The Colors of Emotions

Chapter 1

Magics Clash

To say she was scared was an understatement. Kagome was scared beyond belief. She never got frightened when she was attacked by a youkai. Okay, well maybe she did, but not like this. She didn't know what was happening to her….

She had stormed away from Inuyasha intent on going home. He had said some mean things to her and she needed some time to take a break and relax. She had been so close to the well, so incredibly close. She wasn't even aware that there was someone else by her. She angrily berated herself for not making a mad dash towards the well. As soon as she stepped into the clearing that held her portal home, there was a huge flash of light. She could make out two blood red eyes. She was blinded from anything else. Kagome felt immense pain shoot in her chest. Something had hit her hard by her heart. She heard someone mumbling something angrily. In her dazed state, she could only make out the words " this girl has magic in her!"


            Then the light was gone.

            Confused she had gotten up only to once again feel the pain shoot through her chest. Horrified, she looked down to find herself bleeding profusely from a small but deep scratch along her chest. She blacked out and fell to the ground.

            A few moments later she had woken up. She was still bleeding. Her logic started to kick in. She realized she had lost a lot of blood. She could die. She felt extremely weak and began losing consciousness again.  

 Kagome realized she was wasting time. She couldn't make it back to Kaede's. Her only chance was to make it home to her own time. The young girl pulled herself off of the ground. She only got to about her knees when she collapsed back down again. This time she hadn't blacked out. She was suddenly overwhelmed with pain. Rolling up into a ball on the cold ground, she whimpered in total agony. It felt like her blood was boiling. Her insides felt like they were doing jumping jacks. But the strangest part of all was how her spirit felt. Over the three years she had been searching for the shards with Inuyasha, she had developed some of her miko powers. Her magic was powerful enough for her to be aware of auras and spirits. That was how she was able to feel what hers was doing. She couldn't explain the feelings going through her. It felt as though her spirit was fighting something. Her body was having an all-out war with something that was slowly seeping into her spirit. Two magics had clashed inside of her.

This was Kagome's current state. She felt like she was going to explode. Power was rushing through her. Tears were pouring down her cheeks. She couldn't move. It hurt too much. Where was Inuyasha? Was she going to die here? Kagome hated to admit it, but she depended on Inuyasha to take care of her. She didn't like feeling weak. But she knew in her heart that she couldn't survive a day without her hanyou protector. She was constantly attacked. She hated being a burden. He always was there to protect her, even if according to him it was mostly for the Shikon shards…


Kagome frantically searched around her neck for the familiar part of the Shikon jewel that hung around her neck. Fearfully, she realized that whatever had attacked her had gotten the shards. Inuyasha was going to be so mad.

"Well what do I care?" She thought. "I am going to probably die here anyway." That thought brought renewed fear. Her mind began racing. She could no longer get up. Her head felt like she was going to implode any minute. She was too young to die! She hadn't even finished high school yet! Nor had she had her first kiss.

"I haven't told Inuyasha how I feel." Kagome shocked herself with her own thoughts. What did she feel for the hanyou? She had developed a little crush on the boy, but he was cute. She couldn't help it. But had her feelings grown so strongly that in what could possibly be her last moments of life, she couldn't get the hanyou out of her head? Secretly, she had always hoped Inuyasha would be her first kiss. Sure she knew it would never happen. He still "loved" Kikyou. Now she became angry. Kikyou had been the one that tried to kill her and Inuyasha, yet Inuyasha continued to chase after the dead miko whenever there were rumors of Kikyou's whereabouts.

Kagome inwardly scolded herself. No way was that fake clay model of a miko entering her thoughts. Kagome began to cry again seeing pictures and memories of her family in the future, and her makeshift pack in the past. Sango was one of her best friends. Miroku was always good for a laugh. She had always loved Miroku. No not that way. She loved him as a person who was always there for her. The others in the group hadn't known, but she confided in Miroku more than anyone else in her life. When Inuyasha was out looking for rumors at night, and everyone else slept, she would talk to Miroku. He always made her feel better about anything and everything. Shippou was like a son to her. She was barely eighteen, and too young by her standards, but she had taken up the motherly role for the kit. Kagome loved Kirara as a pet. She couldn't understand the language of the fire cat demon, but Kirara had saved her plenty of times, and she trusted the cat with her life. Kagome had never realized it before, but she had her own little family in the feudal ages. A family is full of people you love and depend on, and that was definitely what her group was.

Kagome began to feel cold. She shivered which made her body ache even more with the movement. Kagome realized she would probably die right here and now in this little clearing in Inuyasha's forest. She felt alone. She never imagined death this way. It wasn't peaceful. It was painful and full of turmoil.


Someone screamed. But Kagome didn't know whom. Her eyes closed. The last thing she saw was a flash of red. After that, total darkness.