He'd always thought he'd present an Alpha. All the greatest kings were Alphas. His father told him he would present as an Alpha. Yet here was Ben, tied to a heavy barrel of potatoes in the brig, feeling the panic of his first heat with a hook-handed pirate staring at him like he'd grown a second head. A villain without mercy, watching the bead of sweat roll from Ben's brow to his neck.

"Oooohhh, Uma's going to have a field day with you, beasty boy."

Ben struggled to swallow the lump in his throat, feeling as if he were trying to down a rock. His eyes were wide, fear filled and starting to swell with water. His throat was tight and for the first time in a long time, Ben felt some genuine fear. Here, now, there was no happy twist he could spin. He truly was doomed this time. Uma, the villainous captain up on the deck, was an Alpha. She'd flaunted it obviously at every given chance she had, and if she were to find Ben like... like this... There were so many ways it could go wrong. For Ben and for Auradon.

"Please!" he yelped, leaning forward in his struggle to catch Hook's attention before he ascended the last few stairs, "Please don't- I'm not- I haven't-"

Harry's slow descent back down was frightening, but Ben was relieved he wasn't on his way to tell Uma anymore. He came nearer, an enthralled glint in his eye as he stared at Ben, like some puzzle piece had clicked into place, "Ye didn't know you were an Omega? Did ya?" he grinned.

Ben let his head droop, feeling a sudden warmth race to his cheeks, "I always thought... I would present as an Alpha..."

"Then this is yer first heat?"

Harry dropped to a crouch in front of him, raising his hook to push some sweat-damp hair away from his face. Ben's stomach lurched, suddenly hyper aware that Hook himself, was an Alpha. When he'd first been brought aboard the ship, the scent had held no intrigue. His second gender was an unnecessary addition to the pirate's overall character. Now... Now the smell of it ran through every vein in Ben's body, setting him on fire. He could feel the presence of an Alpha rather than just take note of it. His shoulders tensed and every fibre of his being was demanding that he show his neck, that he present. Nevermind the Alpha on deck, there was already one trapped down here with him. He jerked his head away from the cold steel and tried his best to glare, feeling the need to project some kind of unwant despite what his body tried to demand of him.

Harry smirked, "I guess there is a little bit of fire in ya. Who'd have thunk?"

"Please release me." Ben tried again, "I need to get home. I need to figure out how to take care of this... this-"

"Need for a cock up your arse?" Harry giggled, pressing another inch closer, his head nearly resting on Ben's collar as he stared at the prince.

Ben choked. "That's not-"

"That's exactly what yer aching for isn't it?" he snarked, "I can smell it."

"Stop it." Ben barked, a bit of beast bursting through with the snap of his teeth. "Don't-"

"Quit yer worrying, highness." Harry huffed, retreating from his crouch to stand once again, smiling down at the prince, "I have no interest in raping ya."

Ben hadn't realized his throat had gone dry until he tried to thank him and it came out scratchy. He had no idea why he wanted to thank him, just felt that he should. He managed to instead nod his head, hoping his relief showed on his face and Hook could tell that he was grateful. Hook seemed to pause, returning to Ben and his barrel before pulling something from his belt. Ben had a moment to catch a look at the good amount baubles on his hip, apparently he kept quite a few on his person.

Hook held up his trinket for Ben to see. A small, sea blue jewel, hanging from a ratted string swung back and forth for a moment before Hook caught it, using it's sharp point to prick in between two of his fingers and smiling when Ben looked at him, questioning. "So Uma won't see it." he offered, saying no more as he rolled the jewel in his hand until it was smeared with his blood.

He held the necklace in his fist, clenching tight enough for Ben to see his knuckles turn white before he began mumbling. Ben couldn't make out the words, but he saw when his fist began to glow. The jewel was blindingly bright when Hook opened his palm again. When the light receded, his blood was gone and the jewel's deep color seemed to swirl, like the ocean waves were tossing back and forth inside of it. It was incredible. Ben couldn't look away.

"We might be villains," Hook finally said, reaching forward to loop the string around Ben's neck and tuck the jewel into his shirt, "but I assure ye princess, rape is not something I condone."

Hook backed up then, headed for the stairs. He waved once before ascending the steps, no doubt to tell Uma about his recent discoveries. Ben let his head fall back against the barrel with a thump. He was doomed. He didn't know what hook had done, or why the heavy weight of the jewel around his neck suddenly had him feeling much more at ease, but as soon as Uma found out what he was, it was all over. Ben shut his eyes and hoped he was right about all the kids of the Isle. There was still good in them.

