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The morning air was crisp and clean. All of Japan seemed to be at peace this specific morning. As if nothing at all seemed to exist but extreme bliss. "INUYASHA!!!!!!SIT!!!!!!!!" Kagome screamed into the air. So much for bliss.

"OW! What the hell did you do that for!!!" Inuyasha yelled at the girl who was ten feet above where he layed in the ground.

"You were spying on me! Just as I was about to get into the hot spring! You pervert!" Kagome yelled wrapping her towel around her body.

"I was not spying! You woke up, I saw you undress." Inuyasha began to say but then once again "SIT!" had implanted him even further into the ground. "I DIDN'T KNOW WHERE YOU WERE GOING AND I WAS WORRIED SO I FOLLOWED YOU! EXCUSE ME FOR BEING CONCERNED!!!!" Inuyasha yelled at her.

"YOU COULD'VE JUST ASKED ME WHERE I WAS GOING INSTEAD OF SPYING ON ME!!!!!" Kagome yelled back at him and he just turned his head and said "Feh". Then with one more "Sit!", Kagome headed back to the campsite.

Sango and Miroku had already awakened by the time Kagome got back to the campsite (actually Kagome had awoken them). Sango gave a cheerful "Good morning!" to Kagome but she just replied with a grumble that only Inuyasha would have been able to her. Coincidentally, the remark was about him because Kagome hadn't even noticed the two people sitting right across from her. When she finally did she apologized for making them sit there with 5 minutes of silence.

"So it seems that you and Inuyasha have had one of your usual mornings" Miroku said after the 5 minute apology. "Yeah, sometimes I can't stand that Inuyasha!" Kagome said before starting into the breakfast that hadn't even been offered to her. The annoyed Sango and Miroku both grabbed a bowl of the soup when Kagome had finally stopped hogging it and began eating. "Hey where's Shippo?" Kagome said (Note: This was translated for your convenience by the People-Who-Can't-Understand-Others-With-Food-In- Their-Mouths Association or P.W.C.U.O.W.F.I.T.M. Thank you and back to our regularly scheduled fanfic.) "Umm I think.Shippo.is over in his sleeping bag still" Sango said pausing every few moments to see if she got the message right.

"Well I'll go get him then" Kagome said after swallowing the huge portion of food. After she left Miroku and Sango began to fight over the last bit of food by throwing things at each other.

Shippo was sleeping was tossing and turning in Kagome's sleeping bag. 'He seems to be plagued by nightmares' Kagome thought as she stared at the little fox. Not wanting him to be tortured anymore, Kagome shook Shippo and calmly woke him up like a mother to child. When Shippo opened his eyes, he immediately started crying and yelled "KAGOME, INUYASHA'S IN TROUBLE!!!"

"He's fine Shippo, he's just probably climbing out of the hole he's in" Kagome said trying to reassure the little fox. "BUT THAT'S WHAT I MEAN! I DREAMED HE WAS CRAWLING OUT OF A HOLE THEN HE YELPED IN PAIN AND FELL TO THE GROUND!" Shippo said. As soon as Shippo finished these words, a mighty cry of pain was put into the air that only couldn't be heard by deaf people. 'Oh my God!' Kagome thought and started running towards the place where Inuyasha was put into the ground earlier.

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