Down the Road

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Rain looked at her buyer with wide eyes. The tall young man had jet black hair, his face had a smile and a cross shaped scar on his cheek. Rain felt her eyes start to tear up but held it back. A small smile touched her lips as she thanked God for this.

"And Sold to the young man there!" The seller bellowed out loudly as the guards brought Rain down to her one and only, Domon.

Rain felt the urge to run and hug him but sustained her actions. 'What would people think if a slave ran up to her new master?' She thought as she approached him.

"Here you are, now be off." The guard snapped as he turned around and walked away. Domon tied a rope around Rain's hand and put her into an awaiting cart. Once on their way, where no one was in sight, Domon sighed and took off Rain's ropes.

"I hated to do that to you Rain, but it was the only to make it seem more believable." Domon said apologetically.

"I understand Domon, but, may I ask, are you doing here?" Rain said, staring at him. He smiled widely.

"You and I are off to go start a farm. Well..." Domon started but was interrupted by a small cough. Rain and Domon turned to look at all the others wearing commoner clothes. "Well, they're coming along too."

"WHAT?!" Rain said surprised. "But.. But! You all will be in serious trouble! Domon, you especially! Please, reconsider this." Rain pleaded with them, but they only stared back stubbornly.

"Sorry Rain, but we can't live without Chibodee and George." Shirley said smiling, Marie behind her nodding.

"If we do not go with you two, our father's will have us married to other men, and that's the last thing we could want." Marie said. As she saw Rain's eyes wonder to the two younger teens, she scowled a bit at them. "Yes, your wondering why we brought these two as well. We couldn't go without them, or else they'd ruin our escape plans."

"Oh.. I see... But still... This plan seems so..." Rain said, thinking of the right words to say.

"Extreme?" George answered for her. Rain nodded as she looked around.

"Yes, a tad extreme... I'm afraid all of you will be punished, and on my account... or at least part of it." Rain said quietly.

"Rain, please!" Cecil said smiling ear to ear. "Its our decision. No one else has given any comment to make us go or any opinion." She said putting her hands on hips. "And don't even think you can change any of our minds anyways!"

"Alright alright" Rain said laughing. "So, are we to leave right away?" Everyone nodded eagerly. "Ha ha! Then what are we waiting for?" Rain said as everyone smiled and they started their road to a new life. At least, for the moment...

A Few Weeks Later, At The Palace

"WHAT?!" The King roared. "What do you mean you haven't found them yet?!" he yelled wrathfully at the serving man.

"I-I'm sorry y-your highness!" He said meekly. "W-We've searched e-everywhere, b-b-but no one's seemed t-to have s-seen him or the o-others s-since!" he answered quickly, his head bowing all the way to the floor.

"Then WHERE could they have GONE?!" the King roared to the serving man again.

"I-I don't know H-Highness!" He cried, looking up, his face white and his hands shaky and sweaty. "p-please sir! We'll search again!"

"Good! now search harder! NOW OUT OF MY SIGHT!" He yelled, getting to his feet. This was all the serving man needed to burst from the room in fear. The King sighed and sat down heavily.

The kingdom was in a frenzy since the sudden disappearance of the Prince and his fellows. For the servants in the palace, it was mayhem! The people serving the King were yelled at constantly by the Kings foul mood and cursed by him beyond imagination. The nobles too were curious at the disappearance of the Prince, and were now wondering if he had been kidnapped or worse.

Lady Allenby, for some reason unknown to all, was still staying at the palace, and like the king, was in a bad mood, if not worse than the King. She paced the halls as if the Prince would pop out of no where and ask for her hand in marriage. And when (of course) he didn't, she'd go back to her room and snapped at anyone who dared to knock on her door.

And once again, Allenby returned from her hall-hunt for the Prince in failure, her mood once again sour and her temper ever short. As soon as Allenby sat down, there came an bothersome knock at the door.

"What?!" She cried with vehemence.

