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Chapter 25: Dark Clouds


InuYasha smirked at his once rival for Kagome, "Can't get more taken than that Kouga."

"InuYasha…" Kagome frowned at him but was unable to continue when Kouga lunged at InuYasha, knocking him over.

They rolled to a stop and Kouga kicked InuYasha off, sending him into a nearby tree, hard.

"Stop that!" Kagome yelled and clasped her glass jar that held her jewel shards.

Kouga snarled and dove for InuYasha again. InuYasha dodged and knocked him to the ground. Immediately Kouga rolled and struck out at InuYasha's legs. InuYasha jumped away and landed ready. Kouga stood cautiously looking for an opening.

"Kouga, Stop it!" Kagome cried, her grip tightening on the jar, "Listen to me-"

"Stay out of this Kagome." Kouga yelled back at her, "This is between me and dog shit."

"Keh, it's over Kouga." InuYasha cracked his knuckles, "She's mine, and she won't stop me this time."

"They've left me out of it again." Kagome said to herself then shook her head, "I've got something to say about this and you will listen KOUGA!" she screamed at the wolf, who was lunging for InuYasha again.

Kagome held her shard bottle to her heart and lowered her head as if in prayer, 'push it through,' she thought, 'gotta push the pure through.' She calmed her mind and sought peace. Her free hand grazed over her belly.

Her shards glowed and paled slightly in her grasp and Kouga suddenly dropped to the ground screaming and scratching at his legs.

Kagome's eyes opened, she released the phial and Kouga stilled panting on the ground, "You knew Kouga." Kagome said angrily, "You guessed it when we first met. When I told you my heart belonged to another you knew it was InuYasha."

"I thought," Kouga panted, "I had time. I thought…"

"You thought you would get anything you wanted." InuYasha huffed as he eyed the prone wolf skeptically, "You thought you deserved everything."

"InuYasha you're not helping." Kagome scolded, "I never wanted to hurt you Kouga, but you knew and you left me with him anyway."

"I didn't have a choice!" Kouga yelled as he got into a crouch.

"It doesn't matter!" Kagome screamed, "I was with InuYasha then and I'm with him now!" she calmed herself quickly and continued, "You've got to stop fighting with InuYasha. We both still have to defeat Naraku."

Kouga glowered at Kagome. His eyes slid back to InuYasha as he stood slowly. He opened his mouth as if to speak but snapped it shut again and looked at Kagome somewhat sadly, "I …" he closed his mouth again, shook his head, and took off the way he came.

Kagome frowned lightly and rubbed her distended stomach distractedly. Her baby hadn't liked the confrontation with Kouga, or maybe it was the exertion of her miko powers, either way her abdomen was fluttering uncomfortably.

"InuYasha." She sighed.

Her husband turned to face her after watching Kouga run off, he was pleased with how she handled that. Though he would have preferred to have been allowed to beat on him some more, "You Ok?" he said as he walked up to her.

She nodded, still rubbing her belly gently, "But the baby's upset."

InuYasha put one arm around her shoulders and the other hand over hers on her belly, "The pup need some youki?" he murmured into her ear.

She blushed and giggled, "I think I just need to lie down. I think I used my powers a little to purify Kouga's shards."

InuYasha scowled at her and drew away slightly, "What? You didn't need to do that, I could have handled him."

"I don't want to argue." Kagome whimpered as she stepped away, her eyes tearing up, "I just want to lie down awhile."

"So?" InuYasha released her and stepped back, still angry that she used her powers when Rini had told her not to, "Lay down. I'm not stopping you."

"You're still mad at me." Kagome pouted as she sat to lean heavily against her backpack again.

"Of- id- …" InuYasha closed his eyes and took a harsh breath in… releasing it just as harshly. He opened his eyes to glare at her and spoke slowly through clinched teeth, "I'm not mad at you, I'm … worried. I could have handled that-"

"I didn't know I was going to use my powers!" Kagome yelled, tears in her eyes, "I just didn't want either of you getting hurt." She added quietly.

InuYasha took another breath and growled as he released it, "Stay here!" he ordered the general camp and took off into the trees.

The others all looked after InuYasha for a few silent moments while Kagome sniffled.

"He's actually getting better at that." Shippo said wondering.

"Perhaps," Miroku said, "on the bright side, I doubt we'll be kept awake tonight."


