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Grissom placed three cards face down on the small pile in the centre of the table, proclaiming "three sevens" as he did so.

"Cheat!" Catherine called, almost immediately.

Grissom looked at her, raising an eyebrow and allowing a small teasing smile to creep onto his face. "You seem pretty sure."

"That's because I am pretty sure," she returned, confidently, "Would you like to do the honours or should I?"

Grissom matched her look of confidence. "Oh, by all means," he grinned, smugly, meeting her eyes with his. He loved the sparkle he saw when she thought she was about to prove him wrong, but, more than that, he loved watching it fade away. The glare she would give him made her look so sexy, and his heart was racing now in anticipation of that look.

Catherine smiled to herself on seeing the excitement in Grissom's eyes. Her heart fluttered at the thought of being able to tease him about this for a long time. She was right, and he wouldn't like it. Oh, the fun she could have.

For seconds, neither of them had moved. They had been sitting in silence, gazing at each other, seeming to have forgotten that they were in the middle of a game, and that there were other people in the room.

"Will somebody just look at the cards?" Nick exclaimed. Grissom and Catherine had managed to keep themselves entertained all morning, however their flirting, giggling and sexual tension filled silences were not as much fun for the rest of them.

"Hey!" Catherine said, just about managing to tear herself away from Grissom's captivating, blue eyes, and turning to Nick, "The crabbiness stops now! We are never gonna get through this if we stop being nice!"

"Are we gonna limit how nice?" Nick muttered under his breath.

Catherine heard him and responded whilst once again looking at Grissom. "Oh, I don't think we need to do that," she grinned, as she fell into another of those moments that Nick hated.

The next couple of minutes were filled with eye-rolling and sighing from Nick, and giggling and smirking from Warrick and Sara who thought the whole situation was very amusing. But, seeing the rage building in Nick's face, Warrick thought it was best to break this up as soon as possible.

"So, Grissom's a cheat is he?" he reintroduced the subject, successfully drawing the two senior CSIs from their distraction.

"According to Catherine," Grissom commented, maintaining his conceited look.

"And you know I'm right," she grinned.

"Then turn the cards," he said, with a tone that made it sound like he was daring her to do it.

"With pleasure," she replied slowly, leaning forward, and turning the top card.

A seven. She frowned. Grissom smirked. Warrick and Sara looked from one to the other, then to each other, and smiled. Nick sighed.

She turned the next card. Another seven. Grissom's eyes lit up as he saw Catherine's smile completely vanish, replaced by a look of confusion.

"Erm, I don't think we should continue this game," she said upon seeing the card.

"We're not gonna stop just because you're losing, Cath. You shouldn't be so quick to doubt our honesty," Grissom responded with great pleasure.

"That's not why we should -" she tried to explain, but was cut off, by a very relaxed Grissom, leaning back contentedly in his chair.

"Yeah, yeah!"

She glared at him playfully. "You might wanna lose the smirk, boss."

Grissom retained his smile. In fact he widened it, in the enjoyment of the look she had just given him.

"You see, you might have put three sevens down," she began, turning over his third card, "but I have two," she placed the cards on the table as she spoke of them, "And Warrick has one - "

"Hey! How do you know that?" Warrick interrupted.

"You keep turning round and flashing your cards at me," she explained, while Grissom leant forward and examined the cards, a look of puzzlement creeping over his features.

"Am so glad that's all he's flashing," Nick added, still as bored and grumpy as earlier.

"There's still time, Nick," Catherine said, eyes wide, and smiling at Warrick, who looked stunned as she let her eyes wander down the part of his body she could see, an impressed sigh being released when she returned to his face. She wiggled her eyebrows at him, and they both laughed.

Nick rolled his eyes. "This is gonna be the worst day of my life!"

"So there are six sevens in this pack?" Grissom mused.

"Seven," Sara offered, "I have one too."

"I said we should have checked the pack before we started," Nick sighed, angrily.

"Why would there be seven sevens?" Grissom asked, seemingly quite disturbed at the thought that someone would keep an incorrect pack of cards in the break room.

"Are you sure you didn't stick two of them in the fridge with some oysters and champagne to see if they'd mate?" Nick snapped, his outburst amusing the three uninvolved CSIs who tried, in vain, to conceal their laughter.

Grissom was bemused. "What?"

"You and your stupid experiments! It wouldn't surprise me if it was one of them that got us into this situation in the first place!"

Warrick and Catherine were both about to intervene, when Grissom responded. "Is there a reason that you're in such a bad mood?"

"You mean apart from the fact that I am stuck in here with you lot for God knows how long?" he shouted.

"Gee, thanks, Nick," Sara said, starting to be irritated by Nick's behaviour.

"Why are you so bothered by this? Did you have something important to do?" Grissom asked him.

"Yes. I know that may be hard for you to understand - "

Catherine could see where this was going, and it wasn't particularly funny any more. "Nick!"

He just carried on. ". given that you don't have a life! - "

"Nick!" This time she raised her voice and Nick turned to her. "As you've said, we don't know how long we're gonna be in here, it really isn't a good idea for us to start fighting. I suggest you go over there and calm down.. We all had plans for today that did not include quarantine, but we can't do anything about it. Taking it out on each other isn't going to help."

Nick nodded. "Sorry."

Her expression told him that it wasn't her that he needed to apologise to. He looked back to Grissom and repeated his apology.

"It's okay," Grissom nodded, with a small smile, that was convincing enough that Nick believed him. Catherine, however, couldn't be fooled that easily. She knew what Nick had said would have bothered him.

He caught her watching him, so she smiled, and he, lamely, smiled back. 'It's gonna be a long day' she thought.


"Perhaps someone plans to do that experiment with us," Warrick said to break the silence that had fallen over the group.

"Well, I wish they'd hurry up with the champagne," Sara said, her boredom evident in her voice.

"Eager to get to the mating are you?" Warrick joked.

"Beats this," Sara replied.

Warrick was shocked by her response. He had intended to embarrass her. Sara smiled at the look on his face. "I'm used to your comments now. It'll take a lot more than that to make me blush."

Warrick felt a challenge coming on. "I bet I can embarrass you before we get out of here."

"You're on. I wouldn't get your hopes up though."

"Well, my money would be on Warrick succeeding," Nick joined in, from his new position on the sofa, a hint of enthusiasm evident in his voice for the first time that day.

Catherine smiled at the scene unfolding before her, as Warrick and Sara joined Nick, and were chattering about how much they should bet. "I would bet that Sara can make Warrick blush," she offered.

Sara smiled to her, appreciatively, whilst Warrick gave her a 'yeah, right' look. She shrugged in response, and, when the two turned back to Nick, she changed chairs, to be sitting beside Grissom.

"He didn't mean it," she said, softly.

"I know," he nodded. "I'm fine."

"Ah! That's why you haven't spoken for the last ten minutes?" she said, with a comforting smile.

"That's a bit of an exaggeration, Cath," he remarked.

"A very small bit," she agreed. "Do you wanna talk about it?"

He shook his head slowly, and she nodded understandingly.