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Crack-Ship? Never heard of her.

Cinder Fall was a monster.

She knew this. She'd lied, cheated and stole for her entire life. Oh, and killed. It turned out that she had a particular talent for that last one. She'd killed for money, for power, for revenge, for respect, she'd killed because she'd been told to, she'd killed because she wanted to. She'd become so proficient at in fact, that she drew attention of a very exclusive group, one that was, shockingly, even more dangerous than she was.

They'd promised her power, and power meant not having to ever go back to being a scared little girl on the streets. She hadn't been able to sell her soul fast enough.

Cinder Fall was a monster, it was known far and wide. Only one person didn't have any clue of what Cinder Fall truly was, and she'd kill to keep it that way.

Her hand found the handle to the front door of her home. A simple, yet stylish, one floor ranch home in the suburbs of Vale, complete with a small yard and meticulously cared for flower bed. She pushed through the entrance to her home and transformed.

"Honey, I'm home!"

"Cindy? I'm in the kitchen!" Came a familiar voice, one that sounded like home.

She weaved her way through the living room and walked into the kitchen, a smile coming to her face as she saw him. Clad in a 'kiss the cook' apron and cutting up chicken by the sink, with his ridiculous mop of blond hair and deep blue eyes, and that dumb smile on his face, the one that was reserved for her.

"Hey babe, you're late. I was starting to wonder if I was going to find you bleeding out on the street again."

She scoffed. "Jaune, that happened once."

He raised an eyebrow. "Does it need to happen more than once?"

She smirked as she slid up behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist. "I remember it worked out well for you." She purred.

"Because I got to meet you?"

"Because you got laid."

He chuckled. "You're bad."

"You have no idea."

He turned into her, arms finding their way around her. "What happened?"

She sighed. "I got caught up at work. Long day."

He leaned down a kissed her forehead. "Sorry baby. Why don't you go get changed and relax? I'll bring you something to drink."

She rested her head on his chest. "That sounds nice."

"Then go, I'll be there in a minute." He said, turning her out of the kitchen with a swat on the behind to send her on her way.

A few minutes later, Cinder emerged from her room, clad in the uniform of conquers. Sweatpants and a Pumpkin Pete hoodie that her husband had lost the battle for in the opening weeks of their relationship. She'd called it childish, but it'd grown on her, and now it, like him, were hers.

She made her way to the living room, plopping down in her chair. A rich, dark leather recliner that she would have said had far too much padding, till Jaune had shown her the error of her ways. He was good at that.

Her apron clad knight appeared shortly after, his weapon of choice, a martini, in hand.

"Here you go baby."

She gratefully accepted the drink. "My hero." She said, as she patted the area on the seat next to her, inviting him to sit.

"Tell me about it?" He asked as he settled in beside her.

She sighed. "So, we've got a big acquisition coming up right? So, we're having to outsource, and these contractors are killing me."

"That bad?"

"Jaune, they're the worst. This one…Sadam-"

"That's a weird name."

"Don't worry about it. Anyway, he's providing the muscle-er, manpower, and he's just so needy. He's constantly droning on and on about 'what his people are owed' and 'getting their due,' and I keep having to tell him this is the best deal he's going to get."

"Is it a good deal?"

"To die for, babe. We're really going to rock this city to its core, if he'd just listen."

He chuckled. "You sure love hyperbole."

She smiled. "Don't I though?" She scowled again. "But that's not the worst part! He keeps whining about his ex. Is there anything more annoying? I think I'm going to adopt it as a torture method."


"Just a joke Jaune." She smiled at him conspiratorially. "Besides, I have people for that."

He shook his head. "You're weird. So, I'm guessing they didn't end on good terms?"

She snorted. "She literally ran away."

His eyes widened. "Wow, that's intense. Does he wear all black to complete the image?"

She gave him a look.

"Holy shit! He does?!"

"Jaune, his last name might as well be Lord, first name Edge."

He chuckled. "You don't have the most expressive of wardrobes either, you know." He picked at the hoodie. "Though Pete does look good on you."

She flicked him. "Hush you. I make everything look good."

He smirked. "You love me."

She ran a hand along his cheek. "I do." The oven beeped from the other room. "Now go fulfill your house husband duties and feed us."

He snorted as he got up. "Just be glad one of us can cook. I swear you could burn water."

"It's a talent."

Her scroll rang, and she glanced at the called ID.

Roman. She groaned.

"You ok?" Jaune asked from the kitchen.

"Fine, it's just a work call."

She flicked the answer button, audio only of course.

"What?" She growled.

"Someone's in a mood."

"Roman, I have neither the time, nor the patience for this. I'm about to go into a VERY important meeting."

"Ok, ok! Geez, I just wanted to give you an update on the Dust."

"Speak." She demanded.

There was silence from the other end of the line for a moment. "We're behind schedule."

"I'm not a woman to disappoint Roman. How far behind?"

He took a deep breath. "I need another two weeks to do it safely."

"Roman, you misunderstand, it's your safety I'm concerned about. About what will happen to you and the imp you cavort around with if you fail to meet the deadline."

She could hear him sweating. "But I-"

"If that Dust isn't in the warehouse by Friday, there will be-"

Jaune called to her from the kitchen. "Cinnamon bun, do you want potatoes or rice with the chicken?"

"Hold on you fool." She whispered into the phone, before covering the receiver. "Do we have sweet potatoes?" She yelled back to her husband.

"Yep! I'll put them on."

"Thank you, baby! You're my kitchen knight!"

"The one and only!"

She removed her hand from the receiver. "They will tell stories about what happens to you for years if you fail me."

"Who was that?"

"Someone that could have you killed with a word. Now, do we understand each other?"

"Yes." Came the forlorn reply.

"Yes, what?" She hissed.

"Yes, ma'am!"

"Good. One way or another, we'll see each other Friday."

She ended the call before he could think of something clever.

"Cinnamon bun? Are you done with your call? Can you set the table?" A voice that sounded like home asked.

"Of course, my knight!" She answered instantly.

Cinder Fall was a monster yes, but to Jaune, she was simply his wife…and she'd kill to keep it that way.

Me: Some ships are ridiculous, like Cinder and Jaune.

Demetrion (joking): Nah, it could work.

Me: Yeah, what would I do? Make an absurd story where Jaune is married to Cinder, but has no idea who or what she is? ...I've got to go talk to Cr00cy.