InuYasha returned after sunset, and sat next to Kagome in her sleeping bag.

"I'm sorry InuYasha," Kagome breathed miserably struggling to sit up while she was half a sleep.

"Keh, don't worry about it." He pulled her against him and leaned back against a tree, "Better?"

"Much." she sighed, "I miss my pillows though. They don't get mad and disappear"

"Keh, there's no room for'em." InuYasha huffed, "Just don't do that again, Ok?"

"I'll do my best." Kagome mumbled and faded off to sleep.


Kagome yawned and wavered on her sore feet as she stumbled along beside InuYasha late the next afternoon.

"I told you to ride on Kirara." He frowned.

"I'm fine." Kagome stifled another yawn, "Besides, you won't ride with me and I'll fall off."

"It's stupid for me to ride." InuYasha glanced at her when she bumped into him, again, "Sango wouldn't let you fall."

Kagome clutched his arm and let her eyes close, "I want to ride you." she murmered.

InuYasha grinned and shook his head slightly, "You can't, you're too far along."

"How long till we get to this village?"

InuYasha sighed, "Soon…. You should probably walk with the others now."

Kagome grunted and straightened up, giving him a glare, "I'm fine where I am." She refused to leave his side just because he was afraid of what the villagers would think.

As InuYasha predicted the village was just over the next rise. He paused to study the scene it presented and gave the others time to catch up. It seemed a little… quiet, fewer people were wandering about than in other similar villages. Sango mentioned this as they descended to the village to investigate the rumor.

They were studied carefully as they walked through the village looking for someone approachable, many whispered as they glanced between Kagome, InuYasha, and Miroku.

A man of somewhat finer dress and drawn features approached the group, "What business do you have here?"

Miroku stepped forward and smiled disarmingly, "We are travelers following a rumor that this village has come to difficulty recently."

The man nodded distractedly, his eyes skimming Kagome and Sango "A pall has fallen over this village, monk. We believe a youkai to be involved, for such a blight to hit us so fast and last so long."

InuYasha had been looking around the village and sniffing. He scowled at what the headman said, "Keh, there's no youkai here, only sickness." He scoffed.

Miroku inclined his head in agreement, there was no youki present but the village was unusually quiet, "There is not youkai yet," He said to the man in front of him, "but we can provide you with wards to help fend off any that would come to take advantage of your plight. Do you have a miko here?"

The head man shook his head, "No, there was one in the village over," he nodded his head to the east, "she cured them, but she's moved on."

"We should… move on." Sango said quietly, she took Kagome's arm gently, "you shouldn't be exposed to this any longer than necessary."

"We can't just leave them!" Kagome whispered to her, "I might be able to help. I have some modern medi-"

"Keh, you can't heal the whole village with that little box Kagome." InuYasha scowled in her direction, "Sango's right, we're leaving."

"But, we can't just leave them." Kagome looked to InuYasha, eyes wide and lost, "Besides, it's getting late, and I'm tired."

Miroku sighed, "There was a suitable camp site a few miles back, if you head back now you can make it before dark." When it looked like Kagome was about to object he quickly spoke again, "I'll stay here and help fortify the village against youkai. It's all we can do with what we have."

Kagome huffed, but relented and allowed InuYasha to lead her to Kirara with Sango.

Miroku turned back to the headman to apologize and arrange business, when the man, who was watching the rest of the group leave, spoke.

"Who-who's the father?" He asked, bewildered.

Miroku scowled, "What does it matter who her mate is? Our duty here is to the sick."

The headman scowled at the evasive answer, but nodded.


Kagome snuggled into InuYasha's chest as he rubbed her lower back distractedly.

"Kagome…" he said thoughtfully.

"No." she interrupted curtly.

"Kagome." He warned.


He growled unhappily.

"You are my husband InuYasha, the father of my child and I'm proud of you." she patted his chest affectionately, "I will not pretend otherwise."

InuYasha gave a mighty sigh of frustration and glared at Sango, who wasn't quite hiding her giggles well enough for him, "You should be helping me convince her, you know what it's like here, you know what the villagers were saying."

Sango nodded, her face serious.

"I don't care." Kagome yawned.

"Kagome is very stubborn when she wants to be InuYasha." Sango sighed and laid out her own bed.


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