"Lady Allenby." A young voice said somewhat in annoyance.

"What?" She snapped, turning around angrily. Before her stood Akiko, a young servant girl who's icy glare was one to rival Allenby's. "What do you want?" She asked, glaring at the girl.

"I have found some information." Akiko explained, her face void of any emotion. Allenby's ears perked up to this information instantly, making her whirl around.

"What information? Tell me now!" Allenby demanded angrily, but unlike the other servants, Akiko did not flinch at the anger in Allenby's voice.

"Humph." Akiko grunted loudly. "Don't try and order me around Allenby. I know you want this information, so don't try and force it out of me, I'm not in the mood." Akiko replied and brushed pass Allenby, ignoring the fierce glare and redness on Allenby's face.

"Anyways, I have certain information of Prince Domon and Rain." Akiko continued slowly. Allenby fought the urge to scream for Akiko to hurry up, her hands clenched at her sides, knuckles white. "I heard that they're off in the country side, together with those other... people..." Akiko said carelessly.

"So thats where they are!" Allenby cried out happily. "After all this time, they've been there! And we've checked everywhere else but there! wonderful!" Allenby said gleefully, about to jump for joy, but with a glance at Akiko, she gained her cold exterior once again. "Akiko!" The younger girl walked up obediently. "I want you to arrange my carriage to the countryside! If anyone asks, make up any story you'd like, but you may not speak of any searching for the Prince!"

"Yes, your highness." Akiko said sarcastically, adding in a smirk as she turned and left the fuming Allenby to pack her things.

"The nerve of that girl..." Allenby said darkly as she strutted to pack her things.

Out somewhere...

The sun beat down on them fiercely, making them sweat heavily. The 3 men walked back to the farm house looking tired and hungry.

A young lady with golden hair walked out of the house, throwing some water on the dirt. "Hurry up, lunch is ready!" she yelled at them.

"Its about time Marie..." a man with flame orange hair said in a weary voice.

"hush it George." she said as she made her way back into the house.

"Are they back?" Another girl asked.

"Yes Shirley, finally." Marie answered as they guys came in and headed for the kitchen.

"Hey, what do you mean finally?" a man with blue hair with a bit of pink in the front asked pouting. "We've been workin' our hides off since the sun came out!"

"Stop whining Chibodee." Shirley said, silencing him at once.

"Rain?" the last man asked out loud.

"Rain, Sai and Cecil went to the market. They must be on their way back right about now." Marie said, referring to the last three people missing.

"Oh..." Domon said dejectedly as everyone sat around the table and began their meal.


"Hurry!" Rain said as she impatiently waited for Sai Saici and Cecil. "we're already late as it is!"

"But Rain! I really, really, really wanted that-" Cecil started but was cut off by Rain's icy glare.

"I know you wanted that beautiful brooch, but please! To argue, then try stealing it?! Please Cecil!" Rain said exasperated as she walked quickly back home.

"Ya know Cecil..." Sai started as they hurried to keep up with Rain.

"Yes Sai, I know. I was wrong! Please shut up." Cecil said in an irritated voice.

As the three hurried along, they didn't notice a pair of strangely cloaked people following them in the strong heat.

Finally, they made it back home. Rain ran inside and entered the kitchen to see everyone sitting and taking a break.

"I'm sorry we're late." Rain said plastering a smile on her face. "We had some... Difficulties on our way home..." She said, glancing back at Cecil.

"What?! I said I was sorry already!" Cecil said again.

"Oh, what did she do now?" Marie said, eying her cousin.

"She tried to steal a brooch." Rain said. "The one with the jewel in the middle and is embroidered in a vine like metal?"

"That one again?" Chibodee asked her amazed. "That's what now, three-no four times in a row?"

"At this rate, you'll get us found out in no time. People do recognize you, Cecil." George said sternly. Cecil's face saddened and she looked down at the floor.

