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~*~*~.......Scene Change, Point Of Views.......~*~*~


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The Kasshu Family was known throughout the Lands as the richest, kindest, and most loving rulers the Lands has ever had. Though, In their land of Milad, not everything was peaceful... The second price, Domon, had the temper of a fierce dragon, always yelling, and never calm. He had a cold heart, not open to anyone. Only seldom times to his family and very close friends. He always barked at the servants, especially the Mikamura's, faithful servants whom had served the Kasshu's for generations. Soon, the peace throughout the palace, would break even more with one of many new servants arriving...

~*~*~Malid Palace...~*~*~

A young woman about the age of 17 walked into the palace grounds with a line of other new servants. She looked around until she saw a familiar face.

"Father!" She yelled for joy as she ran towards him, hugging him tightly.

"Rain my dear, how have you been? What ever took you so long?" Mr. Mikamura asked his daughter concerned.

"The ride to the eastern part of Malid was long, especially since we were carrying Mother in it... But after we made it to mother's hometown, a group of bandits came along... It took about a year to gather enough slaves to revolt against the bandits... By that time, it was already 2 years... It took us another year just to get back home... I'm sorry Father..." She said looking at the floor. She was pulled into another hug.

"No worries Dear. Now now, we must dress you." When she looked at him quizzically, he laughed slightly. "you my dear, are the personal servant to Prince Domon."

Rain paled at the name.


"Prince Domon, meet Rain, she'll be your personal attendant for now." The older lady said, putting the two 8 year olds together, then left the room.

"Hello Prince Domon, Its nice to meet you." Rain said, curtseying politely.

"Yeah whatever." Domon said ignoring her look of shock.

"Excuse me Prince-" She started but was cut off.

"Shut up and leave me alone girl." He said angrily, walking out of the room leaving a fuming mad Rain behind.

~*~*~End of Flashback~*~*~

"Father, you must be joking. Surely someone else-" She started but was cut off again.

"No. There isn't. The King and Queen only trust our family. you must Rain." Her father said sternly. She nodded and hurried to go get changed.

Rain walked out of the servants chambers clad in a blue plain and simple dress. She walked stiffly to the Prince's room when she heard yelling and screams of protests.

"Why?! I don't need a stupid baby-sitter! I can very well take care of myself! I Don't Need Her!" The voice yelled. Obviously Prince Domon. Another voice was soon heard.

"Calm down and stop being such a baby." Rain heard a snort. "Stop it Domon. Your acting like a little child."

"I don't care!" He yelled. The other voice chuckled. "Shut up Kyoji! You don't have to have a stupid slave following you everywhere!" He said angrily.

Rain pondered a moment. "So this is the other Prince... Prince Kyoji..." She whispered.

"Who's There?!" Domon shouted. Rain meekly walked into view.

"Price Domon, Prince Kyoji." She said, curtseying deeply. Kyoji bowed back, being polite. Unlike his rude younger brother.

"I am here to be of service. What may I do for you?" She asked.

"Get the hell out maybe?" Domon spat at her. She felt her eyes sting with tears of fury. She saw Kyoji's foot kick Domon rather hard.

"What is your name?" Kyoji asked. She looked up to meet his eyes.

"Rain Mikamura, my prince." She replied.

"Ah, Sir Mikamura's Daughter. It was nice to meet you. Please excuse my brother's rudeness. He's as stubborn as a boar." He smirked as Rain stifled a giggle.

"Shut up." He said sternly. He walked towards Rain and stared intensely at her. "Just stay out of my way." He said as he walked out. Kyoji shrugged and walked out after him, leaving a confused and enraged Rain behind.

~*~*~Later that Night~*~*~

The dinner hall was a bore. No one chatted and all Price Domon could do to Rain was glare at her when she served him or smiled at him. 'The nerve of that.. that... boy...' she though as she stood behind the arrogant prince.

The kind stood, signaling everyone to be silenced. "Now, My dear Son, Prince Domon has reached the age of marriage. I have sent for the richest monarchs to come and bring their daughters of age, who should be eligible. I have sent for Domon's close friends, Sir George DeSand, the knight for protection, and the Jester, Chibodee. Bring forth your daughters for his marriage." He said and sat down.

"You Did not ask this of me first Father." Domon said angrily. Rain stood back, slightly scared.

"Domon, sit. You will thank me in your later years." The King said as he eyed his son angrily.

'I now know where Domon got his little mouth and stubborn attitude from...' Rain thought as Domon yelled on.

Soon, the enraged Domon fled the room in fury. Sir Mikamura signaled Rain to follow, to her disappointment.

Domon ran into his room and paced the marble floors. "Why?! Why why why?!?!" He yelled angrily.

"Prince Domon..." Rain said as she walked in quietly.

"What do you want?" He barked.

"The King wants you back at the table..." He looked at her angrily.

"Tell him I won't go back until he forgets the marriage proposals!"