When Uma came down to see him Ben abruptly vomited. Her scent invaded the room like a plague, throwing Ben's head into a nasty spin and nearly knocking him over with the pure stench of it. She reeked. He was sure she hadn't smelled like that before... This horrible mix of rotted sea life, stale wood and burnt, greasy fries. It made his stomach churn.

"What's his problem?" she snapped.

Hook looked wearily from her to him, eyes calculating, "It would seem he doesn't like yer scent, Uma."

The glee she'd come down to the brig with evaporated in an instant, replaced with a sort of livid, crazy anger. She cursed, slammed a fist against the doorframe and turned to Harry with a sneer, "I can't mate with him if he's repulsed by me." she snapped, "It'll never work."

Hook smirked, "Ships got other Alphas to take a crack at em'. Gil-"

"Is incompetent. He's an Alpha only because of his brawn, not his brain. He'd screw this up." she groaned.

"Smee's kid?"

"Also a complete buffoon." she grunted, glaring at Harry.

She paused then. Uma gave Hook a considering glance, looking him up and down once before smirking, "I'll think on it." she said finally, turning to take the steps back up without so much as a word to Ben.

"She's going to ask me ta do it." Harry said once she'd left, looking up at the closed brig door and not at Ben, but addressing him nevertheless.

"You can't-!"

"I already told ye I don't condone rape, princess." Hook returned, "I don't plan to take ya. Unless yer beggin' me for it."

Ben wanted to scream he was so frustrated. The situation was completely impossible. He wouldn't be able to slip out of this one in time, the VK's wouldn't get there, and even though Hook promised he wouldn't touch him unless Ben asked, he didn't know if he should/could trust that. Not to mention all the others upstairs. When his scent inevitably started wafting through that little cabin door, he was sure that hungry Alphas would come knocking with questions. "The.. the other crew members?" he asked, attempting to sound bolder than he felt.

Harry glanced at him, thinking, then back at the door, "Nobody's gonna touch ya, princess."

Ben thunked his head back against the barrel a few more times before Hook snapped at him with an order to stop.

"...It's so hot." Ben finally sighed, squirming a little in his discomfort.

His clothes had been itching for ages, the heat turning his skin sensitive, and Ben was craving nakedness. His blood boiled hotter than it had any right, making him sweat and mewl with relief at every small sea breeze that drifted down into the brig. It didn't do much, but each little gust of wind cooled the sweat on his face for just a second.

Hook shifted uncomfortably where he stood propped against the wall. "I can't strip ye without untying those ropes, and I'm sure ya know I can't do that."

Ben whimpered, letting his head fall back against the barrel, "Please."

The heat was unbearable; it was as if someone held a torch to his skin. He couldn't stop whining, moving restlessly, as much as it embarrassed him to do so. This new, uncontrollable feeling hindered his usual calm demeanor. He was whiny, shifty and touchy. He wanted to get angry, shout and demand to be released- though it was unclear if that was the heat talking, or the bit of beast usually sat dormant inside of him.

His groaning must have finally gotten to Harry. He tsked, stomped toward him and pressed his hookless hand to the back of Ben's neck with a huff and an irritated, "There."

A coolness spread from his hand and onto Ben's skin in an instant bit of blessed relief. Ben let out a grateful sigh, drinking in the sudden coolness against his neck, "Thank you..."

"Don't thank me yet." Harry scoffed, "If yer heatin' up like that already it shouldn't be long before ya need somethin' a bit more substantial."

"...You won't?"

"Not unless ye ask me to." Harry smiled, toothy grin full of tantalising promise.

"I won't." Ben assured him.

Harry huffed out a laugh and leaned down, pressing his cheek to Ben's and offering him another soothing wash of chilled touch, "We'll see."

It had been a half hour since Uma discovered Ben was an Omega and there was still no sign of the VK's. Ben had no doubt that they were doing their best, undoubtedly still trying to get the wand for Uma and unaware of Ben's more imminent situation, but he was getting nervous. He didn't have much hope of being saved from this humiliation now. His resolve was fading fast and Ben just couldn't find the strength to fight it off anymore. He looked to Hook, still propped up by the door, watching diligently. Though he kept his eyes on Ben and no doubt could see the state he was in now, he'd stayed obediently by the steps, still as a statue. Just staring.

Ben could see Harry's hook tapping against his leg in an impatient rhythm. He realised then that Hook was fighting just as hard as Ben to stay true to his word. He had no doubt Harry's Alpha instincts were aggressively demanding that he take Ben, but he was holding them off well. Harry wasn't going to just jump him, he was going to wait for Ben to invite him over and ask for it.

Pride and stubbornness could only carry him so far. Ben opened his mouth to speak, but a whine left his lips instead, a sudden wave hitting him with a crash, his skin growing more sensitive and his breath harder to draw in. He looked at Harry pleadingly then, big, desperate eyes silently begging as he tried to talk again. He could see Harry's gaze sharpen, his back straighten and his chest rise and fall heavily as he anticipated Ben's next words.

