUGH* *COUGH* Dosed…," Johnny comments getting up, and seeing the destruction the monster is leaving throughout the city.

"Hahahahahaha! Run! Flee! Watch as the surface world crumbles by the hand of The Mole Man! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Mole Man laughs watching the monster rampage through New York.

"Read, I found our mastermind behind this," Susan says seeing him laugh.

"There's no time for talkin' Suzie, its Clobberin' time!" Ben says, and ties to punch the monster as hard as he can.

"Ben! Susan! Johnny's been neutralized!" Reed says to them.

"Wha? Ya don't mean in like a permanent way, do ya?" Ben asks.

"Ben, Reed, I'm going to make contact!" Susan says, and tries to confront Mole Man, but Mole man rides the creature he's on as he commands the monster.

"The Surface world mocked and shunned me! You have devastated our world as recklessly as children digging in a sandbox… but there will be a balance. For every cavern, every sub-strata cloister you defile, so shall Mole Man and his children tear down one of your skyscrapers. I've been making a list down in the dark, and I have made a decision due to your arrogance, and the nact of you making 'bigger and better' things, and we shall destroy your giant metropolitan building!" Mole man shouts pointing at the Baxter Building.

"You mean, the Baxter Building?" Susan asks, and Mole Man turns around to see her.

"You! Y- You're not scared of me?!" Mole man shouts, and his monster snarls at her.

"Doesn't look like it. Does it?" Susan asks.

"I- I don't revolt you with my appearance?" Mole Man questions shocked.

"No, why would I?" Susan asks.

Ben and Reed meanwhile are trying to trip the monster while Johnny tries to warm himself up. "Trip dammit!" Ben shouts hammering the monster's foot while Reed wraps his body around its legs.

"Ben, Reed! I've made contact!" Susan says.

"RRrrrg! How does that help with stopping this thing Suzie?!" Ben questions. Suddenly, the monster ends up tripping, and starts to fall back slowly. "Aww crud…," Ben comments.

"Uh oh!" Susan says, and closes her eyes, and tries to shield the monster with all her mite.

"Susan?" Reed question while Susan's eyes are still closed.

"Reed?" Susan asks slowly opening her eyes to see Reed.

"You did it darling!" Reed says, and Susan looks up to see the Monster in a giant energy bubble.

"However, the thing may be down, but its not out. As to how it even exists, that's another topic for another day," Reed says.

"That shouldn't be a problem for our friend, Mole Man," Susan asks, but looks only to see Mole Man escaped down in a giant hole. "What?!" Susan questions, and suddenly, the monster falls down on its face hard on the streets making a massive crack on the ground, but luckily the dust is settled by it being in the bubble.

"Mayhem in Midtown ensued earlier today as the underground warlord calling himself 'Mole-Man' had unleashed a giant monster, but was subdued by the superhero group The Fantastic Four. Whereabouts of the mole-man however are now unknown at this time," A news anchor says.

"My lord, the Mole Man was-"

"I know what happened. Proceed as planned, and bring me this Mole Man," The man says cutting the servant off.

"Yes, lord Doom, but what if these 'Fantastic Four' interfere?" The servant asks.

"Destroy them," Doom replies glaring at Reed's face on the TV.