"But George... Its so beautiful... I really want it..." Cecil mumbled sadly. Rain and Domon stared at each other for a moment before sighing.

"You know it's expensive." Domon started, noting that Cecil nodded sadly. "And we are working hard for the money just to keep this little farm going." She again nodded sadly. Domon sighed heavily. "And so, your going to work hard for the money we're gonna use to buy it for you." Everyone turned and looked at Domon wide-eyed.

"Your going to what?!" Marie and Cecil cried at the same time.

"Your going to spoil the girl Domon!" Shirley said, Chibodee and George nodding in agreement.

"Well, I think its better this way..." Rain said pondering aloud.

"Yeah, its better than her trying to steal it again, for the thirteenth time..." Sai Saici said aloud, forgetting about how many times they thought she really tried to steal it.

"WHAT!? Thirteen?!" Marie cried. "Cecil!"

"I'm sorry! But thank you so, so, so very much Domon and Rain!" Cecil cried going and hugging both fiercely. Domon blushed and tried to get out of her tight hold as Rain laughed merrily.

A Little Ways Away...

Unknown to Domon and the others, two ladies stood far off watching them intently. Both their eyes glittering angrily as they turned and stalked away stealthily.

A Few Days Later

Rain, Shirley and Marie Louise strolled through the town purchasing items here and there.

"Rain, is that all we need?" Marie asked as she looked down at the bundles of soaps, clothes, and such things, making sure they were all accounted for.

"Let's see... We've got the cloth for the men's new shirts right?" Rain asked.

"no, I don't think so... Oh, yes, here they are!" Marie said pulling out different cloths of white, cream, black and blue. "Shall we head back now?"

"Yes... Let's hurry. I have a bad feeling... Something's wrong..." Shirley said as she looked around. "Come on."

Marie and Rain stared at Shirley puzzled. What could go wrong? They shrugged Shirley's ill feelings off and headed back to the farm.

"There's nothing to worry about Shirley." Marie said as they strode up to the house. "There's no way anyone would find us out here."

Shirley, still looking tense, quickened her pace to the house. "I don't know, I just cant shake this feeling..." She got to the house and opened the door, practically jumping inside.

"Shirley, don't worry." Rain said opening the door and letting Marie in first before following. "I'm sure you're just coming down with something."

"I hope so..." Shirley mumbled as they entered the kitchen. As they started to pack things away and start cooking, Cecil and Sai Saici burst into the room.

"We gotta hide! NOW!" Sai Saici said nearly yelling. Both seemed out of breath and very panicked. "hurry!!!" He said as he started to push Rain out of the door and into the living room, Cecil doing the same to Marie and Shirley.

"what is the meaning of this? Whats wrong with you two?!" Rain shouted as she tried to turn around. 'For such a little guy, Sai Saici sure is pretty strong!' Rain thought as she resisted him.

"We've been found!" Cecil said from behind Marie and Shirley. "I saw Akiko! She was following us around as we were taking care of the animals! Hurry! We gotta get out of here and get Domon them!" The two younger teens finally managed to get Rain them out of the house and pulled them along towards the fields where Domon was.

"Domon!" Rain said as she fought to keep up with the rapidly running Sai Saici.

"Hey guys!" Domon said. He must have seen the distraught faces of Sai and Cecil for his face soon turned dark. "Whats wrong?" he asked in a nervous voice.

"Akiko was here!!!" Sai said quickly. "We gotta get outta here! If Akiko's here, that means that-"

"Allenby..." George breathed out. He came to stand next to Domon with Chibodee behind him and looked past Sai Saici and the girls.

"Yeah! Of course that hag'll be here too! So lets get out of here!!!" Cecil cried out. She noticed Domon them looking past her and Sai, so she turned to see glittering sea blue eyes glaring coldly at her. "uh...."

"What was that about a hag, little Cecil Dear?" Allenby asked in a cold tone. "Why ever would you call your own sister a hag?" She asked in a fake concerned voice.