And Ben caved.


"Harry~" A sing-songy voice called from up the stairs, interrupting him.

Harry seemed just as surprised as Ben when the door opened. He jolted, swinging around to watch the intruder make his way down the steps with a skip. "Gil."

"Harry! Uma wants to know if you're gonna-" his words trailed off when he eyed Ben. "If you're gonna..."

This newcomer, Gil, took a deep breath through his nose, pupils dilating as Ben's scent hit him with full force. He blinked a few times, then sniffed again with wide open eyes, "I've... I've never smelled an Omega in heat before..." he said in amazement, and Ben whimpered in spite of himself.

Gil went to take a step closer, but Hook cut him off quickly, raising a hand to his chest and giving a firm push back, "Upstairs." he ordered, "Ya can tell Uma I'm gonna take care of it."

"How can you even stand right now?" Gil asked, eyes still glued to Ben, "He smells-"

"Upstairs, Gil." He repeated, eyes narrowing with mastery, "Now."

Gil was startled by the deep, commanding boom in Harry's voice. He scrambled back up the steps sheepishly, peeking over his shoulder at Ben only once more on his way out.

Harry clicked his tongue, pacing for a moment before finally addressing Ben, "Ya need to decide what yer next move is gonna be, princess. Either he'll be back or whatever curious idiot he decides to tell about ya." He raised his hook to scratch at the back of his neck, "I could probably hold off about three... maybe more if they're not actin' real feral yet."


"Ya didn't blow chunks when ya smelled Gil," Harry started, pausing his pacing to look directly at Ben, "I could-"

"Harry." Ben tried again, his patience becoming uncharacteristically thin, "Please..." he groaned, "can... can you?"

His ramblings ceased, and Harry seemed to unwind in front of Ben's eyes, shoulders slumped and all the tension that had been running wire tight through his body simply melted away. He let out a relieved huff before starting at Ben with strong, hurried steps, "Bloody finally."

Harry wasted no time dropping onto his knees in front Ben, nose nearly buried in his neck as Harry's hook hastily cut through the rope. He didn't touch Ben though, simply breathed within his space, hook working faster when the smell spurred him on. He kept himself respectfully away until Ben was free and reaching for him... and the last bit of tension left Hook's shoulders when Ben wrapped his arms around them in consent.

He buried his face completely then, carefully setting his hook on the ground beside them so he could run his hands up Ben's back freely. Ben hummed and wasted no time in sliding forward and pulling himself up onto Harry's lap with a whine. His body was moving on its own, compelling him to grind shamelessly and attempt to pull Hook even closer than he already was. Harry's hands slipped beneath the studded jacket Evie had made him, trailing up and up until he was rubbing Ben's shoulder blades. Ben decided to obey the nagging need to rub his face against Hook, nudging his cheek against the red leather covering the pirate and simpering when Hook chuckled.

"We've got to take yer clothes off princess, can ya let go of me for just a few moments so I can do that?"

Ben shook his head hastily and nuzzled against Harry's collar with a whimper. Let go of him? Now? Was Harry crazy? He couldn't bring himself to pull his face out of Harry's jacket let alone move away completely. He forced out a, "No." as best he could before decidedly shaking his head again.

Harry tried to reassure him with uncharacteristically tender whispers, "A'ight, I need to at least slip these off, mm'kay love?" he asked, already tugging Ben's pants down his hips.

They didn't get far, as Ben's legs were spread on either side of Harry and he was unwilling to move away, but the fabric did get far enough to expose the rounded flesh of his rear end to Harry's surprisingly gentle hands.

Deft fingers traced the hem of his clothes, pulling desperate whines from Ben as this... intense, fiery heat spread through him. The sea breeze drifting in from upstairs did nothing for him, but the small traces of touch from Harry cooled the skin where they connected and Ben tried to chase those hands whenever he could. He needed the cold touch of an Alpha, of Harry. "Please..." he tried again, not completely sure what he was begging for now, but he needed something-anything.

"Calm down lovely." Harry murmured, bringing one hand up to push Ben's hat off his head and sweep the sweaty bangs away from his face, "I've got ye."

Something shifted in Ben after that. There was... a rush of... of something dripping from him now. Whatever it was, it came in waves, thick and slick and getting all over his pants and Harry's lap. It felt strange; weird. Ben felt, for lack of a better term, empty. He needed something to fill the space that this seeping slick left suddenly unoccupied. He was pushing back against Harry's hand in a silent plea before he had any time to realize what he was doing. His body was working for him, it knew what he needed and demanded that they start to move towards getting it.


