Day 1. Sweets

'Open up. I know you're in there,' Marinette bellowed from behind the door rattling the doorknob and apparently kicking the frame too.

Nino dragged himself off the couch and trailed to the entrance. 'I'm coming, I'm coming,' he grumbled, wiping his nose. 'What happened to good old knocking?' he asked opening the door.

Instead of answering Marinette shook two brown paper bags she was holding. 'Popcorn,' she raised her right hand. 'And ice-cream,' she lifted the left one. 'First aid kit for a broken heart.'

'Yuk, looks like more suffering to me,' Nino winced and moved to the side to let her in. As soon as she passed the door, a red blur zipped from her purse and tackled Wayzz on the coffee table.

Nino felt a sting of jealousy at the sight of the affectionate kwami. 'Any wine?' he asked hopefully.

'Don't worry,' Marinette turned around to show him a totes bag with glass rattling inside. 'I got you.'

'You're the best,' he perked up a bit. He could definitely use some alcohol in his system right now.

'Alya sends her hugs,' Marinette chirped, as she deposited her cargo on the kitchen counter. 'She's at Nora's now, but she said that if you need anything, she'll be here in a blink. She asked if you want her to kick Anna's butt for what she did to you, but I'm not sure she was 100% serious.'

She turned to him, her voice dropping to a more serious tone. 'We're both worried how you're dealing with this all. Especially with Adrien in New York.'

He pursed his lips and sniffed. 'I'm okay.'

She gave him a pointed look, then moved to his stained t-shirt and worn sweats. She rubbed her palm over the bristling stubble at his jaw.

Nino shook his head and sniffed again. 'I'm not okay,' he admitted, in a broken voice.

Marinette pulled him into tight embrace. 'That's why I'm here, sweets,' she ran her hands over his back, and he melted into her arms. 'Casablanca?' she whispered into his ear.

'Just give me a second,' he murmured into her shoulder, holding her tighter. He breathed deeply into her sweater, and she felt goosebumps raising all over her skin. Maybe this wasn't her best idea, but he needed a friend more than anything else right now.

'It's not like I didn't see it coming,' Nino said, surreptitiously eyeing the salty sweet mixture in his bowl. He stirred it, observing how the ice cream stuck to the popcorn and chose to sip the wine instead. 'Things were going in this direction for quite some time. I was considering it myself,' he confessed.

Tikki and Wayzz dozed off on a cushion, cuddled together like two plushies. On the TV screen Ilsa was threatening Rick with a gun. Marinette turned the volume down, now that she finally coaxed Nino to start talking. She was munching on popcorn, enjoying the fusion of flavors. It was cringeworthy for some people, but she'd found out long ago how effective it was when dealing with a break up. Especially if you chased it with red wine.

Nino was sitting on the floor, leaning onto the couch occupied by Marinette. He was sandwiched comfortably between her knees, apparently enjoying the warmth and ease of physical contact. He looked like needed it more than he'd care to admit so Marinette provided it without reluctance or complaint.

'Anna was right,' he drawled, his jaw was quivering, 'but it still hurts, Mari,' he pushed his cheek into her knee and closed his eyes. 'A thousand times more than when me and Alya broke up. It hurts like hell.'

That's what so called "grown-up" long-term relationships do to you, Marinette thought bitterly. She put away her bowl and ran her fingers through his hair. 'I know, honey,' she whispered. 'You need time. But things will get better, even if it doesn't look like it now.'

He turned his head to look at her. 'You really think so?'

She felt her heart flutter frantically at the sight of his soft golden eyes. 'Yes,' she breathed, not daring to think how things might get better if they were finally both single.

Author's Note: Welcome to my Ninette Week short fic! I'm doing my best to keep the entries drabble sized. This story won't be beta read so forgive me for any mistakes or typos that you'll find. I hope I can keep up to the schedule, because I'm also trying to finish "Maybugs Don't Fly in June" and get the first chapter of LadyNoir June one out there too.

Anyway, I appreciate your feedback, as usual! I hope you'll celebrate this cute ship with me this week!

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