As Akeno Misaki has left the school yesterday, She had a plan to go to the beach with the girls. So she puts on her Swimsuit and getting ready to go.

Akeno Misaki ran into the road and made it into the beach where the girls saying, "Hi!" And she waved back at them and they are cheered on for jumping ahead.

Akeno Misaki jumps into the water and the girls cheered. Minami Kaguragi catches the beach ball and she catched it back.

Minami Kaburagi discussing about our new plan for our camp. "So we need our camp form registartion so we can go training camp this year."

Akeno Misaki signed in and she is on it. "There. All done." She smiles at Minami Kaburagi.

As the two of them playing in the beach, Rin Shiretoko got splashed all everywhere by those girls.

Maron was depressed how the school was done. Suruga Runa plays volleyball game at the end of the beach.

Hime Wazumi draws some the girls with Momo on her side.

As the girls having fun, The green haired girl with glasses looked over the new ship and it was sailed nearby beach.

The girls saw the ship was pretty new and they let everyone to stay in place while they try to fire.

But, no fire. The ship stopped and they all saying hi to the girls.

The girls finally waved at them to see other girls taking their training camp this year.

"I remember the ship was Musashi." Akeno Misaki smiles.

"Yeah. We do." Suruga Runa smiles back.

"I do to." Rin Shiretoko smiles back as well.

So the girls all waved at Musashi and the girls from Musashi waved back at them too.

Akeno Misaki is ready to get out of the water and ready to get home so the girls are about to get out of the water too.

Akeno Misaki went back home but Moeka China was about to take summer vacation to Europe trip to Hungary.

Akeno Misaki went into her room and someone knock on her door. There was Minami Kaburagi standing in the front door.

"I wanted to thank you for signing in for our training camp." "Your welcome Minami-Chan."

And so Akeno Misaki went to sleep and had a great time.

The End. Hope you enjoy the story. So, It will be the first time we had our story done. See you tomorrow.