Gargoyles – The Island – End Credits

Disclaimer: In case you haven't figured it out yet, I don't own Gargoyles. All Gargoyles-related characters, settings, etc. are the intellectual property of Disney, Greg Weisman, and Frank Paur.

The Walt Disney Company also own lots of other stuff which I totally didn't blatantly rip off a thousand times over in order to populate Beast Folk City.

A couple of which are instead owned by Warner Bros., for the record.

Ahem. The point is, I am poor and do not own any intellectual property of any meaningful value. Thank you.


Featuring the voice talents of…

Thom Adcox-Hernandez – Lexington, Additional Beast Folk

Tony Anselmo – Clarence

Ed Asner – Hudson, Burbank, Doctoral Committee Member

Dee Bradley Baker – Curtis, Barry, Additional Beast Folk

Brigitte Bako – Angela, Dessie

Roxanne Beckford – Beth Maza, Additional Beast Folk

Claudia Black – Minerva, Additional Beast Folk

Corey Burton – The Doctor/Edward Prendick, Milton, Additional Beast Folk

Rocky Carroll – Talon, Al

Tim Curry – Doctor Anton Sevarius

Keith David – Goliath, Thailog

Bill Farmer – Vance

Zehra Fazal – Shari, Kyoko Shirakawa

Kevin Grevioux – Montgomery, Additional Beast Folk

Michael Horse – Peter Maza

Bret Iwan – Walter

David S. Lee – Watson Doyle

Kate Mulgrew – Anastasia Renard, Additional Beast Folk

Nichelle Nichols – Diane Maza

Kevin Michael Richardson – Thug, Additional Beast Folk

Salli Richardson – Elisa Maza, Delilah

Kath Soucie – Maggie the Cat, Barbara Reed, Additional Beast Folk

Benny Weisman – Benny

Erin Weisman – Erin

Special thanks to my learned colleagues in the Age of Gargoyles Community. I'm so glad to finally be able to add a completed story to our sprawling, collaborative saga.

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The Doctor and his Island of poor, twisted souls will return…in one form or another.