Author's Note: This chapter might be considered maturish content. Nothing strictly nsfw, but certain activities are suggested.

Day 7. Baking

When Marinette woke up the next day, she had to make a quick reality check to make sure she remembered everything correctly. The Ménagerie, the cotton candy, the confession, the kiss, all those other kisses after the first one and what they had led to. Of course before that they led to a lot of talking, face palming and embarrassing realizations of how long had they been dancing around each other. Tikki and Wayzz mercifully hid somewhere leaving them alone. Marinette suspected they must have seen it hundreds of times - the kwami version of soap operas.

Nino's bed was soft, warm and smelled of him. She wouldn't mind waking up surrounded by his scent every day. However what would make her morning even more perfect would be his presence next to her. Marinette blushed lightly at the reminder of their nighttime activities and the blush intensified when she recalled the murmured promise of a follow up when they wake up.

She did feel a little bit disappointed that apparently he woke up already and let her sleep while he was… where exactly was he anyway? Marinette focused on here and now and she finally heard him bustling in the kitchen. Before she even had the time to contemplate joining him, the door to the bedroom opened revealing a shirtless Nino, clad only in his turtle pj bottoms. He was holding a tray full of food.

'Morning, beautiful' he rasped beaming at her.

'Morning,' Marinette fluttered her lashes. She doubted she would ever get used to his compliments.

As soon as his cargo was safely deposited on the bed Nino pulled her close and kissed her thoroughly. 'I missed you,' she felt him whispering into her lips.

'How long did I sleep?' Marinette blinked at him.

'Long enough for me to prepare breakfast. I hope you're hungry,' he bopped her nose.

'Mmmm, more than you think,' she nuzzled into his neck, wrapping her arms around his chest. Nino brushed her hair away and leaned to kiss her exposed skin. In just a few moments things got heated again, until Marinette's hand landed in the fruit bowl.

'Gah! I'm sorry,' she exclaimed. 'I hope I didn't spill anything.'

'My bad,' Nino chuckled. 'I should have predicted the effect you have on me and put the tray somewhere else.'

'What's that smell?' Marinette sniffed and inspected the tray. 'It's lovely! Thyme?'

'You're good,' he whistled appreciatively. 'Goat cheese and thyme muffins, straight from the oven.'

'You baked?'

'Hey, don't act so surprised,' Nino pouted in mock hurt. 'You know I cook and bake.'

Marinette shook her head. 'I know, you dork, I meant that you baked now, as in "in the morning instead of sleeping" baked.'

'Ah well, I need to take care of my charming lady,' he murmured stealing a kiss.

'You're an angel!' Marinette praised.

'You got this the wrong way around, Nettie. You're the angel here,' he winked.

'Oh, really?' Shee quirked a brow. 'But would an angel do this...,' she nipped at his neck. 'And this…,' her fingers brushed over his nipple and she smiled as he shuddered under her touch. 'And this…,' she put his hand on her tush and invaded his lap while her lips returned to his.

'Okay, maybe neither of us is an angel,' Nino amended when they parted for air. 'Allow me to just take this away,' he reached for the tray and took it to the floor. Then he threw himself to the bed where the food had been just a moment ago.

'Better?' Marinette giggled crawling onto him with the most seductive smirk she could muster. Being with him was so right, she felt high just from his presence. This was where she belonged. Things could only get better.

'Much better,' he sighed pulling her in for another kiss.

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