-Monday, March 21, 2005; 11:43 a.m. -

Standing upon the banister of a gazebo, is a woman of delicate, strong looks, having dark brown locks and bright blue eyes. She is dressed in a white gown, almost ready to be married to the man of her dreams. This is Susan Murphy of Modesto, California. She sighed lightly, and a voice spoke, "Never thought my best friend could look this incredible.".

Susan gasped, turning around to face her oldest best friend, a ruggedly handsome man of raven black locks and light green eyes, dressed in a formal yet casual version of his police uniform in dark blue. He smiled wryly at Susan who laughed as she hugged him, "Matt! How did you..?".

Matthew 'Matt' Richards chuckled warmly, "Let's say my boss is sentimental for weddings as he has seen most of my buddies get married. And besides, I got some overdue vacation time!". Susan grinned lightly, "Is San Francisco great?".

Matt laughed, "You bet, through it doesn't beat Paris! Your folks told me about you going to Paris, that's awesome.". Susan chuckled, "I remember how you wanted to see the Bells of Notre Dame! I promise to take pictures, Matt.".

Matt sighed, "Not quite the same, Sue. You planning to live there, right?". Susan nodded, "Derek's aiming to be a news anchor or a correspondent reporter, so we can live in Paris and everywhere else!". Matt inwardly frowned, knowing how Derek is, but on the outside, he smiled softly, "Then when you're there in Paris after the mushy honeymoon stuff, I can come see ya and you can show me around.".

Susan smiled widely, "That's a deal!". Matt chuckled, "Same old Sue, so vibrant and a dreamer beyond eternity!". Susan giggled softly, "And you're ever a clever, inventive maker, Matt.".

Another voice cut in, "And Susan's beautiful as ever.". The duo turned around to see Derek Dietl standing upon the doorway of the gazebo. Matt nodded, "Ah, you are not supposed to see the bride on her day.".

Derek scoffed, "I don't believe in that stuff, dude. May I be alone with Susan, please?". Matt shrugged, "Sure thing, Dietl. I'll see you inside, alright, Sue?". Susan hugged him softly, "Of course!". Matt smiled, and left, leaving the couple, muttering under his breath, "Bastard.". He stood nearby, overhearing some parts, and growled to himself when he heard about Fresno. Ever since they were kids, Susan longed so much to be everywhere, see everything out there, and Matt is willing to make Susan happy for he has fallen in love over heels with Susan, yet Susan was clueless, baited to the charm and innocently malicious personality of Derek Dietl.

Susan's folks knew of Matt's faithful love towards Susan, but they were charmed by Dietl as well. He soon saw Dietl coming over, a smirk on his face, and Matt growled lightly, "How dare you take her dreams away like that? You're a bigoted bastard, Dietl.". Dietl glared at him, "You may be a cop, but you're a coward. I still have that video, you remember.". Matt blinked, "Someday, I will get them and Susan to see the true you as the selfish guy who chooses his job over the most wonderful woman I have ever known.".

"Ha, if that was possible! You are always bragging that, Richards. See you in church when I take Susan forever.". He gave a sneering look, before he left Matt to head inside the church. Matt sighed heavily, knowing about the law of marriage, and with the video over his head, Matt couldn't protest, only hoping a miracle can happen before Susan gets truly married.

Then a booming sound reached Matt's ears, and he looked over to see Susan coming out of the gazebo, and she was staring at something high above, and Matt turned around, looked up, widening his eyes as he locked his gaze upon a glowing green/black meteorite coming down with visible signs of air distribution.

Matt heard Susan scream, and he ran to catch Susan who ran, not wanting to be hit, yet when Matt finally reached her, covering her with his body, "I got you, Sue! I love you!". Then he knew nothing, just darkness and a strange feeling coming into his body.