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I woke up on a hospital bed, aching all over. Daddy, Polly and Athena were around it, worried expressions on all their faces. I winced as Daddy and Athena enveloped me in a tight hug, while Polly stood behind the two, beaming, something I was grateful for; I didn't think I could take the three of them.

"You were struck by lightning." Daddy told me worriedly.

"You were out for about a day." Polly informed me.

A day? That didn't sound quite right. I didn't know much about lightning, but I was pretty sure it took longer than a single day to recover from a strike. In The corner of my eye, I noticed that my magician's attire was hung up on a clothes peg by the door. I was surprised to see it was blue. Surprised? Why was I surprised? It was always blue. Did something happen? I tried to think back to around the time of the strike. Maybe i just slipped into a freshly painted fence or something.

OK, maybe walking home from my magic show in the middle of a thunderstorm wasn't the best idea. Especially considering the lightning was green. I guess Mr. Hat makes a pretty good lightning rod on top of an umbrella. I remembered the strike itself. It was definitely one of the most painful things i had ever experienced. It felt like I was being torn apart molecule by molecule. In my last few moments of consciousness, I caught my face in a puddle. My shock was... immesurable. My hat and cape, as well as Mr. Hat's, was Orange, my hair was white, my scarf green, and my skin looked several shades paler. The most Jarring change, however, were my eyes. They were a toxic shade of green, and it's strange, but i distinctly remember seeing them glowing before I passed out.


I jolted back to reality, as Polly put his chords of steel to good use.

"You looked concerned about something," Athena chimed in. "Are you all right?"

"Yeah." I said, hesitating a tiny bit. I noticed Athena's pupils dilate and her ears twitch. She knew I lied. She knew something was wrong.

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