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            Jack was waiting for Janet when Sam came in. She stopped short at the sight of Jack, sitting on the hospital bed, swinging his legs like a little boy. His head whipped up, dread on his face until he saw Sam.

            "What's cookin', good lookin'?" He asked Sam cheerfully. She closed her eyes, "Yuck. That was just awful Jack." She said in mock disgust. Jack just laughed, and she walked over to him and ran an affectionate hand over his head. He caught her hand and pulled her over to him between his legs. He fiddled with the buttons on her uniform, fingers brushing her breast. "Sorry." He said unrepentantly.

            "Yeah yeah. Keep your paddy paws to yourself Colonel." She took his hands and placed them on his lap then stepped away. She could feel her body desired to get a lot closer to him, but she had to keep her head. She looked at him and saw the adorable pout that he had.

            "Would you quit that!?" she said, then heard Janet. "How can I help you Sam?" she asked walking by Sam and yanking the curtain around in front of Jack's face. "Hey!" he protested, causing Sam to giggle. Janet muffled a laugh and eyed Sam. "Well, tell your Doctor everything." She said. "I can heeeaaarr you." Jack's voice sing-songed from behind the curtain. At that point Sam laughed hysterically. She loved this new side of him, and couldn't hide it anymore. Janet just grinned, waiting for Sam to get a hold of herself.

            Sam finally gasped, her laughter down to a soft chuckle. "I need something for my back. I think I pulled something." She hopped up on the bed and Janet nodded. "Too much exercise?" She said, digging through some things in the cabinet.

            "It could be when you fell off of the bed and.." Jack was interrupted by Sam's yelp. "Jack, shut up!" Janet just shook her head, and pulled out two pills. "Take these, and call me in the morning." Janet slapped the curtain causing Jack to jump. "Knock it off Doc." He complained. She yanked the curtain open and saw his eyes light up as he saw Sam standing there, arms crossed disapprovingly.

            She stayed as Janet took off the cast for the final time. He wiggled his ankle slowly, grimacing at the dead fish white of the skin. Janet had him stand, then walk, then she nodded, satisfied. "OK, you are free as a bird Colonel." Jack put on his sock, but realized that he had left his other boot at home. He slapped his forehead, "Damn it! I left my boot at home." he stopped as Sam held up a boot. "Not to worry, I keep lists." She smirked at him.

            Janet smiled at the rightness of the two of them. "So, retirement ceremony tomorrow?" she asked. Jack nodded as he bent down, wincing at the pain of his knees, and tied his boot. "Yep, 1300. Come one come all to see the great Colonel O'Neill finally get a life!!" he said mockingly. Sam shook her head, "Just think of the rewards, Oh exalted Colonel." She said. His eyes rested on her beloved face. "Well, I suppose." Then yelped at she smacked him on the head and stomped out, "See ya Janet!" Jack raced after Sam, catching up to her at the corner. Janet laughed and returned to work.

            "Sam, when are you getting off tonight?" he asked, hands in his pockets. She glanced sideways at him, "1800, why?" She asked. "I finally have everything done, and my boxes all ready to go in the car. I shanghaied some guys to carry them up for me. So whenever you're ready so am I." He kissed her cheek and walked up to see General Hammond. She watched him thoughtfully, she sensed something was up.

            Jack knocked on the General's door. "Enter." And Jack turned the knob and walked in. "Colonel O'Neill. Lost the cast I see. What can I do for you?" he asked, leaning back in his chair.

            Jack pulled out a little velvet box. The General looked, "Gee Jack, that's real nice, but you're really not my type." Jack rolled his eyes, "Thank God." Hammond smiled hugely at his own joke and took the box. He opened it and took in a breath. "My God Jack, this is really something." He said, looking up at his friend. Jack smiled, "Thanks for the name of the jeweler. He was great with me since I was a nervous wreck." Jack smiled a little in remembrance, totally overwhelmed with decisions. When the jeweler had pulled this ring out of another closed case, Jack had known that it was the 'one'. Hammond handed back the box, "She is going to go into shock Jack. I wish I could be there to see it." He chuckled, just thinking about it. Jack smiled, "Now that you mentioned it…"

            Jack and Sam were headed to her house, Jack humming quietly to himself. Sam had turned on the news and was listening, glancing once in awhile at the man beside her. She turned on her street, noticing that there sure were a lot of cars parked around the house. Blessedly the driveway was clear for her little car. She pulled up, and parked, then turned to Jack. "What's up?" He shook his head, "Umm, I thought that this was your idea. I head something about a surprise retirement party?" Jack looked at her in puzzlement. They got out of the car and walked up to the door, Teal'c opened it, "Come in Major Carter, Colonel O'Neill." Jack laughed, "Why thanks Teal'c." he said, irony rich in his voice.

            Jacob turned from his conversation with General Hammond, smiling at them. Janet and one of the nurses were arranging finger foods and things. Sam's brother Mark, wife and kids were there. Cassie ran up for hugs from the both of them. Daniel was talking to Major Davis, some of the other SG teams were there, straining the capacity of Sam's house. Jack looked around and didn't see enough space to do what he needed. "Everybody, lets go out back for just a moment." He said raising his voice slightly. As everyone migrated out the sliding glass doors, Sam looked at Jack. He shook his head at her and gestured for her to go ahead of him.

            Daniel understood what Jack needed and casually arranged everybody in a loose semi circle. Jack waited for everyone to get quiet, then turned to Sam. He carefully kneeled, grimacing at the pain, on one knee looking up at her. "Sam. I have loved you forever. Probably since the first mission we had together. I am sorry that it has taken so long to say this, but I wanted everyone important to us to be here to hear me say it." Sam had tears sliding quietly down her face, and you could hear a pin drop. Birds were singing in the trees and the sun was shining on her hair, and it was a moment they would never forget. He pulled out the velvet box and handed it to her. She opened it and gasped. Nestled in the box was a 3 carat square cut diamond, with a ruby heart on each side. Her eyes looked down as Jack took the box and slipped the ring on her finger. "Will you marry me Samantha Carter, best friend and love of my life?" he asked quietly.

            Sam nodded, pulling him up and hugging him tightly. "Oh yes I will marry you Jack O'Neill, best friend and love of my life." She announced to him, her friends and family. Jack and Sam didn't hear the clapping and cheers, just the birds singing and their own voices whispering their love.

            They were married two days later, wanting not to wait anymore after he was officially retired. They went to a place where there were few trees and lots of beaches for their honeymoon, and of course, lived happily ever after. Did you doubt?