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It's sort of the sequel to my very short story "Closet Confessions" but it can stand by itself, or even as a prequel.

" If you want me to go…" By Tsutsui Kimihiro

Kimihiro sighed exasperatedly and fell back against the firm mattress of his bed. He rolled over, closing his eyes, but just as he was dozing off, he remembered his glasses. The words of his over-cautious mother echoed in his mind 'Don't sleep with your glasses on dear, you'll break them' groaning he turned back over and pulled them off. Folding the legs, he sarcastically tossed them across the room, meaning to make it into the laundry basket but missing by at least a foot and a half and landing on the floor with a stomach wrenching 'thump'. He winced and let his head sink into a pillow. It almost muffled the sound of a gentle tapping against his window. He sat up, now wide awake. Every few seconds there was a meticulous plink against the glass. He slid off the bed and walked slowly toward the window. Peering out he saw a familiar figure, shadowed in darkness standing below his window with a handful of pebbles. He tried to remain stoic but it was hard to fight the grin that was spreading across his face as he unlocked the window and pushed it open with two hands.

" Oi, Tsutsui!" Kaga whispered loudly, smiling broadly. Tsutsui leaned against the window frame and yawned, looking down, " I'm coming up." Tsutsui had to fight off a laugh as he watched the red-head scurry up the tree in his back yard and climb quickly onto the roof. He disappeared for a moment and Tsutsui could hear a gentle thump above him. Kaga was making his way over to his window now. He moved to let Kaga climb in and watched him sprawl out on the floor, trying to catch his breath.

" Wouldn't a door have been easier?" Tsutsui asked, cocking an eyebrow. Kaga turned his head,

" Yeah, you should put one on the roof. I didn't want to wake up your folks." His chest rose heavily for a few more minutes.

" Don't worry about it. My mom went out of town…" Tsutsui's thoughts drawled off as he found himself entranced with watching Kaga, just lying there on the floor. His hair was fanned out around him, like a painted halo. He blushed and turned away suddenly. Kaga grinned and sat up, pleased with the reaction he'd gotten from the dark haired boy, " What do you want anyway?" Kaga's grin disappeared.

" I dunno. You didn't seem so good at school today. I thought maybe something was wrong," He stood up and stuck one leg out the open window, " But if you don't want me here…" Tsutsui turned.

" T-that's not it!" Kaga pulled his leg back in, " It's nothing, really." Tsutsui raked a hand through his hair and looked down. Kaga smiled and stood behind him, letting his hands fall gently on Tsutsui's hips and inhaling the scent of his hair. He sighed happily.

" I won't leave unless you tell me to." Tsutsui's heart broke with happiness and angst at the same time. He leaned back against Kaga's chest, letting the taller boy wrap his arms around him and feeling his warm breath against his skin. Kaga felt him heavily in his arms and his even breaths. He bent down and blew into his ear, sending shivers down Tsutsui's spine. He arched his back. Kaga took this opportunity to let his lips fall gently onto the back of Tsutsui's neck, his hands slowly making their way underneath his shirt. Tsutsui turned around to face Kaga and their lips met at once, hungrily grasping each other. They almost didn't hear Kaga's cell phone when it began to ring the theme song to Star Wars. Kaga pulled away from Tsutsui, gently biting his bottom lip. He pulled the phone out of his pocket and pushed the answer button.

" TETSUO?? Where the hell are you? Do you know what time it is??!" Kaga sighed and mouthed the word 'mom' to Tsutsui, who nodded, sighing.

" Mom??" He said, " Mom? I'm staying at a friends house," Kaga paused, " Yeah, uh huh. We were studying after school and lost track of the time-" Tsutsui raised an eyebrow, half wondering what Kaga really had been doing after school. Kaga rolled his eyes and sat down on Tsutsui's bed, rubbing his forehead. Tsutsui grinned evilly and decided to have a little fun. Kaga was trying painstakingly to barter with his mother when he glanced up and saw a mischievous glint in Tsutsui's eyes. He began to slowly unbutton Kaga's shirt, letting his lips graze the shougi master's throat, " M-mom, really. It's…fine…" He said, stifling a moan that longed to escape, would this phone call ever end? He wondered as Tsutsui pushed his shirt off, hands tracing the contours of his bare chest until they fell to the zipper of Kaga's pants. Kaga fought to keep his voice even, " Ah, yeah. Tsutsui KimiHIRO-" He gasped, grabbing the back of Tsutsui's head and grasping his hair.

" Are you sure? What about your pajamas? And won't you need a toothbrush??" She screeched into his ear. Kaga tilted the phone, afraid of the friction and static caused by his deep breaths.

" I…don't think…you need to worry…" His voice faltered. Finally his mother relented, telling him to behave and keep out of trouble. He had barely pressed the hang up button when the phone slipped from his hand and fell to the floor, " Kimihiro…" Tsutsui smiled to himself.

Kaga moaned loudly as he released and Tsutsui thanked god that his mother wasn't home. He rose and sat on Kaga's lap. Kaga's breaths were jagged as he pulled the smaller boy tightly to his body, holding him until his chest rose evenly again. Tsutsui ran his fingers along the side of Kaga's neck. His eyes were glazed and expressionless. Kaga fell back onto the bed with his arms still encircling Tsutsui. He closed his eyes and let sleep engulf him.

Kimihiro watched as Kaga dozed off beside him, his clothes strewn across his bedroom floor and the window still open. He pressed his forehead against Kaga's and lay there, thinking until he fell asleep.

They awoke the next morning to the sound of Kaga's phone. Tsutsui groaned and rolled over as Kaga sat up, reaching blindly over the side of the bed, feeling for it. Finally his hand enclosed around the phone and his fingers automatically found the answer key.

" Yo…" He said sleepily. He laid down, lazily putting an arm around Tsutsui. He groaned, " It's six o-clock in the damn morning…someone else is going to have to do it…yeah, Touga is fine. Whatever…" He hung up, pressing the power button and throwing the phone across the room. He didn't care where it ended up until he heard a small 'plink' Tsutsui sat up quickly.

" You…broke my glasses…" He said. Kaga blinked.

" So I did…"

That's all for now. ^^ If you can't figure out what Tsutsui was doing while Kaga was on the phone with his mom, just use your imagination.