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A/N I decided to rewrite this fic. Partially to clean up the wording and grammar, as well as some moments that feel repeated or just don't make sense all together. And also because I feel the whole thing with Farrell was dealt with rather easily. The way he is depicted in the old TMNT RPG game he sounds like the TMNT equivalent to Josef Mengele. So while he isn't as dangerous as the Shredder, he is an extremely dangerous foe who would cause a lot of problems for the Turtles and Mutants in general. Particularly, if one actually considers how slippery Mengele himself was historical. So I wanted to really flesh him out as a villain and show just how depraved and inhuman he could be to mutant-kind aside from just having a trophy room filled with the body parts he has taken from the Mutant's he has killed.

How had it come to this? That was the one thought that burrowed its way through his mind as he woke up to find himself strapped to a metal table. Doing a quick assessment he found he had a lingering feeling of wooziness from the poison gas that had caused him to lose consciousness, but he was otherwise unharmed...at least for now. He did make note that his katana and the T-phone he had with him were gone. They were more than likely confiscated while he was unconscious. Being unable to communicate with allies who could come to their aid bugged him, but it couldn't be helped. The only hope of rescue they had was the tracking beacon that Donnie had activated on his T-Phone. That should warn April and Casey that the four of them were in danger...that is unless their captors managed to hack Donnie's T-Phone to shut the becon off. This of course which would be quite the feat considering all encryptions and protective ware that D had been installed on it. Still, there was always the probability. Glancing around the space where he was imprisoned it looked like they were trapped in a laboratory of some kind. All around him were various machines and computers that looked as though they were meant for torture and other horrific acts. It looked like the sort of place Donatello would have been at home in... that is if he had been a scientist from the depths of hell.

Speaking of brothers he worriedly glanced about them to see that they were all in the same situation he was. Raph had regained consciousness some time ago and was writhing in the straps tying him down to the table. Donnie was just regaining consciousness as his mahogany-brown eyes blearily opened, but they quickly became more alert as he became aware of their situation. Only Mikey was still in the bliss of unconsciousness, but the way he was muttering to himself in his sleep about seeing fifty-foot bunny rabbits suggested that he was starting to come around.

"Is everyone alright?" Leo asked his brothers in concern. "Raph… D, you guys aren't harmed are you?"

"We are strapped to a bunch of operating tables without our weapons," Raph yelled incredulously. "Does this look like we're alright?!"

"Well if Raph can complain, I'd say he's fine," Donnie commented with the usual dry wit he saved for such occasions. The blue-masked Turtle took this as confirmation both his first and second brothers were in good health for the time being at least.

"Okay then," Leo said as he turned to Donnie. "Any idea as to where we are?" Donnie just gave sigh before he gave a big wide smile at his oldest brother.

"Let me check my handy directory of secret science labs across New York!" The purple-masked turtled flippantly said, before his expression shifted to an irritated scowl and screeched "Obviously, I have no idea!" A common reaction whenever Leo demanded answers about situations that even the genius couldn't give.

"Ah!" Mikey screamed as he woke up. "The fifty-foot bunny rabbit is going to eat us because we don't have enough carrots!"

"It's alright Mikey…" Leo soothingly said. "It's just a dream."

"Oh man…" Mikey gasped as he calmed himself down and began to realize they were in unfamiliar surroundings. "Where the heck are we?"

"That is what we are trying to figure out," Raph sighed trying to get a handle on the situation. "This place can't belong to the Foot Clan since Karai has taken over, and the Shredder is dead. And it can't be the Kraang since most of them have broken free from Kraang Prime's influence following his death at the hands of the Triceratons. The only place I can think of is TCRI…it's possible it could be the EPF, but Bishop confirmed that General Griffen was court-martialed for his actions when Tokka came to Earth to find Chompy."

"That leaves only one other person," Donnie said darkly. "When I was held captive by Vizioso he had intended Mondo Gecko and myself to be vivisected and experimented on by a man named Dr. Farrell. When he failed to arrive, Vizioso got impatient and had one of the Fulci twins try to cut me open instead. Farrell may have been the person he was getting the Anti-mutant weapons from since he wasn't smart enough to come up with weapons that were exclusively harmful to mutants. Not without a lot of help, and even the three of you recognized the sort of weapons that were used when we were captured."

*Over an hour ago*

The turtles were racing along the rooftops on their nightly patrol.

