Jun'ichi was a morning person it seemed, as he woke before anyone else did. He took the time to explore Endeavor's house. The style of the house was far different from where he and the others had been prior, and the station. It for one, had wooden floors.

He didn't know why that was his focus so early in the morning, but lo and behold, it was something tangible he could focus on in the whirlwind of chaos he was now trapped in.

Having slept in a well monitored guest room, he wasn't sure what to do. He was the oldest of all the clones and was at a complete loss at what to do. They had been extracted, separated and locked away under the watchful eyes of their genetic donors. Well, one of them, if 04 was to be believed. He still couldn't quite wrap his head around there names. He knew that they had them now, but he didn't feel like Jun'ichi. He was 01. His siblings were 02, 03, 04, 05, 06 and 07. Sure he had joked about the names in the police station, but none of that had felt real. It just felt like a nightmare. One that he now couldn't escape from upon waking.

He took a deep breath, trying to focus his chaotic mind.

"I am 01. My name is Jun'ichi, " he took a deep breath. "My first younger brother is 02. His name is Shouhei. My second younger brother is 03. His name is Yasu," he took another deep breath, "My third younger brother is 04. His name is Naozumi." Another deep breath. "My fourth younger brother is 05. His name is Masahiko." Another inhale. "My fifth younger brother is 06. His name is Kenji." Another inhale. "My younger sister is 07. Her name is Aoi." He exhaled his remaining air.

A gentle knock on the door grabbed his attention.

"Jun'ichi?" a soft voice spoke. "Are you awake?"

"I am," he answered, louder than when he was reciting his siblings names. What else would he call them? They were practically raised as siblings on the rare occasion they had longer interactions.

"Do you mind if I enter?"

Jun'ichi tilted his head in confusion. Why would she ask? This was her home?

"Sure?" he asked more than said. The door opened, nearly silent as he saw Endeavor's daughter, his sister by extension standing on the other side of the doorway. She gave a soft yet awkward smile. Her footfalls were silent across the floor and she shut the door behind her.

"How did you sleep? Did you sleep well?" She asked. Jun'ichi looked at her with confusion.

"Um... I slept well?"

"That's good. I know this must be a lot," she said vaguely. Jun'ichi followed though. Everything was a lot.

"If you need to talk about it, you can speak to me," she said meekly. Jun'ichi blinked at her.

"What would I talk about? I haven't done much."

"Anything you need," she said with a warm smile.

"Okay? So... um... What do I call you? Should I call you my sister?"

He wished he could take that back as he did not want to think about her being his sister. He didn't even know her. Why would he ask that?

"If you would like, you can. But if it doesn't make you feel comfortable, you can call me Fuyumi. Todoroki might be confusing considering," she added.

"Okay. Fuyumi," he said aloud. She didn't seem bothered by him using her name.

"Do you have a preference on what you want me to call you?"

"Uh. I have no idea."

It wasn't like he could tell her to call him 01. He didn't even really care for the number, but it was him. Something he always had. He felt Fuyumi pat his head. He froze under her touch. No one had touched his head like that since he had last seen Doctor Midoriya.

"We'll figure it out. I know you didn't plan this, no one did, but we're going to work through it. Alright?"


"Now, why don't we head to the kitchen for some breakfast? I'm sure you're hungry."

Jun'ichi put his hand on his stomach. "I could eat."

"What would you like?"

Jun'ichi shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't know."

"Hm. How about we make Omurice? It's easy to learn and can be very tasty."

"Sure. Wait? Learn?"

"You strike me as someone who doesn't know how to cook."

"Well... I am under a year old," he admitted with a smirk. Fuyumi chuckled.

"Don't worry, you'll be supervised."

Jun'ichi gave a genuine smile at Fuyumi.

Shouhei loved his first sky time with Hawks. Sure he was watched like a Hawk, but he had never spread his wings as freely as he was at that moment. The wind, the smells, the varied temperature, he loved it all.

His eyes were wide behind one of Hawks' spare visors to keep his eyes safe and he was grateful for it. He soaked in everything he could, as if this was a once in a lifetime experience. The wind in his feathers, his hair and just the sense of freedom.

"Enjoying your flight?" he heard Hawks yell out to him. Shouhei couldn't hide his large grin. His eyes sparkled with enjoyment.

"Yeah," he said breathlessly. Flying, was underrated. He never could have imagined that it would be that amazing.

"How about a race?"

"Oh, you're on!" Shouhei took off, Hawks hot on his heels through the air.

The two soared far above a tree line, racing then devolving into a game of tag once Hawks playfully poked him during the race.

