"IT'S ME OR THEM MC! EITHER I DIE OR THEY DIE!" Monika firmly planted the gun on Sayori's right temple.

At this point, I couldn't even move a muscle anymore. Not because I'm crippled by fear, being in this club has desensitized me already to the point that I barely feel any emotions anymore, but because behind me stood a fellow club member about to plunge her knife onto my back. But, you guys are probably wondering, how did it come to this? Well, first let's look back, not at Yuri, but back when I decided to join this... thing.

Doki Doki Literature Club

It was cold, dark, and gloomy when I woke up. Halloween took a toll on me, and my sugar levels. But, I felt as if something was off today, like something isn't right. I let out a groan as I pushed myself up, I forgot my glasses downstairs. Without them, I could barely see in front of me, let alone walk around in the dark. I touched the nightstand beside me and tried my best to find the handle using my hands. I found it after a short moment and quickly pulled out the drawer to use my spare glasses. I blinked once, blinked twice, then thrice... finally I can see clearly! Though my vision is clear, my room is still shrouded in darkness. Perhaps it was only me, but I still feel like there is something off today.

I stood up, before dropping down to my knees nauseous and weak. It was as if a strong unseen force suddenly struck me on my back and stomach simultaneously. I couldn't even see the floor due to the sudden rush of pain throughout my body. I could feel my arms and legs shake violently as I struggled to keep myself from collapsing. My sweat rolled down my face in large beads, forming puddles below me as I struggled to breathe.

The darkness envelops,


and caresses me

They whisper sweetly

I listen intently



It shatters

And I wake from it

I let out a scream as I began to hear strange, disembodied voices from the darkness. It was only then when I realized that it was already 6 in the morning, and that my blinds were not closed but fully open. The morning sun should've shone brightly upon my face, but all I could see now is pitch black darkness. Then, a deafening silence fell upon the room. No sound, no light, no wind, just nothing. I couldn't even here my breathing anymore.

Then it hit me.

It was as if lightning struck me. My head felt like it was about to burst as I began to hear a chaotic cacophony of voices calling and beckoning for me. Then it flowed like a river, knowledge filled my mind while my sanity slowly seeped away into the abyss. Every second, new knowledge and ideas were hammered into me while I felt myself slowly wither away into the void. I could only scream in desperation, but to no avail. My mouth refused to open while my body remained numb and immobilized in a kneeling position. I was about to lose my grasp on my sanity when I heard the door creak open. Then, the darkness disappeared in an instant, replaced by the blindingly, bright light of the sun.

" H-Hey... Hyun? You okay there, buddy?" The gentle and warm voice of my childhood friend snapped me back to reality.

" S-Sayori... Th—" As I looked up at her, my eyes widened in horror as I laid my eyes on her.

Everything, EVERYTHING is made up of numbers, commands and symbols similar to that used by my brother in programming. Sayori was just a caricature of the words "Sayori.chr", those words forming a figure in the shape of Sayori. The walls, and the world itself is made up of different numerical values, command lines and symbols that moved about erratically. I let out one last scream before collapsing on the floor. I opened my eyes one last time to find that Sayori caught me in her arms, and that everything was back to normal. Her light blue eyes were filled with worry as she shouted my name. I could barely hear her as I slipped back into unconsciousness.

Closing my eyes is better than seeing this grand illusion called "Reality".