"Yes Prince." She said obeying and walked back to the hall.

"The Prince demands that you call off the marriage proposals." She replied. The King turned red with fury.

"Tell him to get out here now or else I will personally arrange a marriage for him." The kind said yelling, The queen hushing him quietly. He sat and waited patiently.

"Yes my King." Rain replied as she walked back to the Prince's room. "Prince?" She said as she stepped in his room. He stared out the window and looked at her.

"What?" He asked irritated. She bit her inner cheek to keep her form making a snide remark.

"Your father asks you to come out to the Dining Hall once more or else he will arrange a marriage for you, and will not let you choose of your wife." She remarked monotonously.

"Ugh! Fine. I'm coming." He said as he walked out, Rain following him silently.

"Welcome Back Domon." The King said slightly annoyed. Domon glared at him and Sat down rather hard. Rain stood behind the arrogant man and was silent.

The meal continued and finally was over. The King called for Domon and signaled for Rain to follow. They went into one of the many small private rooms.

"Now Domon, there will be many young women here to try and court you. Pick well, Some will come from the mountainous regions, the inlands, their customs shall all be different. Do not make a mockery of any of the women." He told Domon. When he saw Domon about to refuse, he spoke sternly, "You must choose a wife. Kyoji will be off in another land. You shall be king here, and you must have a Queen by your side."

"Fine. I won't do anything to anger the women coming." Domon said silently. He turned on his heels and headed out. Rain sighed and followed silently like a shadow.

~*~*~Few Weeks Later: Time Of The Courting...~*~*~

The women came, one by one. Domon and Rain went to one of the many guest rooms everyday. He chatted nicely to the flirtatious girl, which made Rain sick to see the girl protruding her breasts and smiling that tricky smile. She was getting sick of the many girls very quickly.

Some girls, Like the rich Trader's daughter, Shirley, was polite and not like the other girls who tried so desperately to win the Prince's affection.

'I personally think she likes the Jester Chibodee more...' Rain thought as she past a window, showing the jester and Shirley joking around, walking, and chatting.

Rain and Domon soon approached Miss Allenby Bizzury's room: A rich aristocrat. She was not all that bad, and prince Domon had the most chats with her out of all the women. She had short blue hair, and always wore a unfitting off the shoulders dress. For an odd reason, Rain had always felt a dislike to the younger girl. Though, Rain had never known why...

Today, they went to the gardens, It seemed Allenby was the most likely to be courted by Domon. Rain served the two tea and teacakes. They laughed and joked, chatting away quietly. Domon silently signaled Rain away. So, Rain left, feeling uneasy.

While wandering through the gardens, she saw a blond haired young girl waiting by the fountain. She stared into the water and sighed. Ran approached her silently.

"Miss...? Are you lost?" Rain asked as the girl turned.

"Oh !You startled me! No, I'm not, I'm just bored of being here... That prince hasn't even seen me before or tried to talk to me. I want to go home..." the girl said sighing.

"Oh... I'm sorry, I shall remind him." Rain said smiling.

"Oh? you don't have to. Your the Prince's personal servant? Rain was it?" She asked Rain, who nodded. "Oh, How is serving him?"

"It like serving a boar. He's just as stubborn as one." Rain remarked, pulling a laugh from the girl.

"oh! How rude of me! I Haven't introduced myself yet, have I?" She exclaimed to Rain who shook her head. "My name is Marie Louise, I come form the inlands, I am the Daughter of a Rich Merchant who travels the sea." She curtseyed and Rain curtseyed back.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Rain said.

"yes... Why are you not with the prince?" Marie Louise asked Rain.

"He is having a chat with Allenby Bizzury. He always dismisses me when he talks with her."

"oh... I see..." Marie's eyes lit up for a second. "Hey! Do you know of the prince's knight? Sir George De Sand?" Rain nodded slightly. "well, I seem more attracted to him more than the prince.. and I was wondering... Since Prince Domon has never seen me before and probably never will... Could you replace me?" Marie stammered.

"what?! Are you out of your mind?! I could be hung for doing so! And... And who will serve Domon? People... The King will notice my disappearance!" Rain said uneasily.

"please Rain!" Marie Louise begged, "just ask the Prince to let you leave! He doesn't need you when he goes to see the other women! I'm begging you Rain..."

Rain sighed loudly. "I shall try I suppose..." Marie laughed and hugged Rain tightly.

"Thank you ever so much! I owe you a lot!" Marie said laughing. Rain herself started to laugh as well.

"I'll meet you here Tomorrow at this same time. But, I do not know how the Prince will react... He might say no, so don't get your hopes up, alright?" Rain warned.

"Of course. This way, I may see Sir George anytime I want..." Marie thought in bliss.

"Alright, I must go, I think I hear Domon calling. Good day to you, Miss Marie Louise!" Rain curtseyed and ran off to the shouts from the Prince...

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