Mei was about to be 24 years old and even though it will be in a couple of months; she was very excited because she knew exactly how she wanted to celebrate it. And she had already thought about it; since several years ago, she dreamt of just one thing.

"I want to live like a 'common' person for a while. You know, see how it is the world outside" she told to her family.

Her parents looked at each other surprised. Her family was one of the richest and powerful in the country. If she had to be honest, she'd say that she had a very easy life, she got whatever she wanted: travels, clothes, and material stuff. And soon, she'll be the wife of Feliciano Vargas, whose family was as rich as hers.

Mei and Feliciano were engaged since they were teenagers, and both accepted their destiny very well. None of them were completely against the idea, they were childhood friends and they knew they didn't have another choice.

They will get married that year, but she wanted to know the world outside, meet other people, and have fun first. At least, knowing how it is to feel alive for a moment, and then return to her reality.

She felt as if she had always lived in a cage. Like a bird who doesn't know how to fly. She never went to a normal school; she studied in a boarding school and at home. But she studied Literature in a prestigious university and she just graduated.

Now, it was her opportunity to be free and have different experiences.

"Are you sure? Why don't you wait until you are married?" her father said.

"I don't want; it's my only chance to know the world"

"Are you silly? What if people find out who are you? Imagine the scandal" her big brother replied.

"I'll be careful. I promise"

She explained them that she'll pretend to be a student or new in the city, and she'd change her name, that it'd be like a little vacation. She wanted to make it look simple. Then, Yao seemed to have an idea.

"But you'll have to get a job to pay your maintenance. You won't be allowed to use your credit cards and your car"

"I don't care, I'll get a job" she replied very confident.

"You have never worked" her younger brother Li said.

"I don't care, I can learn"

The rest of the family seemed confused, especially her mother, she wasn't sure if that would be a good idea. Mei was her only daughter, what if something bad happened to her. She wondered where she had gotten that crazy idea. But Mei talked with so much determination that she didn't know what to tell her.

Only Mei's grandmother was calm. She saw herself in her granddaughter, and felt proud of such an adventurous spirit.

"Let her go, I feel that she will learn more about life out there, than here"

Mei smiled and hugged her. Her parents just sighed and promise to support her, but with the condition that her brothers will visit her once in a while, and also she'd have to call them very often. Then, her cousin said she'd accompany her. And that was enough to make of her dream a reality.

The next day, they went to visit Feliciano's family. She wanted to explain him that he'd have to wait a little more for her. She looked for him everywhere, and she found him after several minutes. He was in the garden, accompanied by a blond young man.

"Feli!" she said.

"Cara mia!" he replied with the same cheerfulness and opened his arms to hug her.

He kissed her in both cheeks and then he introduced her to the young man who looked at them shyly.

"Oh, he is Ludwig Beilschmidt, a friend from work. And she is Mei, my girl. Isn't she gorgeous?" he said.

Ludwig blushed slightly and just nodded. Mei didn't pay him so much attention, she wanted to talk with Feliciano about her future plans, and that they won't get married soon. She explained him her reasons, she spoke so fast that he hardly understood, but he knew it was something important for her.

After all her explanation, Feliciano didn't seem very concerned. Instead, he opened his eyes in surprise, took her hands between his and kissed them.

"I think it's great, if that's what you want, cara, I support you" he said.

Mei smiled; after all, he was her best friend and her future husband. At that moment, she was certain that she'll marry a great man. Feliciano could be absent minded sometimes, but he had a golden heart. She felt lucky to have him in her life. Then, he made a sad gesture.

"Also, I have something to tell you. I am going to Germany, my friend and I have an important project there, so, I think we won't see each other for a while" Feliciano said.

"Oh I see. Don't worry, I think we'll have an amazing time and so much to tell us when we get together again" she reassured him.

They hugged tightly for the last time. And he put a kiss on her head. They didn't love each other, at least not in a romantic way; they knew it and that was a shame because they liked to spend time together. Although, they knew their feelings will never change. But it was ok, because their friendship was important too.

"I'll see soon, principessa"

Mei felt sad suddenly, she didn't think that goodbye would feel that difficult. Then, his friend appeared and he followed him. She thought she was being dramatic; it wasn't as if they won't see each other again. Their future was already planned. Now, she had to go home and get ready for her new adventure.

When she got home, Ling was very busy packing, it was the first time she saw her in that mood. Mei did the same, she just packed the necessary and maybe a couple of jewels, just in the case she needed money and she could sell them.

That night, she went to bed with the heart full of hope and the mind full of good dreams.

Note: This is going to have a few chapters, I hope this first one be interesting ^^ and yes, there is a hint of our secondary couple ssshh