Do you know what's worst than admitting that the man that you're looking for isn't really the Origami Killer?

It's to admit that the FBI agent you worked with but don't like him is right all along.

Why, Scott? You were my partner, my friend. I wouldn't be lieutenant if it weren't for you. We used to work together, solving cases and hanging out in bars. That is until you resigned from the force. I can't believe you used your former connections to the police to get the kids to trust you into following you and trapping them in places where they will be drowned in rainfall.

How long have you been drowning young boys?

We shared each other's past; is your past the reason for what you've been doing as the Origami Killer? Is it because your father failed to save your brother? If that's the reason, you should have turned to me for help and deliver him to justice when you get older instead of kidnapping the shit out of young boys just to repeat his sin of negligence.

When I saw you again after you were caught with your prints of Manfred's shop, were you really thankful to me because I let you getaway? Were you just using me as cover for your activities as the Origami Killer? Is our friendship meant nothing to us anymore?

Fuck you, Scott. You were my friend, and you betrayed me. I helped you, and you stabbed me in the back. Hell, Norman tried to save you when you were about to fall from that grinder at the old warehouse, and how did you thank him? You attacked him again. Well, serves you right to fall to your own death.

As of today, you're nothing to me now, Scott Shelby. I hope you can rot in hell for what you've done.

Author's Note: If you missed one print to clean in Manfred's shop when playing as Scott, then there's the cutscene he meets up with Lt. Blake, and they talked as if they're old friends. With him revealed to be a former cop does make sense of it.

This fanfiction is about how did Blake reacted when he found out that his old friend is the Origami Killer. I could think he was betrayed from the revelation.