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Deep into the night Kikyo died, Kagome was shakily awakened from her slumber. "Kagome! Kagome! You'll never believe it!" a voice said to her. "Huh?" Kagome said opening her eyes slightly. After half getting the image she opened her eyes to, she shut them. After contemplating what she saw, she opened her eyes quickly and sat up quickly.

There in front of her, was human Inuyasha, on his feet and looking as healthy as ever.

"Inuyasha!!" Kagome called and got up from her sleeping bag. She then ran into his arms and felt the loving warmth of his body. "You're ok." Kagome said into his kimono and started crying softly.

"For tonight anyway. It seems that human me can suppress the virus and live with it. But I'm only human for one night. Then, I'll be bed ridden again. Let's make the most of tonight, just in case." Inuyasha's voice trailed off.

"You'll be fine Inuyasha, just believe in Sango, Miroku, and Shippo. They've never let us down before. And look, we've already gotten three ingredients sitting right over there. You'll be back to normal in no time." Kagome blushed a little though at his suggestion. Inuyasha didn't care what Kagome said though. He quickly grabbed her and pressed his lips to her. Kagome was caught off guard for a moment but quickly melted into Inuyasha's kiss.

After a few moments of kissing, Inuyasha softly nipped the bottom of Kagome's lip to gain access into her mouth. Kagome quickly relinquished herself to him and a battle of tongues soon waged in his mouth. After about a minute the two broke apart gasping for air. Inuyasha smirked at the energy he had just given to her. He was one hundred percent better. For now, and Inuyasha was going to give her everything he had in him.

Warning: We Start Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inuyasha didn't even give Kagome a chance to speak after the kiss. He quickly picked her up and started kissing her on her cheek and neck. In between kisses Inuyasha managed to say to Kagome "Tonight, I'll show you how much I love you." Kagome gasped in surprise as to what Inuyasha meant while he layed her down onto her bed. Inuyasha quickly got on top of her placing soothing and massaging kisses on her neck.

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Kagome moaned out of pure pleasure, feeling his tongue sliding up and down her neck. Inuyasha was turned on by her moan. He slowly moved his head down kissing her neck until he got to her chest.

"Damn clothes." Inuyasha muttered when they got in his way. He heartily pulled Kagome's school shirt off and saw her pink bra. "Damn! There'd better not be something under that!..." Inuyasha said angrily. Kagome giggled at his anger; she then reached out and pulled the cloth holding Inuyasha's kimono together. "Well I guess we both can't wait." Inuyasha smirked as the bottom half of his yukata slowly fell off.

"Don't need this." Inuyasha said pulling the top half off. Kagome had seen him naked before, but never in a romantic way. She marveled at his body for a while. 'Even human he still looks the same.except those kawaii doggy ears are gone.' Kagome thought looking him up and down. "Are you done?" Inuyasha asked, feeling like he was on display. He then reached out and pulled off Kagome's bra and gazed at them for but a moment. 'Just like I've seen before, perfect and untouched by others.for the next three seconds anyway.' Inuyasha thought and then went to make his move.

Inuyasha placed his mouth over Kagome's breast's center and she closed her eyes and squealed. Inuyasha slowly moved his tongue in circles over breast's center. Meanwhile Inuyasha's hand went down to reach Kagome's area. He hesitated for a moment thinking he might hurt her with his claws. Inuyasha then remembered he no longer had claws and without any other second thoughts, he placed his hand down her skirt and began to touch her. Kagome now gave off a soft scream of pleasure. Inuyasha kissed her to quiet her but continued to touch her.

After a while Kagome pulled back from him, on the verge of climaxing saying "No more games Inuyasha, now." Kagome said with her hands on his chest. Inuyasha just smiled and nodded. He then pulled off Kagome's skirt and underwear and slowly deciphered where to stick himself. Inuyasha tilted his head confused and counted two holes. "Umm." Inuyasha muttered. He'd never done this before. "That one Inu." Kagome said pointing to a hole.

