Disclaimer: This is strictly a Jack and Sam story. Neither they nor any of Stargate SG-1 belong in anyway to me. (though I may covet)

            As far as I know there are no spoilers but there will be some "adult content" so be warned…. Hey! Its' a romance, what do you expect?

            The concussion of the blast threw them into the air, then onto the ground in a hard landing. Daniel jumped back up, winded, hair standing out all over, but ok. "Jack? Sam? Teal'c?" he asked frantically.

            "I'm in one piece Daniel," Sam coughed. "My ribs are sore, and my hair probably looks like yours but I'm ok." She said wryly getting up on her feet. "As am I Daniel Jackson." Teal'c replied, coming out of the smoke with a slight limp.

            "Colonel?" Sam asked, looking around. "Sir, are you ok?" but there was no answer. "Daniel, dial us home, I need to find the Colonel." Sam was frantically searching for the Colonel, when she saw a foot shod in a black boondocker twitch behind a bush, and heard a groan. "Sir!" she cried, sprinting over to find Jack on the ground, one leg obviously broken, the other sluggishly bleeding. His face was dirty from the blast and with connecting with the ground, and he was unconscious.

            Rapidly bandaging the wound on his leg with her bandanna, she started checking for more injuries. She brushed her hand over his lap, when a voice said, "Careful there Carter, I might think you were interested in me for more than my command style." He chuckled weakly at his own wit, causing her to roll her eyes and sigh in relief that he was coherent.

            "Sir, you have a badly broken leg, and other injuries."

            "Damn it. Now I have to see Janet. How's Daniel?" Jack asked.

            "Uninjured as far as I know, he's dialing us home." Sam said, looking around for something to splint his leg with.

            "Wouldn't you know it,' Jack complained, "This time I get hammered and he gets away scott free. You know, I always wondered what 'scott free' meant." He groaned suddenly and passed out again.

            "Sir? Sir?" Sam slapped his cheek lightly. She hadn't heard the sounds of close by fire until she turned to find Teal'c and saw him firing his staff weapon at more of the enemy coming through the smoke.  The smoke from the explosion must have led them here. 'Damn." Sam thought to herself, bringing her attention back to the Colonel. Daniel came in low, running between the bushes, to kneel by Sam. "I'm going to go through the gate and get reinforcements. Stay down." He looked at Jack with worry in his eyes. "Here's my zat." He handed it to Sam and off he went, dodging enemy fire.

            "Carter." Jack whispered, pain evident in his voice. "Sir?" Sam bent down to hear, keeping a wary eye on the approaching enemy. "Go, get Teal'c and go through the gate. Leave me here with a weapon." He said, eyes squeezed shut against the unconsciousness he could feel creeping up.

            "No WAY." she said. "I am not leaving you behind, Sir." Sam said fiercely.

            Jack gasped, "Direct order Major!"

            Sam bent closer to his ear. "Screw your order, I love you too much to leave you behind. Now shut up and conserve your strength. Daniel will come with reinforcements." She kissed his cheek, and then used the zat on one of the enemy who was getting too close to Teal'c. She glanced at the Colonel but he was unconscious again.

            The enemy was getting uncomfortably close when Daniel and SG7, performing as the cavalry, charged through the gate firing, taking out most of the enemy. The rest decided that they couldn't win and scampered off. "You took your time Daniel Jackson." Teal'c said, wearily using his staff weapon as a prop, as Daniel came over to check on him.

            "Do you hear that Sir? Daniel came through with the cavalry, and now you can see Janet and her great big needles." Sam was unaware of her tears; her whole being was concentrating on the Colonel. Two of SG-7 came up with a stretcher and gently rolled the injured Colonel on, then all of them went through the gate.

            "Welcome back SG-1 and SG-7. I see you mostly came back in one piece." He watched in concern as Janet checked out the injured man. "What happened,  Dr. Jackson?" He asked.  Daniel looked away from Jack, "They thought we were there to steal their children, Sir." The General sighed, "Understood Dr. Jackson, briefing at 1600. Good job SG-7. Dismissed."

General Hammond looked at Major Carter in concern. As soon as they had come through the gate it was obvious that Colonel O'Neill was hurt. Major Carter had barely acknowledged anyone's presence; she was so focused on the Colonel. He watched as Janet took charge and the Major had left with the med team as well. It looked like emotions were getting serious. He had some serious thoughts on the subject too.

            Sam had been checked out by one of the nurses and aside from lightly bruised ribs, she was fine. She sat in her chair; idly swinging the Colonel's sunglasses back and forth, staring at the wall. She didn't know that there were tear tracks through the grime on her face.

            Janet had bustled back in, noticing Sam had been joined by Daniel and Teal'c, all of whom looked at her expectantly. Janet smiled, "Just a severe concussion, a broken leg and a slice out of his other leg that required 12 stitches. He will recover fully with some rest." She said. Teal'c stood, "I am relieved that Colonel O'Neill will recover. I am going to meditate." He bowed courteously and left.

            Sam and Daniel sighed in relief. Daniel looked at his watch, "I need to brief the General. I'll tell him the good news if you want to stay Sam?" and he left at Sam's nod. She looked at Janet, "Can I see him?" she asked. Janet nodded, "After you wash your face. You've more dirt on it than a 6 year old." She teased, trying to get Sam to smile. Sam grimaced as she saw herself in the mirror. She scrubbed her face clean with a washcloth, then using cool water, placed it on her aching eyes. * What if I had lost him? What would I do without him? * The thought kept looping through her mind. She dried herself off then pushed past the curtain to see Jack, pale as a ghost, lying on the bed.

            Sam pulled up a chair and settled into it, resting her crossed arms on the side of the bed, eyes not leaving Jack's face. Fifteen minutes later Janet came in to check on her patient and saw Sam sleeping on her arms, face towards the Colonel.* She is going to be stiff when she wakes up, * Janet thought, but left her alone.