"Relax." Harry tried again, sterner, but not unkind.

He dipped a finger into the wet mess that pooled between them, brushing the pad of his thumb along Ben's rim in small, teasing intervals.

"Harry!" Ben gasped, the new sensation proving to be too strange and too new to completely accept right away.

One finger slipped in with question and promise, then another, working up to three at a pace Ben was sure was too easy and too fast. But it didn't hurt it all. It was good. His body was just so ready for... whatever it was that he was craving. Ben didn't know. He'd never had the opportunity to really talk 'Alpha and Omega biology' with his father before this. He wasn't supposed to have presented for another year at least and they thought he'd had time. He wasn't prepared. The thoughts of his father, his lack of sex education, thoughts of everything simply faded away when Harry brought his teeth down on Ben's skin, fingers working away in a rough pace as he bit.

Ben was so alive. He felt like he was building towards something, almost there but not quite yet; like hiking to the top of the mountain and being just a few feet away from the peak. His lack of sexual experience aside, there was one thing Ben knew about quite well, all people knew about, "Knot." he blurted out quickly, near breathless as he tangled his hands in the choppy strands of Hook's hair.

Harry snorted, bumping his nose just behind Ben's ear, "Not gonna knot ya here, princess."

Ben couldn't help himself from letting out a disappointed little mewl, "Knot..." he tried again, "Knot..."

"Yer head's all fuzzy with yer heat." Harry said decisively, shaking his head, "I'm not knotting a newly presented Omega down in the brig. S'pecially such an innocent one."

"M'not..." Ben tried, losing his breath when a couple of Harry's fingers pressed against his insides just right.

He keened, grinding forward against Hook and digging his nails into his scalp. Harry hissed, but didn't chide him or deter him in any way. In fact, he worked his fingers in and out of Ben faster, harder, breath heavy like he couldn't wait to help Ben reach that peak he was searching for.

"You are." Hook grinned. "Ya don't even know what ya want."

He bit the connecting joint between Ben's neck and shoulder with force, shoved his fingers in hard and moved his mouth quickly over Ben's to swallow down the loud, guttural moans he spilled out as he came, still half in his pants. Hook groaned, kissing Ben with a fever passion as he helped him work through his orgasm. It was their first kiss, Ben realized, and he found without much surprise that he didn't want it to stop.

Harry's lips were chapped, stained salty with the sea air and slipped in between his own like the two were always meant to fit together. It was such a different kiss than any he'd shared before on Auradon. Even with Mal. This was passionate and fulfilling, not polite and expectedly proper.

A whimper slipped from his mouth when Hook took his fingers away and left Ben rocking back to try and chase them. His efforts earned him a pleased little chuckle from Harry instead. Hook didn't shift to move Ben away like he might have expected. He shimmied Ben's pants back up over his hips and tugged the hat back onto his head, nuzzling just under Ben's jaw with a low rumble in his chest as he worked. He held Ben against him loosely, offering reassuring shushes and little kisses over his skin.

"I've got ye beasty."

Ben sighed and let a small smile come to his lips as he reached a hand up to his neck, feeling the sensitive skin where Hook had bitten him.

"Not deep." Harry said quickly, "Not a mating bite."

Ben nodded in understanding, but felt an unexpected bit of disappointment pang in his heart. He should be very grateful-and of course he was; anyone else in that situation could have easily taken advantage of Ben... forcibly bonded with the king, but Harry hadn't. Ben would never be able to fully express his how thankful he was. There was just... some bit of regret that came with knowing they hadn't bonded. He didn't know why, but the feeling was there; some sort of unsettle in his bones from being unmated.

He realized with a sudden flush to his cheeks that Harry was starting at him, and in between them, where they were still connected, Harry was hard.

Ben was about to open his mouth and shyly ask if there was any way he could return the favor when they heard shouting from above deck.

When the VK's arrived, Harry was the one tasked with holding Ben at the plank. Uma and Mal bickered at the walk, busy bargaining a trade and near ignoring them. Harry took that moment of privacy to wrap an arm around Ben's neck and whisper in his ear, "Do me a favor, highness. They're gonna take you outta here..." he swayed slightly, eyes cautiously watching the others as he continued, "but when you get back, don't take off that necklace fer anybody."

Ben didn't understand why, but he nodded; he felt that he had to. Something in the vulnerability behind Harry's words compelled him.

"I'm gonna find ye again, princess."

When his friends whisked him away, he found himself fighting to catch just one last look at Harry's face over his shoulder. He saw him standing beside Uma, staring right back at Ben with an all-knowing grin and winking before Mal kicked away the bridge and impatiently pushed Ben through the tunnel.