Hi everyone!

So, this story is going to be completely different from my other D:BH fic. While that one goes for the heart strings, this is going for the laughs. I'm not confident on writing humour, but I couldn't help it with these two. They deserve it.

Note: Most of this will just be drabbles. This first entry is longer so I can set up some background. I don't have a 'schedule' for this one, I'll just be adding to it as I get ideas.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything related to Detroit: Become Human, I am just a mere human having fun with the brilliant characters brought to life within.

It was at the end of a long day of work that Hank led the way for he and Connor back into their house, smiling as the android was rapidly under assault from their dog. Connor smiled as he petted Sumo, a small laugh escaping when the giant dog started licking his face. "Sumo, down!" Hank called light-heartedly, raising an eyebrow when the dog started whimpering. "Don't give me that face, at least let Connor sit down before you start slobbering all over him."

Connor looked at him plainly. "I do not require extra time sitting, Hank. I spent 5 hours and 11 minutes sitting at my desk today, I think I have had quite enough time seated. In actual fact, I would not object to taking Sumo out for a walk. Some fresh air would be beneficial."

Hank scoffed. "Connor, you know the air round here ain't exactly fresh; if you want to take him out though, be my guest. I'll just organise some food while you're out."

The android gave him a firm look. "You aren't going to order more pizza, are you?"

"Hmph, who are you, my mother? I'm 53, Connor, I can order what I damn well feel like." At Connor's continuing look, Hank sighed in relent. "Oh all right, I'll get a Chinese or something, all right?" Connor smiled in triumph and walked through the house, looking for a change of clothes while Hank muttered under his breath. "Damn that kid, he knows that look works on me." Not that Hank would change him for anything.

It had been two months since the end of the uprising, and things had slowly started settling down. Although tensions were still high through the city, most crimes against androids were no longer anything more than the usual cases of racism and minor assaults. As the leaders of the new android liaisons department in the DPD, Connor and Hank were always busy. Now that they were almost six weeks into the running of their new team, however, they had many of the teething problems out of the way.

Connor had been living with Hank since the end of the uprising, the older man reluctantly acknowledging that Connor was a good influence on him. It had taken about a week for the pair to get comfortable around each other in a living situation, but they realised they were good for each other. Since Connor had come to live with him, Hank only drank heavily on stressful days or when the memories were just too close. It was a long journey to getting back to anything like the man he used to be, but Hank could tell Connor was dedicated to the task.

Hank's presence was also highly beneficial to Connor, helping the android slowly understand and learn the complexities of all the emotions which he had suddenly acquired. Connor never regretted going deviant, but the clash of so many emotions had him overwhelmed more than once. Hank had been there to help him name each emotion, understand the meaning behind it, and learn how to live with them. The older man had also helped Connor settle into a life of his own choosing. After some thought Connor had decided he wanted to stay working with the DPD, knowing the job suited him and it would allow him to spend more time with Hank. It also meant that Connor could be on the front lines of helping stop crimes against his people.

The older man was sitting on the sofa with a bottle of beer when Connor re-emerged in the living room, changed into some of the clothes which he and Hank had chosen on a shopping trip the previous week. Hank gave a low whistle in approval. "Looking sharp, Connor. Hope you're prepared to beat off a few girls," Connor gave him a withering look before going to fetch Sumo's lead, missing Hank's smirk. "Or a few guys if that's your preference."

Connor rolled his eyes at Hank's antics. "Why do you think I'm taking Sumo with me? He can have all the attention." Hank barked out a laugh as the android attached the lead to the dog. "I shouldn't be long."

Hank smiled at him affectionately. "Take your time, son, I'm not going anywhere." Connor smiled softly at Hank calling him 'son'. Though neither of them had really commented on the closeness of their relationship, they knew they cared deeply for each other by now. It was something Hank planned to clarify in the near future, should his hopes come to pass.

After Connor headed out Hank stood up and wandered through to his room, staring with a melancholy smile at the wardrobe in the far corner. Once Connor had come to live with him, Hank had finally faced his demons and began to move on from the loss of his son. It took only a few days for Hank to offer Connor the other room; it took another week for Connor to agree. Hank appreciated how careful Connor was to not encroach on such a sensitive subject, but he didn't want Connor to constantly tiptoe around Cole's memory.

He wanted to make new memories with the person he'd come to love like a second son.

