Arc I Chapter 1


Classification: Top secret!

Only for personnel in possession of the necessary security clearance! Any act of unauthorized publication may be liable to prosecution by the competent authorities!

Field report: Current situation and future course of action

1) Location

2) Time

3) Status

4) Language barrier

5) Magic

6) Conclusions


1) Location:

Based on circumstantial evidence, tatami mats on the floor and paper-thingy doors, current position is located somewhere in Asia.

The fact that Oka-san speaks a language that is assumed to be Japanese supports the thesis.

2) Time:

Failure to determine the parameter time. Date still unknown and unlikely to change in the near future. More time required. Recommended proceeding with information gathering.

3) Status:

Victim of mysterious reincarnation process. Reborn as infant. Reasons and exact way unknown. Unknown whether reincarnation is natural or artificial. Former option seems more likely.

Trapped in a child's body. Body weak, frail. Reliving childhood. Annoying. No choice but to endure.

Oka-san very, very, very, very protective. Doting and loving mother. Kind and gentle. Her precious little treasure. I like Oka-san.

Father currently unknown.

4) Language barrier:

Language barrier unproblematic. No serious complications encountered so far. Passive communication possible. Able to understand local population without any prior knowledge of the spoken language. Possibly related to being a child and the superior processing power of a child's mind. Complete fluency achievable.

Active communication difficult. Ability to speak not yet developed. Vocal cords uncooperative. Only able to utter single vowels and consonant. Progress painfully slow.

5) Mana:

Mana core intact. Condition of soul stable. Both suffered only minor damage during transition. Mana reserves recuperating.

External traces of mana detected. Classification unknown. Presence weak, diluted, but noticeable. Energy is stable, constant. Few oscillations. Energy is without doubt similar to mana. Assumed to be local variation.

Differences in composition and behaviour suggest so. Detected signatures don't correspond with known patterns. Own mana signature changed drastically. Change probably by-product of reincarnation process. Further investigation required.

Conclusion, being transported into another world seems highly likely.

6) Conclusions:

Situation inconclusive. Being a child still boring, incredibly boring. Taxing for your mental health. Condemned to monotonic inactivity day in day out. Gradual death by sheer boredom. Brutal form of torture. Lying around in a cradle and doing nothing. Horrible.

Feel the need to set something on fire. A little fire would be entertaining to watch.

PS. Recommended training puppy eyes. Recent use proved to be effective against Oka-san. Results promising.