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Chapter 1- Kikyo the Evil Witch/ Walking Clay Pot

"OK... so... what you are trying to tell me is... that Kikyo is actually a witch?" Inuyasha tried to compute the information that Myoga had just informed him.

"Yes, Lord Inuyasha. And... Well..." The flea trailed off.

"And...?" Inuyasha tried as hard as he could to be patient with the flea and not let into the overwhelming urge to just flatten Myoga for hesitating his next words.

"Kikyo is actually a witch, and she has you under her spell. Umm, I don't know how to tell you this, but... she has you under some sort of love spell. And-" the flea was cut off by a steaming hanyou.


"Then, might I ask, Lord Inuyasha, why else would you have spared the witch's life after all of the pain that she has caused? Also-" Myoga was, once again, cut off by Inuyasha.

"I have told you before, it isn't her fault. It is Naraku; he set up the trap. I swear, you are getting dumber by the day." Inuyasha explained with a sigh and a shake of his head.

Myoga sat quietly trying to find a way to explain to his master what had actually happened- how to separate Kikyo's lies from the truth. 'Lord Inuyasha can be so stubborn at times. He won't believe me.' Myoga thought with a sigh, 'either way, he'll kill me. So, might as well...'

"Well... Naraku is merely Kikyo's accomplice, if you will. Kikyo had deceived Naraku herself and got you to think that it was him that had caused all of this. Of course, he was under one of Kikyo's spells at the time."

Inuyasha stared blankly at the flea who sat before him, who was waiting for Inuyasha's response. 'What? How could Kikyo do this to me?' Inuyasha's thoughts were broken when Myoga, once again, began to speak.

"There is a way, though, that you can break this spell. You must first find your true love, and share true love's first kiss." Myoga's speech was short lived as Inuyasha began to speak.

"Feh! And who do you have in mind to be my 'true love'?" Inuyasha asked, mockingly at the parasite who was only trying to help.

Myoga looked straight into his master's eyes and began, "Well, who else would I have in mind? If not the evil witch, Kikyo, that only leaves a few people left. You do the math."

Inuyasha just gave Myoga a very confused look. (A/N: Come on! It's SO obvious!)

Are you really that clueless? How could you be so blind?" Myoga motioned towards the bathing Kagome whose only response was, "Hot spring, hot spring, hot spring!"

"WHAT?! You think that she," he said, then bringing his attention back to the bathing Kagome, "could possibly-"

Inuyasha's screaming was stopped when Kagome noticed the hanyou staring at her. At first, she just stood in the hot spring in shock of her companion's, (from her point of view), perverted act. Then she covered herself with a shout at Inuyasha.

"HENTAI!!! SIT!!!" With that, Inuyasha went face first into the ground for a simple misunderstanding.

"Hey! What was THAT for?" Inuyasha asked after he finished his colorful conversation with the dirt.

Kagome's face turned a bright shade of red before she answered, "What do YOU think? HENTAI! You really have been hanging out with Miroku WAY too much!" 'What kind of question is THAT? I swear, I have caught him too many times peeking at me to believe him when he makes up an excuse. Speaking of excuses, here it comes, in 3...2...1...' Just after Kagome's inward countdown, Inuyasha started, as if on cue.

"I WASN'T trying to do anything perverted like that lecherous monk would! I was... I was... talking to Myoga." Inuyasha didn't feel like discussing the topic of their conversation with Kagome right now.

"OH, yeah. THAT'S gonna get you out of trouble; that explains everything." Kagome said with a sigh.

Just then, Miroku appeared from a bush and could do nothing, (being the hentai that he is), but stand there and stare at the bathing Kagome.

"EEEEEEPPP!!!" Kagome shrieked as she plunged further into the water.

Sango, who wasn't far behind the lecherous and perverted Miroku, knew what this meant. Acting on instinct, she shoved him into a bush where Kagome wasn't in his view and began the usual beating of a certain monk with her oversized boomerang. After she finished her usual whacking, she added, "Why do you never learn?" to the unconscious Miroku who was now sporting more than a few lumps on his head. Though he was unconscious, he still had the same perverted smile on his face, which he had before Sango's beating.

Kagome jumped into the nearest bush, since everyone's attention was still on the bush that Sango had pushed Miroku into, where they could hear whacking sounds. Kagome quickly got changed back into her uniform, and she decided that it was safer if she remained in the bush for a while, giving her bright red face time to return to its normal color.

Inuyasha averted his attention form the bush of beating, to the flea who was gone for a month to only come back and tell him such an obvious lie. Myoga merely gazed at Inuyasha with a look in his eyes as if to say, "I told you so."

Myoga was putting all of the pieces together in his head, 'It all makes sense. The evil witch/ walking clay pot, Kikyo's spell hasn't been so strong since Kagome had entered out era. She is already beginning the process of wearing away Kikyo's spell. But, Inuyasha will still be hesitant, I imagine, to believe what I have told him, and to fall in love with Lady Kagome.'

While Myoga was finishing his thoughts, Inuyasha was beginning to get really annoyed with the look that Myoga was giving him. That, added with Myoga's earlier insult of calling him, "clueless" and "blind", and Myoga even THINKING that KAGOME would be his true love, made Inuyasha's patience wear away quick. So, he squished the flea, sending Myoga sailing off in a flattened, paper-like form.

"Feh! Why were you looking at me like that? I could never believe a parasite who tells me that Kikyo is a witch and that everything is her fault! Also, I can't believe one who has gone insane form the lack of food, (err BLOOD), to tell me that KAGOME is my true love. FEH!"

"Lord Inuyasha, I forgive you for being oblivious to this all. But, you must believe what I am telling you! The evil witch/ walking clay pot-" the flea, who was now back to his regular state, was cut off.

"EVIL WITCH?! WALKING CLAY POT?! Could you just call her Kikyo?" Inuyasha asked Myoga.

Myoga sighed, "OK, KIKYO'S spell has been wearing off since Lady Kagome has entered your life, though the spell still has your judgment clouded. This leads me to believe that Kagome, (whose soul isn't tainted like Kikyo's soul), is truly the only person that can break the spell. The only other way is..." Myoga added with a chuckle, not worrying about the fact that his master would kill him for adding this comment, "the only other way is: if you 'come out of the closet' and become a fruit cake like your brother, Sesshomaru! BWAHAHAHAHA-" Myoga's laughter was stopped as Inuyasha squished him.

Inuyasha's face turned bright red from his parasite's last comment. He added in response, "JUST BECAUSE SESSHOMARU IS GAY, DOESN'T MEAN THAT I WOULD DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT TO BREAK THE SPELL! I WOULD RATHER TRY THE OTHER OPTION!!!"


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