"Oh ok.Sorry" Inuyasha said embarrassed. He then slowly pushed himself in and felt a block. Something was holding him back from going all the way in. "Umm Kagome should I.?" Inuyasha said halfway in and Kagome screamed back at him "Yes! Break it!!" Inuyasha sweat dropped for a moment but did as he was told. He pushed in hard and Kagome felt a pop inside her body. Kagome gave another soft scream. This time of extreme pain.

"Inuyasha!!!! OUT!" Kagome yelled. Inuyasha quickly pulled out and wondered what was paining her. After about five minutes of Kagome recuperating from the experience she calmly said "Ok you can go back in again." "Are you sure Kagome?" Inuyasha asked a little worried. "Yes. It was painful yet pleasurable" she replied. "Okay." Inuyasha said and slowly pushed in again. He pulled out and began to move in again slowly. Taking his sweet time.

"Inuyasha." Kagome said grabbing the sides of her sleeping bag to help her embrace him. She then wrapped her legs around his waist to encourage him to keep going in. Inuyasha smirked and decided to pick up the pace a little. He pushed in a little faster and harder with each passing second. Soon Kagome had lost herself in a world of pleasure and she climaxed right when Inuyasha pushed in. Her burst caused Inuyasha to loose himself as well. He climaxed inside of her, spreading his seed throughout her body.

Tired, sweaty, and weak, Inuyasha plopped down next to her. He panted for a little while letting the pleasure soak into him for a little while before wrapping his arms around an also tired and sweaty Kagome. "I love you.." Inuyasha whispered into her ear. "I love you too." Kagome said leaning into him a little. She noticed Inuyasha's pride, still hard and ready, near Kagome's special area. "Wanna go again?..." Kagome asked sheepishly looking at him. Inuyasha gave a full smile saying "Only if you want to." "Duh!" Kagome said with a smile as well. ((A/N: That was the funniest lemon I've ever written.^_^))

We're Done!!!!

Inuyasha has 3 days to live

After a night of pleasure, passion, and love, both of them were exhausted by dawn. When Inuyasha noticed the sun was about to rise, he got up and moved to the sleeping bag that was his sick bed. Kagome stirred from his absence and woke up a few moments later to see Inuyasha getting comfortable in his bed with his clothes now back on. "Oh it's daybreak already." Kagome said rubbing an eye. "Yeah, I'm gonna be motionless again for a while." Inuyasha let his last few words trail off.

Kagome knew what he was talking about and quickly got into a huff. "Inuyasha last night was the greatest night in my life! And I'm going to tell you right now that there will be others just like it! You're going to stay with me forever!...I won't be able to live without you." Kagome started to break into tears. "Now, now don't cry Kagome. You're right. I'll get better. I'll beat this stupid virus like I've beaten many a demon." Inuyasha said now starting to become weak again.

The sun was slowly beginning to rise again. Inuyasha's hair was starting to turn white again and his human ears had already disappeared. "Promise." Kagome said now very close to him, still tears in her eyes. "I promise." Inuyasha said lifting a hand up to her cheek. He then leaned up and kissed her softly on the lips before plopping back down, tired and weak again. The sun had risen. Inuyasha was now back to his sickened state.

A single tear rolled down Kagome's face. She smiled though, I spite of horrible odds against her. 'He's right.Inuyasha will beat this virus, I know he will. He'll never leave me. Never..'

The rest of the day was very uneventful. Kagome had changed into some fresh clothes and wondered what excuse she could make if the others showed up. Inuyasha spent his day sleeping the entire day. The virus was now planted in most parts of his body and last night wasn't very helpful. Though throughout his dreams, Inuyasha was living peacefully with Kagome. A bunch of children playing around the hut that Inuyasha was to guess was their future home. A single smile fell on Inuyasha's face when he saw this image in his head.

Kagome noticed and wondered what he was dreaming about. When nightfall arrived Kagome placed herself in her sleeping bag and looked over to Inuyasha. He was still sweating and sleeping peacefully. The cow and bottle of hair were still right where she left them. 'Today was a peaceful and happy day.' Kagome thought looking up into the sky. She then closed her eyes and fell asleep dreaming the same sweet dreams of Inuyasha.

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