Hey guys bulklock here with my first challenge as you could probably guess by the tital this involves rock Lee and izuku Midoreybasically izuku with rock Lee abilitys in taijutsu .here are the requirements

izuku must have Lee's training shecdule .

there there must be a teacher student relationship with izuku and All might like with Lee and gai

izuku must have one for all due to the fact even with he body just not the same ( Anime logic but he'll still be able to kick lots of ass but he won't be one showing Nomu without one for all or the the Eight gates.the

Eight gates themselves however are only optional .

perfered parring is izuku x Asui. or izuku x ochakoo any thing so long as parring is good person all girls in class 1-a through 1-b are a choice. except for Momo.

final reqirements is no Bakugo bashing have as a rival or friend to izuku like Lee and neji. and also give the guy a girl to whip his ass into shape I don't care who.

I hope you guys take the challenge I might just try it my self this whole is just to bring Lee in my hero academia becaues he fits izuku so well in terms of patterns hardships