Hizashi found himself having the smaller and meeker boy snuggled up against him on his couch. He was practically a little koala, holding onto him with a tight grip. He followed him around his home like a young puppy, not sure where he was allowed to go or do.

He found it adorable. He just wished the boy had more confidence.

"So, you want to join me at the radio station today?"

"You have a radio show," Yasu said quietly, "It is separate from your heroics work but the building is attached in the back..."

He began to mutter off more facts about his radio broadcast. While a bit strange, it was just another interesting thing little Yasu had. He didn't interrupt, not wanting to him to hide away more. Once he was done saying everything that he knew about the station, Hizashi asked again.

"Would you like to see it for yourself?"

His eyes were wide appeared to be full of hope.

"I-If you'll allow me to go. I promise I'll be quiet," he said.

"No worries Yasu, I just hope you'll enjoy it."

"I'm sure I will," Yasu responded. "You do."

Hizashi's smile became a slight bit tighter. He gave a light squeeze to Yasu's shoulder.

"Please tell me if you don't enjoy it Yasu. You aren't me. You are your own person and you don't have to like everything that I do. One of my friends doesn't like being involved in my radio broadcast and we're still close. You don't have to be afraid."

He felt a bit unsettled seeing tears appearing in his eyes, he hoped they were happy tears.

"Do you want to hold off on going? I could call in-"

"No!" he said, more akin to a yell compared to his usual hushed tone. "I want to go."

"Well, let's get you set to go to the studio. You'll get to see where the magic happens."

Naozumi was found dead asleep on top Kayama's table with a used mug by his hand. She wished that the day prior had been a dream or nightmare. Now it was settling in how real it was.

It was also settling in how disturbingly like Aizawa he looked, especially when he was asleep. It didn't help he was a boy and had pointed out that he would have to have another parent to make him a male. She would worry about that later. Right now, she had to wake up Naozumi and hopefully get him on a normal sleep routine.

Knowing nothing woke up her coworkers up like a hot breakfast, she placed her kettle on the stove with water for tea and began to heat up the pan.

She made a rice porridge with the toppings on the side for him to pick and try. Just about finished with the quick porridge, the kettle whistled. She heard movement and then a thud. Turning around, she saw Naozumi having just made acquaintance with the floor. The boy groaned, but otherwise didn't move.

"You know, there are more comfortable places to sleep. Like your bed."

Naozumi did not dignify a response. He just groaned.

Yep. A little too much like Aizawa.

Best Jeanist's Agency all were focused on the rapscallion that their boss and head hero was leading around the office. The boy in question was wearing a button up shirt, clearly one of the Jeanist caliber, covered up by a leather jacket that looked far more suited to Present Mic than the fashionable hero boss. His hair was also wildly windswept, not stylized at all.

No one had any idea who the mystery kid was.

"Don't even think about it Masahiko," a group heard Best Jeanist uncharacteristically sigh.

"You're the one who chose to wear something easy to manipulate," the boy scoffed, "And everyone's wearing it."

Masahiko flicked his wrist, taking control of shoe laces of all things and making them trip one of the eavesdroppers.

"Masahiko," Tsunagu spoke lowly. Not the voice of the best dressed hero, but one of a guardian to a ward. No one overhearing missed the well recognized tone. The boy, Masahiko stuck his tongue out childishly.

"Act your age."

"I am acting my age! I'm not even a year old. In fact! I'm incredibly mature for my age," he snarked back.

"You know what I meant."

"Do I? My age has me recognized as an infant!"

"Do I need to treat you like an infant?" Tsunagu threatened.

"You wouldn't dare."

Threads came from Best Jeanist's uniform and snapped forward, grabbing Masahiko's arms.

"Don't you freaking dare."

"Oh look, it's naptime for the baby boy."


"Someone sounds cranky," he said nonchalantly. The threads covered his mouth to gag him. Unknown angry words and grunts were all that were heard as the kid struggled.

"You haven't had your quirk long enough to outdo me Masa-chan," he said quietly as he lifted the gangly and bound teen over his shoulder.

Kan didn't mind the relentless punching at the punching bag he supplied. He had dealt with angry students before. It was better to let him work it out than to force him to bottle up his emotions. He made sure to place a water bottle near the door so he would stay hydrated.

It was midday when he saw Kenji, looking exhausted physically, but mentally better than he was.

"Hungry?" Kan asked. If Kenji wanted to talk, he would. Kenji grunted in response as Kan put some onigiri in front of him. Kenji ate without hesitation. Digging in with gusto. He didn't give an indication if he liked them, but he ate everything placed in front of him.

