On a sunny Saturday in Tokyo, a young woman and a four year old girl walked down the sidewalk. The woman had chin-length black hair and reddish-brown eyes. The girl, who happily skipped next to her mother, had matching eyes, but her long hair was in a ponytail and was brown, similar to her father's. As the two traveled, the little girl noticed something off about a taxi driver they had passed.

"Mommy, that man looks funny," she observed, pointing with her right arm.

"Misaki, it isn't polite to point," Mei reprimanded, gently lowering her daughter's arm. "Besides, most taxi drivers dress like that."

"But he's a weird color! One I haven't seen before!" the girl insisted.

"A weird. . . color?" Mei asked. She lifted up her eyepatch and sure enough, the driver was the color of death.

Before Mei could say anything, the man started his car and took off. While he was crossing an intersection, a large truck smashed into his side, totalling the taxi. Mei gasped, and immediately pulled out her phone to call an ambulance.

"Mommy, will that man be okay?" asked Misaki, tugging on her mom's shirt. Mei shushed her daughter as she told the responder about the accident. When she put away her phone, Misaki repeated her question.

"Yes, he'll be just fine," Mei lied. "Now I'm going to have to call your father to take you home. I'll need to stay here so I can tell the police how this happened," she explained as she started to dial Kouichi's number.

After finishing the call, Mei thought about what she had just discovered. Even without a missing eye, her daughter had the special sight. She could see when people were near death naturally. It must be because of the near death experience at the hospital after her birth. A similar event had given Mei the sight, after all. As Mei waited for the police and her husband, she wondered how something as grim as this could be explained to someone so young.

Later that night, Misaki was playing with a doll upstairs in her room. "Misaki, please come downstairs. Your mother and I have something to talk to you about," called Kouichi. Misaki came downstairs and saw her parents seated at the dinner table.

"After much discussion, your mother and I have decided to tell you about why the taxi driver you saw today looked weird to you."

Misaki nodded. "Yeah, he was colored funny."

"I know. Now listen closely, because this is very important. First, let's start with why Mommy covers her left eye. . ."

The End