"Your not my sister." Cecil growled. Allenby's eyes flared with anger as she fought to control her anger. Behind Allenby soon appeared Nastasha and Argo with a small company of soldiers, extra horses, and a carriage. They approached Domon and the others silently.

"Your Highness..." Nastasha started. "your father has sent us here to see to your safe return to the palace..." She said bowing slightly.

Domon glared at Allenby hard, pulling Rain closer to him. Chibodee and George did the same to Shirley and Marie Louise as the soldiers circled them from escape. Cecil clung to the back of Marie's dress as Sai Saici too glared hard at Akiko, making her shrink back a bit. The groups hopes and dreams shattered before them as they were found out and to be taken back to the palace. Domon looked at Rain sadly as she smiled a bit. Domon held his head high as he stared hard at Nastasha and Allenby.

"I will go back, but if any, any harm what so ever happens to Rain, or anyone of them, I will see to it that you are punished... severely." DOmon said as squeezed Rain's hand one last time, and then let go, making his way to the horse Argo had waiting for him. He got on swiftly, Chibodee and George following his lead and getting onto a horse whilst Marie and Shirley got into an awaiting carriage.

Rain and Sai watched as they left, and the remaining guards put them into shackles and were led back to the castle by foot. Rain blinked her tears away quickly so that the guards wouldn't see them. 'I won't cry... I've Got to be strong... ' she thought in her head as she bit her cheek, holding back her river of tears.

In the Carriage

Allenby sat smirking as she looked out the carriage window at the scenery. Marie Louise was silent, her eyes glaring at her feet and her lips pursed into a thin line. Shirley sat thinking of the situation. What was to become of Rain and Sai? What would happen to the guys when they talked with the king? would they be together? The thoughts ran through her head, all with no answer in sight. The silence in the carriage was suffocating, and with every passing minute, both Shirley and Marie grew more and more angry. Finally, they could take it no more.

"What did you plan to accomplish by doing this?" Shirley asked through clenched teeth. "You aren't going to have Domon now, nor ever. What was the point of doing this?" she growled, her eyes glittering angrily.

"I didn't plan to gain anything." Allenby replied nonchalantly. "I knew he'd never marry me, but, thats not the reason." she turned away from the window to smile sweetly at Shirley.

"Then what was?!" Marie cried, her fist clenched in her lap, her knuckles white. "What was your reason? Please! Intrigue us?! Why did you do this to us?" She shouted, shooting her head up to glare fiercely at Allenby, her sea green eyes brimming with tears.

Allenby looked away, avoiding Marie Louise's eyes. Shirley looked at Allenby's face and saw what looked to be a look of sadness and regret, but as soon as she saw it, it disappeared and was replaced by the cold facade once again. "I did it because one, he had to chose her over me! She was nothing but a slave, and still he chose her!" Her eyes gleamed with tears, ready and waiting to spill over. "And Two! two..." Allenby's voice cracked as she spoke, turning to look at Marie with her cold eyes almost tearing. "Two because I knew you were my sister! It hurt to see you always with her... So close, like the sister I've always dreamed of!" Shirley and Marie stared at her, shocked. They could see the rage in Allenby's eyes, and yet, there was a look of deep hurt in her eyes as well.

"I never knew." Marie said, her voice calm and her eyes back on her hands in her lap. "If I had, I would have loved to be the sister you've always wanted." She looked up at Allenby with pity written all over her face. "But, it's too late for that now. I won't forgive you, and you'll never have the sister you've always dreamed of."

Allenby laughed as she waved her hand in the air, as if trying to shoo away a fly. "I am not asking you to forgive me. I wouldn't dream of asking you. I don't care about having a sister anymore. I only want my revenge, and I have it. I don't need you, or the infamous Prince Domon either." She said haughtily as she turned out to look at the scenery once again.

Both Shirley and Marie Louise stared at Allenby with pity as they rode closer and closer to the palace where all would be decided...

To Be Continued...

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