Just a note from the author, Lupin did teach at the school during their third year, however, he taught Harry how to do a Patronus because he had learned that Dementors were starting to rebel against the ministry and thought it prudent to do so in case Harry ran into them in future, he also was unfortunate enough to forget to take his monthly potion and turned into a werewolf and was subsequently fired. Also the reason the last chapter was so short was that I wrote it while sitting in Math class before a quiz. (Like with most quizzes I didn't study for anything and still got 97% because I am a genius. ) Anyway, onwards and upwards!

Snape cursed as he physically dragged the chords off of the boy's body, gritting his teeth against the pain as it burned into his flesh. This was a curse of his own design, modified and warped by the Headmaster, this was a blow not only to Potter, but also on a personal level to himself. Gasping the Potions master threw the fell ropes away. His hands had been burned to the bone, his left more so than his right. It was agony to grip his wand and point it at the portkey, as much as he regretted leaving the werewolf behind (not that much admittedly) he couldn't risk the boy's life. laying himself over both Potter and Black, Snape hissed out the summoning spell and caught the old boot when it flew towards his arm. A moment later there was no one in the dungeons.

Lupin panted through his bared teeth, looking quite mad, Neville kept a wary eye on him, he wished he wasn't in this situation, but if Luna was going to fight against three of the most powerful wizards and witches he knew, then he damn well was going to stay and help her. He just hoped he wouldn't get turned into a werewolf in the process. Luna was for once dead serious and focused on the fight at hand, she had even discarded her copy of the Quibbler in favor of freeing up her hands. Her thin wand pointed directly at Ron who looked ready to kill. Remarkably, it was Hermione that attacked first, and she aimed for Lupin. The former defense against the dark arts teacher was caught off guard, his focus had been on Dumbledore, not on the young girl he had taught and praised during their third year. Her spell stuck home, and it was devastating. A silver spike shot from her wand, it hit Lupin just as he rushed to attack Dumbledore, going deep into his side, had her aim been just a few inches higher it would have killed him. With an inhuman scream, Lupin fell, kicking and twisting as the metal burned his insides and skin, through the water streaming from his eyes, the werewolf saw Ron being struck down by Luna, transformed into a Murtlap and scurrying away, Hermione tried to attack Luna but Neville went for her first, the girl let out a shrill cry as one of his spells hit her shoulder. Dumbledore and Luna aimed their wands at each other, even as she came to stand over the downed man on the ground. Lupin was next to helpless, dog-like whimpers and growls came from his throat every time he tried to move, he tried and failed to drag himself up and finally resigned himself to stay where he was. Panting in a pool of his own blood, he tried to move his shaking hand into his robes to find his wand. All the while the battle raged above him.

Luna was a blur, she ducked and blocked spells coming at her with a flurry of movement that was dizzying, never leaving the side of the former defense against the dark arts teacher, her long blond hair was like a mane and stood up around her face, charged with the electricity that was in the air. Dumbledore kept trying to close the distance between them, to get a shot at the man she was trying to protect but each time her attacks sent him back. The spells she used were like none either man had ever seen before, some issued out like a pink cloud, causing Dumbledore to choke and cough, others turned into animals that ran to their mistresses enemy and fought for her. Colored flashes of light shot between the two warriors, it was only after Neville fell with a cry, having been hit by Hermione with a bone-crushing spell in his legs, that things changed. Luna turned to the boy she loved, momentarily distracted by his pain, that was all the opening that Dumbledore needed, he shot a curse at her chest, an instant later the front of her robes turned red with blood. Luna looked mildly surprised as she fell, her light body crumpled beside the werewolf and in agony, Lupin placed his arm over her, trying to shield her from further harm.

Hermione came to stand beside Dumbledore, having finished off what she had started with Neville. Aside from the wound on her shoulder and a scratch on her hairline, she was unhurt. Dumbledore had blood running down into his eyes even as he raised his wand to point down at the two of them.

"You should have known better than to come here Remus, this school is no place for a werewolf."

Lupin gasped for breath, his arm shook, he could barely feel his legs, all he could think of was how Luna's long pale hair was turning dark with a mixture of their blood. It wasn't fair, it just wasn't fair, she was so young, it shouldn't end like this for her, not for her. He had made so many mistakes, he had hurt so many people, he deserved this, but not someone so young. Where was Harry? Did Snape get him out? Was all of this for nothing? He let out a choked sob as Dumbledore stared down at them.

Lupin had never hated someone so much in his life.

Blood was in his mouth as he spoke. His voice was deep, it was a snarl, a wolf's voice.

"How could you do it? She- She is a student! How- Why?"

Dumbledore's face was impassive, hard, cold. How he had ever looked up to this man was a mystery.

Lupin's eyes turned to Hermione, the source of his pain, more tears fell from his face as he looked at her. His heart broke for her.

"Hermione, he was your friend, your friend..."

The young witch flinched when he said this. She knew of whom he spoke. But it changed nothing.

Dumbledore turned to her, and nodded.

"Would you care to do the honors Miss Granger?"

Hermione swallowed and then raised her wand to point directly at Luna.

"My pleasure Headmaster."