It was quiet for the few minutes as Kenji ate.

Kan watched as he stared at the empty plate with a resting glare face. He rolled his eyes and took the plate, quickly cleaning it and putting it away.

"You can stay holed up in your room, punching the bag, going on the internet, read a book or whatever, or you can come with me as I get groceries."

Kenji narrowed his eyes. He looked over Kan to try and read the military-esque man.

"I'll go with you."

"Alright. Get dressed and grab a pair of my shoes to wear and we'll go."

UA teachers were amused by the girl following their principal. Appearing over night and trying to be helpful by carrying everything for Nezu. Sure there had been an announcement that he had acquired a ward, but seeing the little girl following him was a lot cuter and funnier than they expected. It was even more special as she had a matching suit to Nezu.

They didn't know he even had other suits in other sizes, but they weren't exactly surprised either.

"I hope you don't mind going over your quirk with me?"

"Oh, didn't Ms. Mount Lady come here as a student?" she asked. In a roundabout way, shouldn't he know what she was theoretically capable of.

"She did. But I'd like to know what you can do. If you're okay with that."

"Oh, okay," she agreed passively.

"I just want to see the differences Aoi. I recall how the teachers were able to help her with her quirk."

"Oh. Right."

They were made to bring down heroes. It would make sense to see what they were capable of.

He brought her to a small outdoor arena made by Cementoss.

"This should be large enough for you to grow and stretch."

Aoi let out a sigh of relief. Grow and stretch. She could do that. She stepped into the designated area and started small. She hated rapidly growing. It made her feel off balance. She didn't know how long it took Mt. Lady to get used to, but it was admirable.

She grew about twice her size, getting used to her new sense of gravity. She took another breath and grew again.

"Interesting," Nezu commented. He would have to take a look at the others quirks and see if others had any variation. It certainly looked more and more like there was additional mutation from an outside source with these children. It was obvious with Midnight's Naozumi, but the quirk variation with Aoi made it even more worrying. From the police notes, Endeavor's Jun'ichi mentioned they were made to take down heroes. He needed to find out what variations they had and how they had them.

It was... interesting. He hated that they were experimented children, but it excited him to no end to find out who, why and how they did it.

Near the concrete arena Chiyo had walked over with Chiyoko to enjoy the quiet of the campus. It normally had some form of chaos, but just after the entrance exams, there was always a calm for a day or two.

"It's so pretty out here."

"I'm glad you like it dear."

Chiyoko gave a large and innocent smile. Her eyes wandered everywhere. The blue sky, the green grass, everyone who would pass them. There was a wild curiosity that demanded to be nurtured.

"Oh wow! Those are so colorful!"

"Oh, the flowers?"

"Yeah," Chiyoko replied excitedly.

"Would you like a closer look?"

"Uh huh!"

"Well, let's go then."

It was a small patch of wildflowers that Nezu had growing to support the local wildlife. It was small and secluded but a lovely spot nonetheless.

"They're so lovely."

"Aren't they?"

"Uh huh," she reached out and touched one of the flower's petals, gently stroking the flower.

"The flowers are really soft."

Chiyo chuckled at the innocent comment.

"I take it you like the flowers?"


"Would you like to try growing some?"

"You can grow flowers? But we're people?"

"Well yes, but you can learn to grow plants too," she explained. "We can look into it later."


Isamu and Ayumu didn't know what to do. Both stared at their hand, or more, where their hand was under.

"Should we remove our hands?"

"I don't know. Wouldn't that wake her?"

Both were staring at Eraserhead's Fluffernutter who had decided to flop and sleep on their hands.

"Would he be mad if we woke her?"

"I don't know."

"Maybe we should go slow?" Isamu suggested. Ayumu scrunched his nose. He then had a grin on his face. Isamu noticed the look.

"Do you think you have a better ide-AAAHHH!" he cried out as Ayumu swiftly pulled his hand out from the cat, lifting her up and making her air born for a brief moment, landing on Isamu's chest.

"Well, she's off our hands now," he chuckled. Isamu's eyes were blown wide and stared at Ayumu as the cat stretched and moved down onto his lap, going back to her nap.

"That is so not what I meant!"

"Oh, well, what do you want me to do about it?"

"Get me some water? I'm a bit thirsty."

"Okay. That's fair."

"Thank you."

"You two seem to be getting along well," Aizawa commented as he walked into the room, looking at Isamu and the cat.

"I guess."

Hope you guys enjoyed it. So some of the characters got longer segments than others. Hopefully it will be better later. Looking next at a time skip. Muahahahahahahahaha!