"Seriously why do we keep doing this?" Raph groused as he raced alongside his brothers. "The Foot's been reformed, the Kraang are defeated for good and all, the Purple Dragons have gone underground since they no longer have the Shredder's boots to lick, Tiger Claw and Fishface have gone their own way, Rocksteady and Bebop have decided to try out being good for a change, Vizioso is in jail, and every other villain we've faced is no longer breathing. You've said it yourself, Leo! This city doesn't need us anymore."

"He does have a point," Donnie agreed as the four brothers slowed to a stop.

"As much as I agree with you," Leo sighed. "We do have to keep alert should something come up. Who knows what the next threat to the city could be. Let's say for example you finally get around to returning Timothy to human, Donnie. What sort of precautions do you have in place so he doesn't attack any of us when you thaw him out?"

"Or maybe it could be a threat that's worse than the Shredder and the Kraang combined!" Mikey suggested, "Like the Alien cantina owner who wanted to kill me after one of his space cupcakes attacked me." One of the other turtles was going to retort when suddenly a rocket blasted by them. It struck the wall of a stairwell, but the shockwave from the explosion was strong enough to knock the four turtles off their feet.

"That was a mutant-hunter rocket!" Donnie yelled in alarm.

"But…it can't be," Leo stated "Vizioso and his goons are in jail. Weren't all his weapons caches seized by the police and used as evidence?"

"Let's debate this matter when we aren't being used as target practice," Raph growled.

"We need to get back underground," Leo stated to his brothers. "Everyone, find cover…when I say move we head to the nearest sewer entrance. " Immediately all the Turtles made their way to what cover they could find all the while remaining alert for their unseen assailants. Donnie briefly took out his T-phone and activated its tracking beacon. Should anything happen, he wanted to be sure April and Casey could find them.

"Is the coast clear?" Mikey asked as he cautiously moved out of hiding after several tense moments with nothing happening. An explosion close to his hiding place served as his answer.

"Mikey!" Donnie cried his little brother's name in alarm. The little orange-masked turtle lay flat on his plastron, only a small groan letting them know he's alive.

"Okay!" Raph yelled as stepped out of his hiding place to make it clear to whoever was attacking that they had ticked off the wrong turtle. "No one hurts my little brother and…" The red-masked turtle's words were cut short as an anti-mutant grenade sent him flying into the brick façade of a nearby building before he fell to a lower rooftop.

"Raph!" Leo cried out his immediate younger brothers name.

"Leo…Don…" Raph groaned as he lost consciousness "run…save...yourselves…."

"We can't leave 'em!" Donnie protested.

"We don't have a choice!" Leo barked through he also loathed the idea of leaving any of his brothers to fates unknown. "We need to move now!" They hurriedly descended a fire escape to an alley below before a couple of canisters of red gas were fired into narrow space between the buildings.

"Just great anti-mutant nerve gas…" Donnie coughed as he felt himself start to become woozy.

"Try not to breath," Leo gasped to his brother as he tried to lift the heavy iron cover to the entrance to their sewer refuge. The nerve gas was also making him feel light-headed and sapping him of his strength. He turned to Donnie to seek assistance in lifting the manhole cover, but could only watch in horror as his second eyes rolled back in his skull and he slumped forward in a dead faint. His own vision swam as the poisonous gas caused him to slump to the ground. The last thing he saw before he lost consciousness was two figures approaching them. Both figures were laughing menacingly at their prey from behind a set of gas masks that were styled just for them. And both were most certainly not human.

"So...you believe it could be this Dr. Farrell guy?" Raph asked.

"Oh, it is more than just a belief, my young turtle, "An eloquent voice spoke as an elderly human waltzed into the room. The man was tall and thin and dressed in doctor's scrubs, a light frizz of white hair surrounding his balding pate. While he smiled at the four turtles in an open friendly manner and spoke to them politely. There was something clearly sinister underneath the pleasant act he presented. "I am Dr. Victor Oban Farrell, at your service."

Just behind him stood two evil-looking mutants, the younger of the two was a gray mutant rabbit dressed in a pair of overalls with a chain wrapped around his waist as a belt. Around his fingers was set of spiked brass knuckles which he fingered as though he was itching to use them on his new playthings. The second mutant was a white rat. unlike Master Splinter, who had been a human turned into a humanoid rat. This mutant rat had clearly been a rodent, to begin with. He was far more animalistic then Splinter ever had, even when he had lost himself to his more rodent-like instincts. This creature was dressed in a breach cloth secured about his waist by a belt and suspenders. He also had a spiked cuff around his right wrist. Around the necks of the two mutants, there were set of collars that looked as though they had been surgically implanted. The one around the neck of the rabbit had a small red light glowing indicating that whatever purpose the collar served it was fully active. The one on the rat, however, didn't look lit up suggesting it may have been deactivated some time ago.

