The clouds of the ether sparkled with the souls of the time lost. The ones that Time had no use for. The ones that the battle with the great evil had left adrift. The ones that had never had their chance. That Aku had taken the choice from. Through the endless expanse they drifted, One drawn to another, till three groups had emerged, each ignorant of the other, each destined for a different place. Each finding the ones that would accompany it.

Those that Gathered to the harmony of Equestria, those that sought to sing. Following the song of their hearts. story/413626/sharp-dressed-men

This is not their story.

Those that gathered to a world like their own that was being swallowed in darkness. A Darkness that was similar to what had warped their fate. Three sets of four they were, twelve souls in total. They looked into themselves and knew they could not let this lie. To the world of Remnant they went.

This is not their story

Then there was the last group, those whose souls called to one other the loudest, the ones that would have found each other had not the Darkness kept them apart. Soulmates, that not even the rewriting of time could separate.

Each pair consisting of one shrouded in darkness and another Glowing with the light, one male and one female, one husband, one wife, one mother, one father. Looking out into the ether, they saw a world where the stage was not as grand as where they harkened from, where it was only police and vigilantes, against villains that plagued the innocent. Villians of terrible might. Villians that knew nothing but brutality, that had no fears of any. Not Enforcer or Vigilante. They looked closer and they each saw a set of children. Three sets of two as they were three sets of two. Children that had been born of the Villains evil, but went unseen by those that protected the innocent. As they had each been touched by the darkness in some way. Each pair selected two children, then entered MegaKat City. These Children would now love.

This is their story.

Two young kittens ran through the back alleys, one a dark purple of color, wearing a grey hoodie from which yellow eyes shone forth, the other Green with a shimmering crystal coat. Similar yellow eyes to her companion shimmered with tears. Behind them shouts of hatred came forth. Promise of terrible things to come.

"You freaks don't belong here!" Came the male Toms voice.

"Yeah! We don't want you kind polluting our turf."

"The only thing youse is good for is being sold to one of the labs!" came another voice, disturbingly close.

"Regina, this way!" the purple kitten yelled, yanking her friend down a dark alleyway.

"Katrina, I can't hide in the dark like you!" Regina replied, allowing herself to be dragged along.

Katrina's eyes widened, holy crap she'd forgotten! With Regina's shimmering coat any light gave her away. Shaking the panic from her head, she pulled her friend along harder, if she rushed then the end of this alleyway should open up to a better neighborhood, they just had to make it to the... NO! Katrina halted as two large feline shapes stepped in front of the two girls. Two Toms smiling hostilly

"You ain't going nowhere freak." the first Tom growled.

Feeling Regina press her back against her she knew that escape was cut off. The two girls faced their pursuers, back to back, protecting each other as they always had and always would. Sisters in every way that counted.

"Heh, two exotic little girls like you will fetch a fine price, forget the labs, a collector would love to have exotics like you. Hell, if you come quietly we'll make sure your sold as a set."

The girls blood ran cold. They both knew what the Toms before them meant. Silently they both decided, they would rather force these four thugs to kill them then face that. Katrina pulled her hands back, growling at the two in front of her, claws to the ready, she could feel Regina crystalize, the tinkling sound almost musical. The new Crystals scratching her back a comfort.

All four Toms chuckled. "Aww look, the little girls are gonna fight!"

"Guess we got to show em' hows a lady's supposed to behave."

"Yeah, nice and obedient, right boys?"

A chorus of "Right!" echoed forth.

"I think that is just about enough of that!" A feminine voice cried out. Falling from above, a dark shape landed between the two girls. She was clad in black and bore twin sais in her hands. She was razor thin, and what she said next caused the girls hearts to leap. "No one touches my daughters!"

The four toms were taken back a moment, but cars from both sides, blocked the alleway, and with reinforcements confidence returned. At least until both cars became engulfed in flames.

A larger black shape, dropped behind the two blocking the exits, there was a flash of metal, then the sound of two bodies hitting the ground. Walking towards the three woman he smiled down on all of them. Pausing a moment to ruffle the hair of first Katrina then Regina, he glared at the last two Toms.

"There's no mercy in my heart or soul for those that would hurt children. Especially those I have claimed as my precious daughters!"

In one smooth motion a 9mm was drawn and a singular sound of thunder echoed forth, as both Toms joined there brethren on the ground.

Regina and Katrina looked at the two before them, worry on their faces. The Man knelt down, his kind face easing their fears. "Your mother and I are sorry we couldn't get here sooner, but we're here now."

"We'll keep you safe." The woman echoed the sentiment.

"Indeed," The man said. "its time we took you to were you belong, it's time we all went home.