Wednesday, August 6

7:00 AM

Rikkaidai School, Headmaster's Office

"Welcome to Rikkai Dai Junior Department," greets Principal Tsutomu, "and welcome to Japan Barnes-san. Thank you for choosing our school."

"The honor is all mine Tsutomu-san. I can speak decent Japanese, but not as good as my daughter or….my wife," Mr. Barnes smiles sadly as he shakes the Headmaster's hand.

"Ah yes," sighs Headmaster Tsutomu Yoshizawa. "Misaki-san; she was such an inspiring student. Her determination and kindness have left an aspiring mark on the school. I had always seen that girl as my granddaughter, and I share your sorrow. How is young Phoebe-san holding up?"

The two older men stare out of the window in the Headmaster's office to find a little girl, at the age of eleven, with waist length raven hair, pale light green eyes, and pale skin sitting under the Sakura tree. The light breeze of spring presses gentle kisses on the little girl's skin as her white sundress dances along in the wind. Meanwhile, the sun rays worm through the cover of the pink tree and shines on the child's face as a few sakura flowers land on the crown of her head.

The said female is Phoebe Kiyoko Akatsuki Barnes. She is the daughter of James Barnes and Misaki Akatsuki. Many will only view the girl as an innocent little angel. What they don't know is that lies underneath the sundress is a pair of strong and balanced legs and arms. Phoebe's body is extremely well built and tone through years of exercising and training to become the youngest tennis pro there is.

"She took Misaki's death to heart and hadn't said a word since," Jacob sighs.

The headmaster mutters, "I see."

"I hope you can guide her," Mr. Barnes states, "Though Phoebe was born a quiet girl, she still showed a passionate and joyful character around the family and close friends. After Misaki died, she has never been the same. Phoebe became more secluded, even with me. My parents couldn't get her out of her shell so I hope that a new scenery will help Phoebe open up."

"It is such a tragedy," Tsutomu sighs heavily and sadly, "I knew that Misaki had a weak body. However, her passion for tennis had pushed her over her limits. I should have stopped her when I could."

The forty-two years old father only pats the fifty years old headmaster's shoulder lightly, both solemnly remembering the cheerful girl that had brought light to their life. "It wasn't your fault Tsutomu-san. I know that you couldn't stop her even if you tried. I couldn't either. Misaki was just that darn stubborn."

The older man chuckles, "I guess you are right. Say, are you moving to Kanagawa?"

"Phoebe is," the younger businessman answers, "She will be moving in with Misaki's father, Renji-san. I have my parents back in the States to take care of. Nonetheless, I will be staying only for a week or two. After all, I need to continue working. As you know, a company doesn't run itself."

The two chuckles quietly.

"Do visit," the headmaster says, "You are always welcome at Rikkai."

"Thank you," Jacob bows. "By the way, when does Phoebe start?"

Tsutomu pauses to think until he responds, "I will let her settle down and unpack. She can start school next week. In addition, do you want the school to know about her….disability?"

Jacob grins, "That depends solely on Phoebe. You should ask her. Thank you again, Tsutomu-san."

"My pleasure Barnes-san," Tsutomu waves goodbye. After Jacob left the office, the old man then walks towards the window enough to see the father taking his daughter's hand and leaving the campus.

Tsutomu then thinks, Just like her mother.

The Headmaster then moves back to his seat and sent his secretary a message: "Please send me the Tennis Buchou, Kira-san."

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