"These are my two servants…Karl and Igor." Dr. Farrell informed as he gestured to the two mutants beside him.

"Hello!" Karl said as he smiled vilely at the four turtles. It was almost as though the mutant rabbit was eagerly salivating over at the thought of what torment the Turtles would face at the hands of his master.

"What do you want with us?!" Leo demanded.

"I had my servants collect you...because you fascinate me," Farrell commented as approached and examined the turtles in a way that made each of them feel like he was dissecting them with his eyes. "Ever since I learned about you from that disgusting, gluttonous, fool Vizioso. When he told me his associates had managed to capture one of you, I knew one just wouldn't be enough...I had to have the whole set." Casually the doctor stopped and took hold of Donatello's chin turning the purple-masked turtles face side to side as he continued to inspect his prizes.

"Let go of me," Donnie gave protest of discomfort as his body seized up in fear.

"So this was the one he captured," Farrell's smile widened and his eyes seemed to gleam perversely. "When Vizioso informed me that he had one of you as his prisoner, he said the mutant turtle in his possession had a purple mask."

"Leave him alone!" Leo snarled angrily. Dr. Farrell simply regarded the blue-masked turtle coolly before he smirked as if knowing something that Leonardo was as of yet unaware of regarding his companions.

"You didn't answer Leo's question!" Raph pointed out. "What do you want with us?"

"Oh, I have my interests, " Dr. Farrell stated nonchalantly as he let go of Donatello's chin. "I study every mutant I collect, and those that fascinate me, I extensively study so I can further my scientific research." The smile on Karl's face faltered for a short moment at that statement. Igor, in particular, seemed to show discomfort, but both mutants quickly resumed their facade so as not to arouse any suspicions from their master. "Those I find useful, I keep alive to use in my experiments. Take Karl and Igor for instance. They have been my creations ever since the canisters of mutagen fell from the sky years ago. Both have proven their usefulness by helping me find and obtain other specimens for my research. However, to be certain they don't turn against me, I have surgically implanted a collar that is connected to their entire nervous system…it reminds them that disobedience will be instant death." Karl's smile soured somewhat as he fingered the strap that was embedded into his neck while Igor remained neutral. Oddly Farrell didn't seem to have noticed that Igor's collar was no longer activated, even someone as dense as Mikey could see that something was very wrong with this picture.

"I don't care what you do to me," Leo threatened "but I am warning you now if you don't release my brothers..."

"I'm sorry," Farrell sniggered. "You seem to be under the delusion that you even have rights." Karl derisively laughed at this statement.

"Yeah, the Turtle thinks he has the same rights as a human!" Karl guffawed in agreement.

"Let my brothers go!" Leo again demanded. "I swear to you, I will make the three of you feel every moment of pain you inflict on them."

"With what," Karl snorted "Igor and I stripped you of any weapons when we brought you here."

"And…" Farrell coyly stated, "If I were to release your brothers…what about your friend?" Leo blinked in confusion at the doctor's question.

"My frie...what?" Leo asked not understanding what Farrell was hinting at.

"I took blood and tissue samples from all of you when you were unconscious," Farrell explained with the air of a cat who has swallowed a canary. "It seems only two of your companions are your siblings, but the remaining one is biologically a stranger." The four turtles went silent with shock at this revelation.

"Um...which of us isn't related?" Mikey asked confused.

"It doesn't matter, Mikey." Leo barked to his youngest brother.

"This asshole is only saying this to scare us," Raph responded.

"You're DNA doesn't lie." Karl sniggered. Only Donnie remained curiously silent in this exchange, he knew what Farrell was saying was the truth. It was a secret he had hidden from his brothers ever since he had been a young boy, a truth that would heavily impact their family if it was revealed.

"Karl, Igor please show our guests to their living quarters," Farrell appeared to salivate in anticipation ."Let them enjoy their final moments together before I begin my experiments, but keep the purple-masked one out...I have a feeling he'll be a wonderful addition to my...collection."