Taking a deep breath to settle himself, Hank had wandered over to the closet and opened it up, looking at the various boxes which lay inside. Though he had moved all of the items out, Hank hadn't really found the want to sort through Cole's possessions yet. He didn't know why, but today he wanted to look through them.

Hank smiled at some of the clothes and toys he found in the first box, the expression growing as he found a photo of himself and Cole smiling brightly. They were grinning widely at the camera, both of them soaked through.

Cole always loved the water, and I don't think I'd ever seen him smile so much as when we tore through that packet of water balloons.

Following a hunch, Hank dug down further into that box and found an unopened packet of the same items. He looked on in mild surprise before a sly smile came to his face.

I wonder what Connor is going to think of this.

Connor returned an hour later, more than enough time for Hank to get set up with thirty or so water balloons. He still didn't really know why, but he was in a…fun, mood. It was something he hadn't felt for a long time – and he was more than ready to see how the android reacted to the prank.

When the front door opened Hank was laid out on the sofa, listening to some jazz music while watching the muted TV. He turned his attention to the newly entered pair and his eyes widened. "Jesus, Connor, did Sumo go digging in a graveyard or something? He's filthy!"

The android looked slightly guilty. "I may have taken Sumo to the park which is being redeveloped…and not anticipated his reaction to seeing a large amount of loose dirt. It took some time to convince him to come back."

Hank groaned in exasperation, but internally he was smirking. This was just perfect. "Well, you'd better take him out back and wash him down with the hose. I ain't having him in here when he's in that state." Connor nodded in acquiescence and urged the dog outside, missing the scheming smile on Hank's face. Once the android was outside with the hose, Hank fetched the bucket of water balloons he had hidden under the sink. He watched Connor soak Sumo and laugh as the dog huffed in annoyance before opening the kitchen window.

Once he turned on the kitchen tap to 'wash some dishes', Hank kept a careful eye on Connor. Then, once his back was turned, Hank picked up a balloon and hurled it through the air. Connor looked around in confusion when he felt the wet splash on his back, his eyes narrowing at Hank as the man kept his head down. He knew the window wasn't open when he first went outside…

Hank didn't look up again until he heard the water splashing over Sumo again, his smile sneaking through. He threw another balloon against the fence to Connor's left, and when the android turned his gaze to investigate it, his third balloon landed square on Connor's ear. It took a great effort for Hank to not burst out laughing at the complete confusion on Connor's face as he tried to shake some water out of his ear. Oh kid, this is too easy!

Changing his tactic, Hank stuffed a few balloons in his back pockets and wandered outside. "You okay, kid? You're looking a bit ragged," Hank shouted over to Connor.

The android looked at him suspiciously. "I am perfectly fine, Hank. Any particular reason you are outside?"

"Just making sure you don't soak yourself with that water as well as the dog. Looks like you've been failing if your hair is anything to go by," the older man teased, smiling when Connor narrowed his eyes at him. Mentioning when Connor's hair was out of place always wound him up.

Deciding to ignore the lieutenant, Connor turned back to cleaning the dog. Now with a clear opportunity, Hank pulled a balloon out of each pocket as he walked up behind the android – before slamming both of them down on his head.

Connor stayed perfectly still for a second before turning to stare at Hank unamused. Hank gave him a charming smile. "Oops?" he offered, missing the dangerous glint in Connor's eye.

He screeched as he suddenly found himself drenched from the hose which Connor still held. Hank panted as the stream was turned back to the dog, Connor smiling mischievously. "I apologise, Hank, it seems my hand slipped," Connor spoke lightly, his smile not moving.

"Ha! Slipped my ass, Connor!" Hank smirked as he chuckled. "Never took you for the vengeful type."

Connor shrugged. "And I never took you for one to play jokes."

Hank smiled, unsure. "I haven't been for a long time. Guess I just felt like it today."

As the older man went back inside to dry off, Connor watched him sadly. He hadn't missed the haunted look in Hank's eyes and his eyes fell to the broken rubber scattered around him. The events were a great surprise to him, but Connor couldn't help but see the fun side. If he was honest with himself, he enjoyed himself: there was a definite charm to what Hank had done.

If Hank was finally ready to look for more fun in his life, Connor was up for the challenge. He'd never seen that smile from Hank in real life before, the only reason he even knew it existed was from the same photograph Hank had found an hour earlier. Connor had seen it the day they packed away Cole's belongings, and Connor had retained that image in his mind. It was a sight he wanted to see more often.

His smile came back as he had an idea.