"I'm going to be honest with you because you're my whole world Rein, because you're the first thought I have when I wake up in the morning and the last thought I have when I go to sleep. I'm going to be disgustingly honest with you and even if you reject me because of it, I just want you to know that I'm telling you all of this because I love you. Because I can't bear the thought of lying to you. Because I'm confident that you will be the last person I'll ever love before I die."

Bright was only met with silence.

With shaky hands, he continued to speak despite the broken smile that was plastered onto his handsome face.

"I'm not the prince you think I am. When you see me on tv talking to my fans, I'm not thankful, I'm not happy. I just... I couldn't feel the spark anymore. It disgusted me. Everything did. The fans that got me as far as I did, my family who loved me with all their heart, everything."

He gave a small chuckle as if he was talking to himself.

"Even when you confessed to me, I felt grossed out. I felt a sense of obligation to let you down nicely, to tell you that you're probably the most amazing girl in the world and I'll regret rejecting you but you'll find someone better because I don't deserve you but in reality, I didn't think you deserved me, that I was too good for you. I remember getting weirded out by you on several occasions and being incredibly uncomfortable and disgusted."

"But at the same time, I remembered the time when you finally gave up on me. I remembered how much that affected me. I remember how after you had moved on from the part of your life that had me in it, I longed to hear your annoying voice, see your beautiful smile, and the way your eyes sparkled again.

"I missed it."

He could feel his ruby eyes start to water, his stomach start to churn, and his mouth start to quiver. Leaning back, he took in a short breath, letting his head hang back as he closed his eyes.

"I was confused. Why would someone that annoyed me so greatly, someone that could make me throw up in my mouth make me feel like I was missing apart of myself when they weren't there? I didn't understand a lot of things."

"Even as this all happened, there was still a clear voice shouting in my mind, the part that spoke from my heart, and the part I deemed crazy that had actively told me that I was lying to myself because of the fact that I had fallen in love with you. It wasn't a crush nor something I could explain in simple words. All I knew was that the most closet word I could find to it was love."

"And all those moments I found undyingly irratimg and annoying at the time had become the most best moments of my entire life. I'm sorry for everything. I guess when I rejected you, I was right in one sense. You didn't deserve me. You deserved better."

But I never got the chance to tell you it. You got into a car accident because of me and now I'm just here at your side, wishing you were awake instead of this coma. I'm sorry Rein, really sorry." He finally finished, licking his dry lips.

Then, when the clock arms turned, the time changing into 3:49 p.m. he grabbed the silver knife waiting at his right side and plunged it into the area his heart was located, the date and time being exactly two years after Rein had confessed to him, blood pouring from his chest inside the hospital room that smelled of iodoform.

Deciding to add one more sentence, he did;

"I love you Rein."

He closed his eyes, a genuine peaceful yet evidently broken plastered on his face in his final moments.